Hi lovely people
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Here comes my next episode
Wait a minute befre I start my episode I would like to thank to all of who r commenting n
reading it n a spcl thanks to all silent readers as
without u guys my ff will be completely incomplete
N I’m so sry fr nt commenting on any ff I’m really feeling bad fr it bt wt to do my parents won’t
allow me to see my phne fr long time
Bt ur ffs r amazingly unbelievable as ur ideas r simply superb

Kk enough of my bakbak n

Let’s start the episode with a smile

All d four reaches s resorts n all have a bright smile on their faces

They enter the resorts
Uv:excuse me I have booked two rooms on the
name of yuvraj taneja
Receptionist :wait a minute sir I ‘ll check
After checking
Re:s sir cme we will show u rooms

The rooms r side by side
N one room fr uv & ku n other room fr tw &ma

After smetime
Tw gets a msg
MSG: tw cme wid ma near pool I n ku reach derafter 15 minutes uv:
Ma cme out frm washroom n asks tw
Ma:whose msg tw
Tw:it’s bhai msg theywill cme near pool after 15minutes

Ma:k den go n fresh up
Tw rushes to washroom

After 15minutes
Ma:tw u cme near to pool as I’m leaving
Tw:frm inside washroom says

After a while ma comes near pool n goes to ku&uv
Uv:where is tw

Ma:she will cme

After 5 minutes
Tw comes out n dries her hair by standing infront of mirror
Suddenly tw sees ku
Tw:ku u here N turns back
N she finds no one deras it is her imagination
Tw:to herself wt happened to u tw u r u seeing ku here din me sapne dekhna band kar agar koi tujhe aise dekhna na tujhe pakka pagal

After smetime tw reches pool
Uv:finally tw u came
Ma:cme let’s eat smething
Tw:s I’m very hungry
All the four left fr food n had it n spent smetime near pool n deynjoyed among themselves

tw is continuously thinking about ku n lost in her
whole world
Ma:wt r u thinking about
Tw:nt in her senses says ku
After cming to senses she says n..nthng I’m not thinking of anyone n says gudnight n she sleeps by covering herself in blanket btinside she blushes
By seeing this ma smiles

here also ku is thinking about tw n lost in his own world while uv comes n sits beside him
Uv:r u thinking about tw
Ku:not in his senses n says s
Uv:do u love her
Ku:still nt in his senses n says s
After cming to senses KU says
Ku:n..no uv nthng is like dat
Quickly he jumps on bed n sleeps n thinks about tw n he falls asleep
Uv:to himself smething is fishy
N he also sleeps

All four went to have food
While eating bf a waiter comes to them n says
W:excuse me sir today at evng there is a party in our hotel we want all of u to cme
Ma:wow it will be great
Uv:s we will cme

Waiter leaves frm there
Uv gets a call
Uv:wt I’m cming
N he cuts call
Tw:kyahua bhai

Ma:tell us wt happened
Uv:I have some urgent work I should leave fr office
Tw:bt bhai
Uv:tw it’s really important I should leave u guys njoy here
Ma gets a call
Ma:k I’ll cme
Ku: dnt say dat u also have some urgent work so u should also leave
Ma:u r right bhai I should also leave
Tw:dis IS nt fair
Uv&ma:it’s important
Atlast with lot of efforts of yuhi twinj agreed
Yuhi left n twinj went to their rooms

Uv:see my plan is working
Ma smiles
at night when twinj slept uv calls ma
Uv:I’m missing u

Ma:bt befre only we met na
Uv:bt also
Ma:I want to say u smethng
Uv:even I want to say snethng
Uv:first u
Ma:first u
Uv:ku loves tw
Uv:narrates whole story
Ma:tw is also thinking about ku n narrates whole story
Uv:then we will help them
Ma:bt hw
Uv tells a plan which is muted
Ma:nice plan
uv:see my plan worked na
Ma:s by dis deyspend smetime together
Uv:akhir plan kiska hain
Ma smiles

Ku came to tw room n knocked door he was wearing blue& black combination suit
Tw opened door she was wearing a blue long frock n looking stunning
KU was mesmerized by seeing her

The screen freezes on their faces

Precap:twinj cute moment

Pls give ur comments whether it is positive or negative

N so sry fr short update

Credit to: Dolly

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    Dolly ur going great.. Lovely epi
    Ctd asap

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    Very very sweet and cute this was my face reaction??

  8. It wz very nice …ctd soon

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