U Changed my life- by loveleen “my birthday treat”


Hey frnds I am nt new here bt I usually comment I don’t write ffs. Sorry to all the ff writers because I am nt able to comment these days m a bit busy with my projects. So some of u must be knowing me for those who don’t knw let me introduce myself m loveleen (only fr TU). I am a regular visitor of TU page since last 1 year or mr than that specially tei page m very active I read all the ffs bt I am sry to say I am nt able to cmnt always because of my busy schedule. I m boring u guys ryt ok nw no more bakbak. A story was revolving in my mind so thought of sharing with u people and that to because its my birthday today so treat from my side. Lets start …….

It’s a office scenario some voice is heard from one cabin infact its a loud voice like someone is shouting. Yes a man is trembling in fear n saying “sry maam I ll get the files done today I promise.” Girl –“u cannot leave the office before u handover thecompleted files to me.” Man- “yes maam.” The name on the table shows Twinkle Taneja- assistant manager (Amritsar circle). The man inside the cabin comes out and everyone surrounds him and asking him several questions but he doesn’t answer n goes. So twinkle taneja is a very strict n arrogant type of girl. She always sticks to her principle n gets her work done on time. Everyone is very afraid of her anger as she is the senior in her circle. She never shares her feelings with anyone not even her mother. But her eyes shows some dark past. She is a girl who never smiles.

That evening it was raining very heavily she was waiting near her car outside the office and her driver was repairing the car. T-“I told u I dnt like such problems atleast not when I return home. In the office these employees irritate me and after that u” D-“maam sorry to say bt I think I need to take the car to the mechanic.” T- “wat the hell. How will I go now?” A boy is seen little far than twinkles car. He was wearing a casual jeans and a shirt with a jacket with his sunglasses. He was standing under a shade and staring at twinkle who was busy scolding her driver. He was completely lost in her beauty. He wanted to talk to her but was afraid seeing her mood then he decided to try his luck. “hii m kunj ” said the boy twinkle turned her head and replied very rudely “ so wat will I do. Jus go from here dnt irritate me more” K-I think I can help u if u dnt mind I have my car nearby I can drop u. T- xcuse me y do u want to help me. By seeing ur getup I sense u r not a decent guy. K- how rude of u. wats bad in my dressing its jus a casual jeans. T-“ohh… u may be the driver of smone ryt ? that’s why u are in casuals. By the way wont ur boss get angry seeing u dropping me ?” now kunj got a idea and said “ya u r right m just a driver of sarna industries. Dnt worry my boss will not mind me dropping u.” so finally twinkle agreed as she didn’t have any option. Twinkle went and sat in the backseat but kunj said “ohh hello m driver of my boss nt u so sit in front” twinkle got angry but she she didn’t know y she couldn’t express her anger infront of him. It was like her anger avatar was vanished. She sat in the front seat. During the journey kunj was trying to know twinkle more by asking her questions abt herself. Bt she was least interested in answering them. K- so who all r there in ur family ? Nw twinkle had sm tears in her eyes. No one in these years dared to ask her abt her family she just replied in a choked voice “its jus my mom” K- n dad ? after few seconds of silence she replied “I don’t have one.” Kunj could sense the pain from her eyes. He thought to himself she is not the one she shows to everyone. She tries to be arrogant but she has is so emotional from her heart. I dnt know why bt I feel a strong connection with her. I want heal her pain of past. His thoughts were broken by twinkles phone ring. Aftr the call she seemed worried. Kunj asked her the reason to which she replied that her driver said her car needs one week to get repaired and she doesn’t have any transport facility to her office. K- wats the big deal . I can be ur driver fr one week. If u want. I can take permission from my boss” T-“ r u sure ?” K-“ofcourse” T-“ ok then be there by 8:30 tmrw sharp. I don’t like late comers” K-“sure twinkle ji”. Somewhere twinkle liked her name from kunjs mouth but she ignored the feeling. Here kunj was on cloud nine as he can spend time with his lady love. Yes it was love at first sight for him. The next day kunj was infront of twinkles bungalow on time. Twinkle passed a smile and sat in the car. All the way kunj was talking and twinkle had also started mingling with him a bit. Everyone in the office was surprised at this new twinkle because she was a little calm that day. In the evening kunj came to pick her up. He said “twinkle ji actually I have sm work near the beach if u dnt mind can we go there” twinkle nodded in affirmation. As they reached the twinkle went near the sea and started enjoying the cool breeze it seemed as if she went to a different world. She started playing with the sea water. Kunj was all busy in enjoying the beauty of his lady love. T- “ kunj u knw when was the last time I came here… when I was 8 years old with my complete family mom,dad and me.” With this she had tears in her eyes. K-“its ok twinkle u can share ur feelings with me” Twinkle cleared her tears n said “shall we leave ?” and then they both left. It was a very silent journey for both none of them uttered a single word. When they reached twinkles home kunj said “u know its better to share your feelings with smone so that u will feel better” T-“my father left us fr some other woman when I was small. Moreover he never considered me as his child because I was a girl. He thought girls are weak cannot be like boys. Now to prove him wrong I studied very hard achieved everything a boy can do. Bt in this I have lost my emotions my ownself.” And she left clearing the last drop of tear from her eyes. Kunj was also in tears he was now more determined to give twinkle all her happiness back. Days passed everyday kunj and twinkle were getting more close. He would take her to different places like beach sometimes coffee one day he took her to a orphanage and strtd playing with the kids. Twinkle unknowingly had started liking all this, she had started laughing and enjoying life. She could sense the change in herself. Now she had started feeling for kunj.

It was the last day of the week her car had returned from mechanic. She was sad that from the next day kunj wont come to pick her up. Twinkle pov “ in this short period of time kunj has changed me completely. He is so nice. I know I love him but how can I love him he is just a driver and I am a assistant manager.our status is so different” And her thoughts broke when she heard kunjs car horn. She passed a smile and sat inside the car. Her eyes fell on a diary kept aside she tried to take it but then thought no its bad manners wat he will think. kunj stopped the car suddenly infront of a flower shop and said “I need to buy some flowers for the office.” As he got down twinkle couldn’t control her curiosity and took the diary and opened it. She got the biggest shock of her life wen she read the first page. It was written Kunj Sarna CEO OF Sarna industries and photo was stick of kunj in black tuxedo looking too handsome. She remembered each and every moment spent with him. She thought to herself “ how can he be so humble being a ceo of sarna empires. Moreover why did he do so much for me. He didn’t let me know anything. I was so wrong about him. I judged him based on his dressing but I should not have done that. He managed to hide his identity so well and he changed my life my way of thinking everything. ” she was all confused by now but at the same time she was happy knowing his true identity. By the time kunj returned with a bouquet of roses. Twinkle got down the car and showed him the diary but to her surprise kunj got down on his knees offering her the bouquet “twinkle I had started loving u from the first day I saw u. but my love has increased more each day. Now it has become impossible for me to live without u. I really love u. I wanted to tell u everything before I confess my feelings. I wanted to start my relationship with truth. So I kept my diary so that u can read it because I am afraid if u get angry. I am sorry if I have hurt u.”T-“its nt your relationship…….(with a pause) its our relationship.” Kunj was surprised by her reply. Suddenly she hugged him and said “yes mr kunj sarna I love u too. Thank u for coming into my life. Thank u for changing my life for filling colors in my colorless life. U know what I would have accepted u even if u are not the ceo of sarna empires because u have changed me completely ” K- “u know u look so pretty when u smile. Dnt fade that smile ever. Well I love your sadu avatar too.” She slightly hit his chest and said “ then I have to cm bck to my old form ?” K-“noooo please . bahut papad belna pada hai mujhe tere ko change karne me. Ab aur nhi.” T- “ok par kabhi kabhi its needed to control u” K-“ m already crazy in ur love darling. I just want ur happiness.” And kissed her forehead T-“ as long as u r with me I am the happiest person on this earth”. And they hugged each so tight like theres no tomorrow.

Sorry if any mistakes I didn’t do proof reading. I think it became too long but I could nt cut it short. Sorry. Please comment because this is the first time I am writing a os and may be the last time too…as it is my birthday I thot of treating u people so please comment ur views. Bye I ll be back with my comments.

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  1. Presha

    Hey love (don’t mind if I call u that) it was awesome dear loved it do write more stories

    1. Presha

      Sorry forgot to wish u Happy birthday dear may ending of this year brings lots of happiness in ur life nd in next year also❤?
      ?? ? ??
      ? Love YOU?
      ?? ? ??

    2. Loveleen

      Hey I dnt mind u calling me love…..N thnk u so much fr ur wishes as well as ur comment…

  2. Angel20

    First of all many many happy returns of the day!! I hope you enjoyed your day.

    Coming to this story, it was really amazing. I just loved it very much! I hope you give us more treats just like this.

    With Love?

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks fr wishes…N abt more treats I ll try dear..

  3. First of all a very Happy Birthday to youuuu ????and. Thanks for writing such a wonderful and lovely Os like you???

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks fr commenting….

  4. Kanchi

    Lovleen u rocked ?? loved it ti was fabulous loved it keep posting these types of os n ffs

    1. Kanchi

      N happy bday to u lovleen hope ur life is filled with joy now onwards love u ?

      1. Loveleen

        Thanks a lot kanchi….

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Happy birthday…. Lovely it was…..awesome

    1. Loveleen


  6. Nice
    Many many happy returns of the day

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks fr commenting

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Aww..meli loveleen…saw you after soooooooooooooo many days yaar…You used to be a regular commenting reader when my ff started…You, panchi, Zikra, Sam..and all..I really miss you guys…

    A very very very very very very veryyyyyy ??Happy Birthday??

    May you live healthy and long with a smile always on your lips..?

    Thanks for such a sweeeetttttt OS..

    Love ya..?

    ~Cutie aka Shreya aka Lovely aka Ani..uff..
    Now known as JiyaAni!!

    Too many names…jis name se pehchaanti ho…use yaad karlo ?

    1. Loveleen

      Aww thnk u Shreya… I recognise u as my shreya ….I ll try to comment on ur FF…Btw wats ur recent FF ??

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Well..Yehi hai Ishq is still On!…and I’ve just started ‘PROMISE ME…YOU WON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH ME’..both on Twinj..?

  8. Adya

    Loveleen di… Happy birthday…
    Many many happy returns of the day. May you enjoy your life for always. Be happy.
    Woow your first try and such an amazing os..damn soo cute… I love it…
    Don’t let it be your last one … Keep writing..
    And yah I know you.. I saw your comments many a times on my ff and os..Thank you..
    Write more di…
    Again a happy birthday.. loads of love

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks adya….I really like ur FF n os…I ll try to write more

  9. SidMin

    Happy Birthday 🙂
    I Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 The story was so sweet 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Keep writing such stories 🙂

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks sidmin…Will try to write more

  10. first of all happy bday loveleen and the os is awsm loved it

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks fr commenting…

  11. Hey loveleen…. Woaaahhh what a os.. This is just amazing, out standing and what not.. Truly ur sach great writer… look like its not ur first writing..coz it’s just suparbb.. Love it to the core.. Plz don’t say that it’s ur last writing.. Plz plz write like more coz its sooo much lovely just like u..so can u will like to be my friend’s ..??
    And and and…..

    °°Many many returns of the day°°
    ***Happy Birthday To U*** Loveleen….
    Hope god keep u always happy and fulfilled ur all wishes……and
    May u reached ur all goal’s and earn success in ur upcoming future…….
    May god bless u always…
    Stay happy and keep smiling….
    Love you.. Muaah..

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks a lot fr ur wishes…ofcourse we cn b frnds dear….

  12. Pretty and nice story… the plot was veey different love the story….

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks asna..

  13. Awesome plz do write like more stories like this

    1. Loveleen

      Thnk u riddhi

  14. SidVee_Yashvee

    Happy birthday to you.. May you be blessed with all the love and happiness you deserve ❤ the os was great.. really loved it.. keep writing more 🙂

    1. Loveleen

      Thnk u sidvee

  15. Ria

    Happy B’day di! Have a great day and an amazing year coming up ahead. (Although I’m pretty late)

    Well, this concept was worth appreciating. It was really amazing. I loved it so much! Please do come back with more of your articles. I’ll be waiting for you.


    1. Loveleen

      Better late than never ryt my cutie pie ??? Thnks fr wishes and fr cmnting

  16. Simiyy

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a good day may your dreams come true
    It was really good
    You should write more
    Loads of love ?

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks simmy

  17. Ramya

    Hey loveleen
    First of all a very happy bday
    I’m so sry fr late per wt to do kal hi padthi th I per chipake jo padna hai
    N u know wt ur is made me remember of my first ss who h is alos named by u changed my life which is not dat good
    But urz is awesome amazing lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks so much Ramya…

  18. SidMin23

    Happy birthday mah your wished come true and get all the happiness and thanks for writing this os in your special day wating to see more from your side

    1. Loveleen

      Thnks sidmin….

  19. dreamer...arundhati

    Loveleen…. It was superb…. Lovely

    1. Loveleen

      Thnk u dear

  20. Ruchi

    Hey Utu…
    Belated Happy Birthday dear!!!
    Stay blessed!!
    Sorry for late wishes…
    So happy to see ur OS…
    it was amazing dear…
    Missed u…

    1. Loveleen

      Ohh my ruu m so happy to see u still active on this page….Thnks fr wishes

  21. Aanya_pandey

    Belated happy birthday dear. Sorry fr nt wishing u on time..
    N ya about ur OS it really a superb one

    1. Loveleen

      Thnk u aanya

  22. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

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