Let’s begin d episode with a smile

Kunj was lost in tw

Tw:by snapping her fingers where r u lost
Ku:nt in his senses says in u
Ku:after cming to senses says nthng

Bt tw felt happy frm inside
Ku:btw tw u look great
Tw:tq n u r also looking great
Ku:cme let’s go

Tw n ku sits near table
No one is talking
Manager:ladies N gentlemen tq tq so much fr cming to dis party it’s a pleasure to have u hall n pls njoy dis night
All r njoying by dancing
Smeone calls tw frm behind
Stranger:hi tw
Tw:turns n sees
Tw:omg pavan after long time n she gives him a side hug
By seeing dis ku was feeling jealous
Tw:to ku he is my frnd pavan
N pavan he is ku
Dey both shake their hands
P:tw u r looking stunning
Tw smiles bt ku is boiling in anger
P:tw shall we dance
Tw:umm k
Dey both went to dance floor n started dancing
By seeing all dis ku is really boiling in anger n he
went near bar counter he drank alcohol

Here tw n p r dancing den
Suddenly the song stops n spotlight ffalls on a person his back is shown
Now udta Punjab song plays n his face was shown
By seeing his face tw was shocked
KU was dancing n suddenly he slips bt tw reaches there in time n composes him
Tw:ku r u k
Tw:r u drunk
N he again starts dancing bt he is out of control he is nt able to stand straightly
Tw goes to him
Tw:ku cme let’s go
Ku:no I want to dance if u want u go
Tw:just cme wid me
Ku:no I will not come
Tw drags him frm there n takes him to his room

Outside ku room
Ku:tw where r u taking me I want to dance mre I
don’t want to cme wid u
Tw doesn’t listen to him
Ku:are yarr tw I want to dance leave me
Now tw was fully frustrated
ku:keeps his finger on his mouth like a child n makes pout
Tw smiles
Tw:nw quietly follow me like a good boy
They reaches ku room

Tw makes him sleep bt ku ignores
Tw:wt happened ku
Ku doesn’t respond
Tw:r u listening to me
Ki doesn’t respond
Tw fully frustrated :fr God sake speak smethng ku
KU shows his finger
Tw understands n removes his finger
Tw:nw speak
Ku:u r very bad tw u r very bad u r nt allowing me to dance
Dis nt fair
Tw:everything is fair in love n war
Tw thinks :wt I’m telling y I’m speaking abt love wts wrong with me n she sees ku n he is trying to get up frm bed
Tw:ku nw sleep
Ku:no I want to dance
Tw:tum bacho ke jise zid kyu kar rahe ho
Ku:Main bacha nahi hoon
Tw:k nw sleep
Ku:no I want to dance
Tw:u will nt listen to me right
Tw:k den do dance bt here only
Ku:really bt there is no music
Tw keeps let’s nacho song in her phne
KU starts dancing
Tw sees this n smiles n thinks ku fr first time I’m seeing u laughing frm whole heartedly
Bt her thoughts get disturbed when ku holds her wrist n dances wid her
After completion of song both sat on bed
Tw:now sleep
Ku:y r u dancing wid that stupid
Ku:ur frnd
Tw:ohh pavan he is my frnd
Ku:so u will dance wid him
Tw:s y r u asking dis
Ku:I dnt like if u will dance wid sme other than me
Tw:ohh so the great kunj sarna is jeolous
Tw:k nw sleep
Ku:pls don’t leave me forever
Tw:no ku y will I leave u
Tw:ha baba promise
Ku smiles
Tw:nw sleep
Tw sits beside him
After smetime ku falls asleep
Tw gets up by sees dat ku was holding her hand tightly in sleep
So she sits beside him
TW POV:ku u look so cute while sleeping bt y I’m thinking about u I dnt know bt i feel happy when u r with me I dnt know wt kind of feeling is dis bt i want to be with u freever oh God wts happening wid me
While thinking all this she also sleeps beside ku in sitting position

Sunrays r falling inside room on ku by which he gets up n sees tw beside him n thinks dat it is his imagination
Ku gets up n touches tw by which she gets up
Ku:u r real
Ku:nthng n he holds his head
Ku:ahh my head y it is paining oh God N tw y r u in my room
Tw:dat means u don’t remember anything
Ku nods his head in no
Tw calls waiter n asks him to bring lemon juice

Ku:y r u ordering lemon juice
Tw:fr u only
Ku:fr me bt y
Tw:ku yesterday u were drunk

Door bell rings n waiter gives lemon juice
Tw:nw first drink it

KU drinks it
Ku:after drinking wat I have done
Tw:u danced
Bt ku I dnt know u r such a great dancer
Tw:s ku fr first time I saw u laughing whole heartedly
N ku u look so cute when u laugh
KU smiles n thinks dat was only bcoz of u

Tw:k ku nwfresh up n cme to hotel after having bf we should leave
Ku nods his head
Twleaves fr her room

After half an hour
Both reached hotel n had their bf

After they left fr parking

Twn ku reached parking lot (uv n ma r left in other car)

Smeone calls tw frm behind
Stranger; tw
Both tw n ku turns
KU thinks iseka Kami tha
Btto their suprise
Pavan Sat on his knees n brought a rose in front of her

P:tw I love u
Tw was shocked bt ku was angryby this
P:s tw I love u aalot will u marry me
Twmakes him stand n says

Tw:sry p I always treated u as my frnd bt i won’t love u
P:bt ytw
Tw:bcoz I have a bf
By listening to this kunj was heartbroken

P:who is he
Tw:u know him n he is none other den ku
P was shocked bt ku was super shocked by listening to this bt smewhere he is happy

The screen freezes on their faces


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Sryfr late update

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Credit to: Dolly

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    Awww so so cute Kunj.,loved the episode and so good twinkle said mybbf is kunj

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