this is a not a one shot but just a point of view of sanskaar. guyz i hope u read it down considering my efforts.

sanskaar is sitting outsice the ot of city hospital. swara is inside to brig the most beautiful charm of mm house , their warris.he feel a unknown happy and sad at same time . he want the child and his princesss back without any hurts. sujatha wandering around , Ap consoling sumi and daaadi consoling 5 month preganat ragini. laksh is also haaapy becoz their lil sanky is coming. Rp& Dp are ina tensed phase.

two year before i landed again calcutta to spoil ur love life. and really i got suceed in that but among all this mess, rags drama etc. i force to marry u for ur happiness but its just a marriage for ur parents but raglak make it reality some how arund all these i truly fall for u and with the help of alchol i even confess it. but u denied it . again our relation came upon a talk but that time u want it alive and i deny.i deny it due to a fear that i lose u agin like kavitha. many more happens we unite then divide but our love remain unchange like a pillar. in half of this year on my my b’day u confess that u r going to be maa. i feel u fill my life with happiness. yes offcourse u do it . thank u sorry tu ne adalth dal diya ,mein kya karu so thank you.

during the 3rd month one wards i say u become more and more bubbly. cheerfully u demand many thng even in mid ni8 making me hell irritated.u demand me mabngo , ice cream etc. the no: businesssman ran all the road to get these puppy thng to make u smile. in the middle of 5 th month i saw u are cha nging alot ur baby bump began to grew big like my care for u increase. u becme more and more arrogant angry even ur mood swing made badpaappa its victim. in the last of 8th month u become fatty i always tease u hell and maa scold me for that. in between i don’t notice that my pyaari saliji is also conccieving my bro’s child. now in afternoon u feel immense pain. i took u here for the first i allow u to cry,by knowing that am the bleedy reason for that. your scream make me weak dear.

nurse’; mr ur wife gave birth to a boy child . u can meet her. when all enter the saw bothangel together.

i don’t think abt the surrnding i just go and give a peck on her lip.
san: swara do u fell pain
sw: it gone when i saw his smile by pointing toward the kid.


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    Nice … do come up with more…

  3. Are u same devanandini who wrote sanskar ki hai swara? Then plz continue it plz. Plz u just stop it in middle only epi 12. Plz continue plz

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  5. We are waiting for this in show

  6. It’s awesome…..

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    waaa,,, i want swasan in swaragini serial have a baby… hehehe
    luv it Nandu! ty

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    Made me smile happy wala

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    thank u and will come up with next one

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    Aaaww its so cute.. loved it

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    tell me guyz what attracted in sanskaar ki hai swara. pls reply

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