The episode starts with what abhi was reading in Krishna’s diary.it was written upto a month before his death abhi starts to read as he may get any clue about aliya to proceed his plan further. almost all the pages was about his daily routines and abhi kept the diary closed and kept his hands on his head head thinking what to do next. Suddenly wind starts to blow heavily and abhi found something was written after some blank pages he starts to read that.
It was on the date when Krishna overhears aliya and her mom’s conversation
I don’t know when the person reads this diary will get this I don’t think I will be alive as my life is at danger now I still write this coz I want to save life of 3 innocent people. An fb
aliya mom: I can’t be away from my daughter after knowing that she is near to me.
Aliya: i can understand mom even I want to be with her but she is not avantika she is tanu sree now an ordinary girl not the princess of vampire kingdom.
( reading this abhi dropped the diary in shock. Abhi pov: That means tanu is aliya’s sister I think she is not aware of this then who killed her parents? Let me read further)
A M : aliya u can control others mind y cant u control her mind and bring her back to us
A: I don’t want to control her mind. I hav a plan from that we can bring avantika to us and complete our mission also
A M: wat is that
A: if we directly say that she is princess of uferla and we are her family she will get scared and never be ours. And moreover even if she believes us she cant come leaving her parents. So no other way we hav to kill her parents which looks like an accident as she have no relatives we can easily bring her here and then we can slowly make her realize who she really is. I know it is wrong to play with her emotions and they took care of our avanti soo well till now but if we don’t do this time may force us to kill them like we kill others I don’t want to do that . And mom I have seen our enemies too. The persons who stopped the same mission few decades ago
A M : are you serious? If they are present then we cant accomplish the task this time too
A: don’t worry mom. They won last with the help of their wives as they know the secret to tie our powers but it cannot happen this as they don’t know their past . I won’t leave them this time. As they don’t have powers I will turn them to vampires and they to be slave of uferla forever
A M : proud of u aliya. Who are they in this birth?
( abhi pov : omg aliya hav killed tanu’s parents and they are planning to change tanu as a vampire I should stop this somehow. And who are the two persons aliya talking about it seems they have enemity over decades I should save them also I don’t want them to loose their lives like Krishna and akash. He turns to the next page to find who are the two persons)
The pages were blank after that. He checked each and every page of the diary but there was no information about them.Then he looked at the date and thought krishna might have thriwn this in fear after seeing aliya.He called tanu and asked her to meet him tmrw eveng at xyz place without aliya’s knowledge

Next day eveng:
Tanu was waiting for abhi thinking that there is lot of changes in aliya behavior nowadays.she felt aliya is controlling her some times. Did I made a mistake by agreeing to be with her? But I don’t have any relative or family frnds I know only abhi Anna here I don’t want to trouble him. Let me handle this alone.
Abhi arrived there and told it is none other than aliya who killed her parents. Tanu didn’t believe first .
T: why she shld kill them ? Even we are not rich so that she get some property
A: she killed them coz she needs u
Tanu looks puzzle then abhi explains what is in Krishna’s diary.Tanu didn’t believe first but after reading the diary and watching the cctv footage she broke down into tears.
T: I have become the reason for my parents death. If I was not born they will be alive na… If i stay there then i also will become vampire I don’t want to harm or kill innocent people I want to be tanu not as avantika. Anna pls take me somewhere else I don’t want to be there im so scared Anna pls take me somewhere( she pleaded abhi)
A: I understand tanu its very difficult for u to accept but u can destroy aliya and prevent the death of innocent people further if u r ready to do wat I say.
T: I’m ready to do
A: u have change into vampire
T: r u serious if turn into vampire then I will harm others na
A: listen to me once u gain aliya’s trust and starts to discuss about her plans u can save innocent people and u can find the two people who Krishna mentioned in his diary who knows u can also find a way to destroy aliya also. But everything will happen only if u are ready to do this.
T: I’m ready Anna. I cant save my parents let me save lives of innocent people
A: proud of u tanu . Ok let’s don’t meet hereafter as u hav to be very very careful contact me only through mobile.

After a month….
Tanu behaved in such a way that aliya and her mom believes her completely.Tanu and abhi was very careful while meeting as aliya should not get any doubt of their plan. Now they( aliya and her mom) have decided to say tanu who really she is. Aliya called her
T: yes akka. Tell me
A: I’m going to share few things with you I don’t know how far u will believe this. You are my own sister and we lost you in a crowd and u r a princess
Tanu pretends to be shock. Aliya takes her to the room which she never allows tanu to enter. The room was very dark tanu adjusted her sight to the darkness and looked around the thing which she saw made her to be scared to the core and she started to scream aahhhhh………

Hai dears I don’t know whether this epi have satisfied ur expectations. If not, I’m so sry both ur positive and negative comments are welcomed. Thanks a lot for ur comments and I have to thank silent readers also who.spend their valuable time to read this ff.keep reading and supporting. Bye see you soon take care…

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