Hi lovely people
I’m so sry fr late update as I was busy
Thankyou so so much fr ur lovely comments
I’m sry fr late update choti bachi samajke maaf kar do plss n I hope u r njoying my FF

Let’s start episode with a smile


here uv sits fr bf
Den door bell rings. He asks his servant to open the door
Servant opened door
Uv:who came
Servant:mahi madam
Uvgoes to the door n welcomesher
M:hi uv
Uv:hi n
M:uv he is my bro kunj sarna
Uv :hi kunj I’m yuvraj taneja
K;hi uv so u r uv
K:nice selection mahi
Uv:cme let’s have bf
Trio went near dinning table
M:uv where is tw
Den a voice is heard frm back
I’m here
(She is tw)tw comes n hugs her
Tw:hi mahi sry mahi bhabhi
M:btw tw he is my bro kunj
Tw&k looks at eo n says :I

at mrng when tw went to jogging suddenly she collides with a person n falls
Tw:composes herself n she gets up
P:hides behind tw n says plss save me
Tw:btfrm whom
There a dogcomes running vobhi ek cute sapuppy
P:frm it points towards puppy
Tw:calmdown it will do nothing to u
Just then the dogs owner comes n takes dog n says sry
Twturns towards person n he is revealed to be kunj
K:sry n tq
Tw:fr wt
K:sry fr colliding with u n tq fr saving me frm it
Tw:never mind bt I r running to save urselffrm that puppy
K:it doesn’t matters to you he says hesitatingly
Tw:oh means u r afraid of dogs
K:no I’m nt
By saying dis he leaves frm there

K POV:oh God is ladki ko yaha peKyu bej siya
M&uv:u know eo
Kunj interrupts her n says
K:no n changes topic
Twthinks :wts wrong with him y heis saying lie
uma comes there
Um:I want to say an imp news
Um:I have talked to panditji he said dat fr uv n mahi engagement tomorrow is best n for marriage two months after
Tw:really dats great news finally my bro is going to be engaged
She teases yuhi(uv&m)
m:bt tomorrow bt it is too early right I mean we have nt done shopping n anything
Tw:s u r right n makes sad face
Uv:there is no prblm in it we will go nw fr shopping
K:I’m nt cming
M:bt u bhai
K:wt will I do there
M:pls plss bhai plss
Uv n tw lives in one car n k n M lives in one car

Uvn m r selecting dress
On other side tw came to k
Tw:y u said lie in the mrng
Tw:datwe don’t know eo
K:bcoz I don’t want anyone to know abt it

Uv&m comes
M:let’s go
Tw:bhabhi have u buied slippers
M: no
M:I didn’t like them
Uv:den we will go to other shop
Tw:u both go I will go to my clg I have some work
Uv:wt abt u K
Tw:he will cme with me I will show him my clg
Uv &m left
K:when I said
Tw;stupid I said lies let them njoy
Cme let’s go

Twhave completed her work n they returned to home

tw came there with n
Uvwas lost in mwhere as kunj in tw

To be continued


Sryguys fr late update really so sry
Tq fr ur lovely comments
N pls comment whther it is positive or negative

I hope u njoyed it

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  1. Superbbbbbbb epi dolly..
    Kunj ko dog phobia lol..???
    Do cont asap

  2. SidMin

    Loved the part generally the girls are afraid of dogs but here Kunj was afraid of dogs and loved the way Twinkle gave space for Yuhi to enjoy
    Waiting for the next episode

  3. Sayeeda

    Awesome episode Dolly ….amazing…
    loved it… waiting for next one…post soon

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice epi….

  5. Kruti

    Nice epi

  6. Apoorwa


  7. Angita

    Cute sweet and lovely episode

  8. Shatakshi

    It was too good dolly

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Dolly superfab.
    Lovely epi

  10. Shonaa...

    Fantabuls lovely episode dolly….

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