Hi everyone tq tq so much fr ur lovely comments it Really means to me alot n yuvraj is taneja I’m sry fr nt mentioned it in last epi ?.bt tq fr lovely comments ??.n sry fr writing short episode as I will write phne so it is difficult fr me to post long episode bt I will try my ever best to write long one
K nw enough of my bakbak
Let’s read the episode with smile

The episode starts
Today also as everyday she gets up in mrng n went to jogging n after freshening up she came near dinning table
Uv:tw today also u r going to ngo
Tw:s bhai y
Uv:casually I asked
Uv:should I drop u
Tw:no bhai my car got repaired nw it’s good
Uv feels sad n tw notices this
Tw:bhai if u have time u can drop me
By listening to this
Uv in excitement says:really
Tw:s bhai y r u feeling so happy
Uv :no nthng like that
Tw:u r cming fr me or fr to meet smeother person by saying dis tw giggles
Uv:no tw only fr u by dis I can also spend some time with lovely sis
Tw:really n she smiles

they reaches ngo
Ma:hi tw n hi uv
Uv:hi mahi
Tw:hi mahi
Ma:uv u here asks with questioning face
Uv:y I should nt cme here
Ma:no I mean u never came here before so
Uv:I just want to spend smetime with my sis
And after smetime they left the place
This has became a daily routine to him daily he used to drop tw n meets mahi n day by day they became frnds n developed feelings fr eo

Days passed
One fine day uv n mahi came to tw
Uv:tw I want to say something to u
Tw :s bhai
Ma:we wanted to say dat

Uv proposed ma n she readily accepted it

tw:dis is not fair bhai u never told to me abt dis nor u ma I dnt want to talk to u both by saying this she shows fake anger

Uv:sry tw I want to say bt thought to say after ma accepts the proposal he makes puppy face

By seeing this tw was burst out into laughter
Uv n mahi r confused
Tw:are my sweet sa bhai n mahi I know abt dis
Uv:hw do u know?
Ma:s tw how do u know about this as I never told abt dis to u
Tw:I dnt have eyes ahh
I can see love between u both n u know na tw taneja is a super girl
After they three burst into laughter

Uma comes der (guys she is a new character she is of age 40’s she takes care of tw n uv alot she loves them as her own children .. n tw n uv also loves her alot n treats her as their mother )

Uma (um):wts going on
Tw:narrates whole story
Um:I’m so happy fr u uv finally u r going to marry
Um:we will ask panditji fr muhurath
Uv smiles n mablushes
Tw:aww my bhabhi is blushing
After listening to word bhabhi she blushes more
Ma:k I’ll leave byee tw n uv

Ma gets a call
Person:hi princess hw r u
Ma:kunj bhai
(S he is our hero )
K:guess wt
K:I’m in India
Ma:dis is nt fair bhai u came to india n ur nt meeting me
K:sry princess wt to do I’m busy
Ma:sadly ok
K:k bye

Door bell rings mahi opens door n got shocked
Ma:kunj bhai u here
N she hugs him
K:after cming to india I should meet my princess at any cost
Ma takes him inside
Ma:u here after so many days
K:actually BCoz of meeting n I’m staying here fr 2mnths
Ma:really datsgreat news btw bhai I want to say u snethng
Ma:she says abtuv’s proposal
K:dats great news finally my sis is getting married
Ma smiles
K:btw when I’ll meet my bro in law
They have some cute bro sis talks n moments
The episode ends on their smiling faces

PRECAP:twinj ‘s meet

I hope u liked it n plss give comments whether it is positive or negative n if needed suggestions also
Once again tq fr giving such a lovely comments n tq fr reading my ff???

Credit to: Dolly


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