Hi lovely people thankyou so much fr ur lovely comments. I hope u like this
Let’s start the episode with smile

A beautiful bedroom is shown which have the colour combination of pink n violet . A girl is shown sleeping on bed peacefully suddenly alarm rings she says to herself gud mrng twinkle taneja (s she is twinkle) she gets up frm her bed n goes fr jogging after half an hour she returns n goes to her room to fresh.
After half an hour she comes near dinning table n takes her seat
Boy:gud mrng tw
Tw :gud mrng bhai (he is yuvraj sarna)
After sometime they have completed their bf
Tw:bhai kya aap mujhe ngo tak choddenge pls as my car got repaired
Uv:k tw cme let’s go

After sometime they reaches to a place
Tw:bye bhai n she leaves
Uv sees her phne n thinks that she has forgot her phne here itself I should give it to her
He goes inside the ngo n he collides with a girl n the gifts frm her hand have fallen down
Uv without seeing her says sorry n collects the gifts that have fell down .after collecting gifts he sees her face n was mesmerized by seeing her
Girl:by snapping her fingers where r u lost
Uv :comes to his senses n says sorry
Girl:it’s k
Tw comes there
Tw:bhai aap Gaye nail
Uv:tw u have forgot ur phne incar so ise dene ke liye vapas aaya hu
Tw:oh sry btw bhai she is mahi my bff n owner of this ngo n mahi his is my bro yuvraj
Mahi:hii yuvraj
Uv:helomahi btw u can call me uv
Uvwas stairing mahi n tw observes this
Uv;:I’ll leave bye
Uv:bye mahi

After sometime tw also left the place

The episode ends

I hope u liked it n plss give comments whether it is positive or negative n if u want plss give suggestions also

Credit to: Dolly


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.