U complete me (RagLak OS)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the os called “u complete me.” Hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start

@ a bunglow
A man in his late twenties was sitting on a couch with laptop wearing a white shirt, black jeans with loosen black tie. He was working on laptop his black hairs was falling on his forehead. He was looking really handsome yet tired than his phone rings. He pic his phone. It was a reminder of someone’s birthday. Which is showing wiefy’s birthday With a pic of beatiful lady in her mid twenties. He caresses the pic. And just than the same lady enter inside the room wearing a beautiful green and blue mix saree with pony tail, vermilion adoring her hairline, light shade lipstick and her mangalsutra.
Lady : ohoo mr. husband atleast today stop ur work for me its my birthday.
That man keep his lapy aside and went toward her but that lady passes through him and went near bed where he see himself sitting on bed working on lapy.
Imaginary man : U r not kid ragini to celebrate birthdays see I m working don’t disturb me I have an important meeting tomorrow so just go and let me work. Its all because of ur so called birthday that mom and dad literally force me to take leave.and here I m leaveing all my work so pls don’t disturb me.
Ragini : but lakshya I just want to spend sometime with u. I am not saying that u stop working I just want ur sometime I m not asking for big gifts if u even spend 15 minutes with me it will be more than enough for me can’t u give ur wife this much pls lakshya, pretty pls.
Imaginary lakshya : stop ur drama ragini just get lost and leave me alone.
Ragini leaves the place teary eyes real lakshya went toward the imaginary lakshya when he was about to touch him the imaginary lakshya vanishes. Than lakshya move toward ragini and went infront of her and was about to remove her tears but she also vanished. Lakshya’s eyes also turned teary he went back to couch and remove his tear and than he slept their only lost in his thought.

Next day
Lakshya was getting ready when he was not able to find his key he was searching his key and than he saw ragini coming and sitting on couch. She was playing with his key just than he hear something.
Voice : ragini, ragini where is my keys? Pls give it to me.
Ragini giggle listening this and immediately hide key. And than came imaginary lakshya inside.
Lakshya (i) : what is this ragini u r sitting quietly here and their I m searching for my keys pls help me in finding them.
Ragini : that’s not my prblm ur key ur prblm find that by urself.
Lakshya (i) : pls ragini I m getting late.
Ragini : ok I’ll help u but what will I gonna get in return?
Lakshya (i) : whatever u want?
Ragini : promise??
Lakshya (i) : ragini stop being kid. Ok promise.
Ragini stand but mistakenly she drop the key.
Lakshya (i) : so u hide the key and for what?? Oh for getting gift right. Ragini if u want something u would have tell me directly what is the need of doing all this drama. Because of all this I got late for my work. Sometimes I got confused if u r the same person whom I love who use to support me in my work.
Ragini : lakshya what are u saying I didn’t did this for getting gift I don’t think u must have realised that we didn’t even talk with each other from last month. And if u forgot than I’ll remind u that if I want to get something for me than I m capable of buying that I have this much earning ur this so called wife also have her small business which she is running successfully . And what u said that u get confused that I m the same person whom u love. Than mr. I m sorry to hurt ur male ego but I got confused that u r the same person or not whom I love. if u r the same person whoes priority used to be me. Who once give party to his all colleagues on my birthday but the same person said me that u r not a kid to celebrate birthday. Keep ur key with urself and I m sorry for wasting ur time and don’t worry I will composent for whatever money u lost beacuse of my stupidity.
Lakshya (i) : see ragini I don’t wanna hurt u. But
Ragini : no need to give any explanation that was all my mistake. And one more thing I m going out for some work for one week u have a whole week think about us after one week we will decide that what we will do about our marriage.
Saying so she give his keys in his hand leave the place angrily and than lakshya (i) also went behind her.
Just than lakshya’s phone rings he pick the call and than he find his key in drawer and Than he too leave for his work.
@ evening Lakshya was sitting in his room. He was missing ragini badly.
Lakshya : if he is feeling this much hurt in just one week than what will be ragini feeling in all this years. He had ignored her totally in last three years. He was feeling really guilty.

@ flight
A lady was sitting on window side seat wearing a white shirt with neavy blue blazer and blue denim with pony tail and was reading a novel. She puts her novel aside and got busy in her own world.
Lady : today I m going back. It’s been one week since we saw each other. I don’t know he still love me or not mind is saying he don’t love me but this heart says no he loves u. God knows what will happen now. I still remember the day when he came to see me with his family.
Fb start
Same lady was getting ready she had worn a purple long top and black denim and black full sleeves jacket. When her mom came inside.
Mom : what is this ragini who get ready like this when her in laws come to see her?
Ragini : what is wrong in this dress mom? And by the way they are not my in laws yet.
Mom : ok ur wish. After sometime Lakshya’s family came and than they call ragini down. Both ragini and lakshya were lost in each other they both said yes to their marriage.
Fb ends
Everything was going good or u can say best even on her second birthday when he went out of station on her birthday he celebrates her birthday with his colleague and even wishes her first but than Slowly he get engrossed in his work that he sideline everything. And in last three year he almost forget her. His priorities are changed. It’s look like that now she doesn’t exist for him. She had waited for him in hope that maybe he realise his mistake but now she can’t lose her self respect. She had decided she will clear all this today.
@ bungalow
Lakshya : ragini I can’t wait but what to do I don’t know where have u been? But I’ll wait for u and will apologize to u and I promise I’ll make this special for u.

@ evening
Lakshya was deciding what to do just than he hear door bell he went down and open the door. His happiness knew no limit seeing ragini he just hug her tightly. Ragini was too shocked to react wwhen he came to senses she pushs him. Lakshya closes the door and hug ragini again.
Lakshya : I m sorry please forgive me I have realised that I had hurted u alot and I can’t give that time back to u and even I can’t lessen ur pain but I can promise u I will never repeat this mistake again.
Ragini push him and went to her room. She layed on bed and was crying hugging the pillow. Lakshya enter inside the room and sit beside her he hold her hand.
Lakshya : pls ragini forgive me I know I had done mistake and I can’t change it pls forgive me. I love u pls.
Ragini sit on bed and hug lakshya rightly.
Ragini : lakshya pls promise me u will never do something like this. I can’t explain how much I was hurt by ur ignorance? It kill me every moment leaving without u. I love u I love u alot.
They hug each other they were spending their life happily crossing every hurdle together.
@ raglak anniversary
Ragini call lakshya
Ragini : hii lakshya where r u?
Lakshya : ragini, i m busy i’ll call u as soon as possible ok.
Ragini: ok
Lakshya : i am missing u alot.
Ragini : me too we didn’t even talk from morning and even i didn’t see u today.
Lakshya : ok bye

@ eveng
Ragini enter inside her bunglow she find door open she enter inside as soon as she enter light went off and than she heard door bolting sound. She got scared.
Ragini : lakshya , lakshya.
Just than all light get on she was surprised to see all hall decorated. And than come lakshya toward her and hold her hand and play music and lakshya ask her for dance and they start dancing at end lakshya hug her from behind. And wishper huskily in her ear.
Lakshya : happy wedding anniversary. I love u. Ragini thanx for coming in my life. U know after coming in my life u complete me. U COMPLETE ME.
than again they listen door bell sond and they open the door and ragini was amazed to see her both family together

So, frends this is diksha signing off the os called “u complete me.” Hope u all gonna like it.

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