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the actual 5th episode is this

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Let’s start the episode with a smile


kunj wakes up n finds tw infront of me
Ku:tw u here
N he rubs his eyes n finds it as his imagination
He quickly gets up n went to washroom n abt 20 minutes he came back with a towel around his waist n thinks wt to wear den suddenly a voice of a girl comes frm back
G:wear white shirt
Ku turns n says tw u here N hides behind curtain n again sees that again it was his imagination
ku:self talk y I’m seeing her everywhere wts wrong with me n he sees at white shirt n goes to
Tw:which colouru like
Tw:oh bt dis white colour suits to u mre
Ku:thanks btw which is ur favourite colour
Tw:rainbow colours (as mine favourite colour is also same)
Tw:it means it depends upon my mood n situation
I like almost all colour
I like in yellow colour in rose
I like red in nailpolish
I like dis n dat n she continuously speaks
I have almost all colour dresses u know red pink blue white black violet brinjal etc
KU was shocked
Tw:wt happened
Ku:hw can u speak dis much in one breathe
Tw:ofcourse I’m tw taneja
N she smiles
ku takes white shirt n wears it

Ma n ku sits on dinning table
N door bell rings
Ma opens door
Ma:hi tw&uv
Ma:cme inside and have bf
They all had their bf
Uv;common let’s leave
Uvsits in driver seat n ma sits next to him n ku&tw sits backside
Suddenly the climate becmes worst n it rains heavily
After smetime der car stops
Ma:wt happened uv
Uv:the car is nt starting
Ku:I think ddue to dis heavy rain
Tw:nwwt we will do outside its raining heavily
Uv:deris a hut we will stay dertonight
Ma:great idea
Uv:let’s go
Uv&ma left
Ku:cme tw let’s go
Tw:wait a minute n she takes four boxes
Nw ku&tw also left
Under the hut
Uv&ku lights the fire
Uv&ma sat side by side
On other side opp to them tw Sat n after her some place is left n den ku Sat set
Ma:wt r dat boxes tw
Tw:goes to fb
When uv n tw r leaving frm house uma stops her
Um:tw take dis boxes as I kept some parathaasfr u all
Tw:btwts the need of it
Um:if u feel hungry eat them
Twinkle hugs her n says bye
Uv:she knows wt ever we want
Ma:yau r right
After smetime
Uv&ma starts eating
Uv:u r u nt eating
Tw:bhai I’m nt feeling hungry I ‘ll eat after smetime
Ma:bhai y r u nt eating
Ku:I’m nt feeling hungry I’ll eat after nw u eat
After eating
Ma sleeps by keeping her head on uv’sshoulder n uv sleeps by keeping his head on MAHIS head

Tw is playing widrain droplets by keeping her hand outside n ku is simply stairing her (itni si baathain mujhe tumse pyaar hain song plays in bg)
Tw:wt happened n shoocked by seeing blood on kunj hand
(Guys he got hurt when he was lost in tw n suddenly he keeps his hand on a glass piece by which he got hurt)
Tw takes her scarf n ties it around his hand
Ku:tw nthng to worry I just got a small cut it cures by itself
Tw:have u gone mad ur hand is bleeding n u r saying to worry
KU eyes her lovingly

After smetime
Ku:y u care fr me alot
Tw:coz u r my frnd
KU smiles
Tw:can I ask u a question
Tw:y u r so silent
Tw:I mean all the time u sit alone just like reserved person y dnt u talk just like others u don’t u smile like others
KU stays silent
Tw:if it is personal den no need I had asked just casually as a frnd if u dnt want to say den it’s k no prblm
Ku:actually tw I lost my parents in my child hood n his eyes becomes teary n leaved all my life aalone n der was no one to take care of me or to talkto me or listen to me .
By dis I became alone n single bt one day I met ma she treated me as her bro bt due to my business I live in abroad so I don’t meet her also alot bt I treat her as my own sis
Tw consoles him
Tw:cme ku let’s eat
KU nods his head when he is abt to touch food
Tw:ku wait
Ku:bt y
Tw: have u gone mad u have got hurt in right hand n u r trying to eat widit
Ku:bt I’m feeling hungry
Tw:wait I have idea
Twsits near him n takes a piece of paratha n feeds him
KU eyes her lovingly
After completing dinner
Tw:fr wat
Ku:fr dressing n fr feeding me
Tw:are stupid fr dis anyone will say tq to their frnd if u think I’m nt ur frnd den k
Ku:no nt like dat
Ku thinks :no tw no infact I think u r very spcl to me y i dnt know bt i feel happy when u r near to me
They talk fr some time
KU sleeps by keeping his head on tw shoulder n tw sleeps by keeping her head on kunj head

Twinkle &ku gets up as sunrays falls on them n they both sees themselves in that condition n composes themselves
Tw:ku where r bhai n bhabhi
Ku:I dnt know n he sees a note der
NOTE:hey ku n tw we got up early n saw dat u both r still sleepingwe dnt want to disturb u so we went to check the car after getting up cme der k yuvi
They both left frm there to car
Uv:u have wakes up
Uv:cme let’s go
All trio sit in car n went to resorts

After 2-3 hours they reached resorts
The screen freezes on their smiling faces


Hi everyone so sry fr late update n also so sry I’m nt commenting on ur ffs bcoz of busy schedule btI’m reading all ur ffs n which r amazing
N pls send it comments whether it is positive or negative

Credit to: Dolly

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