U deserve me – character description

Hi guys ..I am a fan of love ka hai intezaar. Here is one of my ff. I tried a new way of story in such a poetic form. Hope u like this….

The Queen
There was a girl with red glasses,
She waited for her King besides love
Like a crop for rain; like a prisoner for freedom;
While the epoch in her will remain mysterious for her king!!!
she usually saw a bold Granny
who had a inner beauty
And a bus always crosses her
With some people and goods….
The relationships are bonded by love….
They are so agile and mean….
If u not be so clean(being frank)
It seeems to be wrong but it is reality
I am saying this with clearity…..
Being unaware of those she had a dream of being a queen in her fairy world….
No one cared when she fell but they were ready to point her mistakes……..
Even when they run and struggle;
To reach their destination in their lives.
She had a kind-heart…
With a ever lasting love and never losting intelligence
She was starving !
yes,but she should be fed with friendship
She was quenchless!
Yes, but she should be fed with happiness
Friendship yields happiness ..
Relationship yields sorrowness…
That’s what she learnt from someone…

The king
A bright spot comes in his view
It is none other than, The Sun.
It pours its shine on him
He is getting continuous shadow
He found, it is neither trees, nor wall
It is shadow of his queen …..
Falls on him…..
But neither he realize her nor see her!!
A man with full belief in love
Besides belief longing for grief in life ..
A man with no physic look but with physic mind…
Not a businees man but a busy man ….
Busy with what?
Nothintg much the search of his queen
He was stronger!
yes, but not to fight with feelings..
He was courage!
yes, but not to his country…

Simply he is man who deserves a queen

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  1. a poem explaining situation
    intrested to know more
    update soon

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      tq ashi soon q for ur support. I will post soon

  2. Good keep writting…..

  3. Dia

    Hey its nice….u r a great writer….the way you give description is so freaking good….keep it up dear

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