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Uv n kunj r standing in the hall n all guests r arrived
Den spotlight ffalls on tw n ma . Tw is bringing ma down
Uv was mesmerized by seeing ma n ku was lost in tw.suddenly uv’s eyes falls on ku
Uv:tw is looking breathtakingly na
Ku nt in senses says :s
Uv smiles
Ku:n..no nt like that
Tw brings mahi near uv n unknowningly stands behind ku n ku was again lost in her
Tw:by snapping her fingers where r u lost ku
Ku:cming to senses no
Uv&ma exchanges rings
Uv&ma takes blessings of uma
All congratulates them
After all guests left the place

Tw:oh no
Tw:bhai afterthree days I have my last exam in engagement exitement I have totally forgot abt it
Ma:so wt tw u have three days na
Tw:bhabhi it’s physics exam (I to hate physics a lot)n it’s my last exam (u r thinking only one exam is there bt this is ff n anything can happen in this right na)
Uv:so wt
Tw:I hate physics alot n I dnt know anything abt it much
Ma:I have an idea
Ku bhai u r ery gud in physics n urs favourite subject is physics
Ma:den y dnt u help tw
Tw:s u plss plss she asks sweetly
Ku:k den cme to home tomorrow mrng
Uv:I will drop her
Tw:In teasing manner u want to drop me bcoz u want to meet bhabhi na
Ma blushes
Uv:u r becming naughty
Ku&ma left

Uv dropped tw neaar ma house
Tw enters her house n ma welcome her
Ma:bhai is waiting fr u in his room
Twitter nods n goes to his room

tw:hi kunj
Ku:let’s start
Twnods her head
Ku asks her some questions btshe is unable to answer
Ku:have u ntattended any class
Tw:no I have attended
Ku:den y r u nt answering
Tw:I hate physics
Ku explained to her in such a simpleway that she understood very easily

ku &tw came to centre
Ku:all the best give ur best in exam
Tw:tq n she leaves

After completing exam she came near to kunj
Ku:hwwas exam
Tw:stands sadly
Ku:wt happen tw
Tw:shouts super awesome n hugs ku
Ku was suprised
Tw:breaks hug n says dis all happened bcoz of u tq tq so much she gives a peck on his cheek n went to her frnd
Ku was shocked, suprised btsmewhere so much happy
Tw:cme ku let’s go
Ku:still nt in his senses
Tw:snapping fingers where r u lost
Ku nods his head in no n they left

Tw:bhai fr first time my physics exam was good no super
Uv:I’m happy fr u
Tw:dis is all bcoz of ku
Ku :u tried ur best in it
Uv:so ur exams r completed so y dnt we go fr outing
Ma:dats great idea
Uv:k tomorrow evening we will go fr resorts

After dinner ku &ma left

Ku was ntgetting sleep
He is continuously remembering that hw tw hugged him n gave peck to him
KUNJ POV:wts wrong with u ku y r u nt sleeping y r u remembering only that incident just forget abt dat man
N slowly he fallsasleep

I hope u liked it
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I’m sry bcoz I’m nt commentingon ur ffs due to some network prblm bt ur ffs r simply superb

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was so cute Kunj could not sleep the whole night because Twinkle hugged him and gave him a peck I wish we also could have only 1 paper as there is in your ff so that we could also enjoy Loved it waiting for the next

  2. Superbbbbbbb superb duper amazing….????
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…..
    Loving it….

  3. Angita

    Nice episode

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing…..eagerly awaiting for next part….

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Dolly….it was amazing… Awesome…..try to give longer episodes…..

  6. Srija

    too sweet ????????
    tooo adorable??????
    update soon

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Nice episode dolly…I am so sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes…

  8. Gud one

  9. Epi was nyc

  10. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode….. awesome….
    Sooo cute ….loved it ..

  11. nicee yaar n yes I also hate physics 😀

  12. Kruti

    Lovely epi

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Dolly so sorry 4 late comment
    I read it yesterday but couldn’t comment
    Osum epi

  14. osm yr superb amazing dolly wow luvd it

  15. pls give a small recap pls

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