Hello lovely people
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Let’s start the episode with smile

All guests r arrived
Uv & ku r standing in hall
Den spotlight ffalls on tw n ma
Uv was mesmerized by seeing ma n ku was lost in tw
Suddenly uv eyes falls on ku
Uv:tw is beautiful na
Ku:nt in his senses n says s
Uv giggles
Ku:after cming to senses n…no nthng like dat
Tw bring ma near uv n unknowningly stands beside kunj n ku was again lost in her
Tw:by snapping her fingers where r u lost
Ku:no where
Uv&ma exchanges rings
They both took blessings of uma
All guests congragulates them

After sometime all guests left the place
Tw:oh no
Uv:wt happened
Tw:after three days I have my last exam in engagement exitement i completely forgot abt it
Ma:wts the big deal in it
Tw:I have my physics exam u know na bhabhi hw much I hate dat subject (even I also hate physics )& it’s my final exam (I know u r thinking wts going in my mind bt it is an ff anything can happen so I skipped other subjects )
Ma:I have an idea
Ku bhai ur favourite subject is physics na
So u don’t u help tw
Tw (to ku):pls plss ku help me
Ku:k cme tomorrow mrng to home
Uv:k den I’ll drop her
Tw:u r dropping me bcoz u want to meet bhabhi na
Ma blushes
Uv:tw day by day u r becming naughty
Ku&ma left

Uv dropped tw neaar ma house
Ma:cme tw bhai is waiting fr u in his room

Tw:hi ku
Did u brought ur books
Tw nods her head in s
Ku asks her some questions bt she is unable to answer
Ku:u have nt attended atleast one class
Tw:no I have attended
Ku:den y r u nt answering
Tw:I hate physics
Ku made her to understand in easy way

ku:tw r u nervous
Ku:nthng will happen give ur best
All the best
Tw:tq n she left

After exam she came to ku
Ku:hw was exam
Tw :says nthng
Ku;wt happened
Tw:shouts exam was super awesome n hugs ku

Ku was suprised by her behaviour
Tw:breaks hug n says dis all happened bcoz of u
Tq tq so much n she gives a peck on his cheek n went to her frnd
Ku stood der with shocked surprised n wt by
Tw:snapping fingers n said where r u lost
Ku nods his head in no
Tw:let’s go
They left fr taneja mansion

Tw:bhai my exam was super
Fr first time my physics exam was good
Uv:dis is bcoz of u ku tq so much fr helping her
Ku:no uv ur sister have done hard work
Uv:ur exams r completed so we will go fr resorts tomorrow evening
Ma:dats great idea
After dinner ku n ma left


Ku was nt getting sleep
In his brain only one thing is running n it is hw tw hugged him n gave peck to him
By remembering dis he have a bright smile on his face
KUNJ’S POV :wts wrong with u ku y r u remembering only that just forget abt it n sleep

Thinking abt it slowly he falls asleep

I hope u liked it
I’m sry bcoz I’m nt commenting on ur ffs bcoz of some network prblm bt ur ffs r simply superb
Pls comments whether it is positive or negative

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