It has been two weeks after akash’s death but it was still unbelievable for abhi and prabha as it was totally unexpected. Poor rachu was crying always without having food and water. Abhi and prabha don’t know how to console her as even they can’t accept the fact. Hearing rach’s status her family came there and took her with them. Abhi and prabha was quite relaxed as rachu is with her family and they will take care of her.But abhi’s heart was saying him that his death is not natural some mystery is behind it .

At aliya’s home…

Tanu pov: After my parents death i was totally shattered i thought that there is no one for me. But aliya akka(didi) brought me here. Amma and akka took care of me so well like their own family member that made me to feel that I’m in my home they never let me to miss my parents. But i don’t know one thing they never let me to go near the store room once i thought to clean the house as i was very bored coz amma and akka never let me to do any work after cleaning all the rooms i thought to clean store room also when i was a about to open the door aliya akka shouted tanu which made my heart beat to stop for a second seeing that i hav scared she told me who told you to do all these things? Here after u should not do any work here this is your first and last warning. I said here after i won’t do any work sorry but only this store room is remaining I’ll clean it. She hurriedly stopped me and told me that room is full of old furnitures and files no need to clean it and whenever i come between their ( aliya and her mom ) talks they stop talking and just smile at me. After coming here i didn’t meet abhi anna( bhai) we usually meet at part in the evening after coming here i couldn’t meet him. I have to inform him that iam with aliya akka so that he will not search me in my block.

At abhi’s flat….
prabha and abhi was discussing about the security Krishna’s death as they couldn’t find any lead in that case as per abhi’s suspicion it might me murder So purab started to enquire if there was anyone who hates him and wanted to take revenge and if there is any changes in his behavior.prabha was telling abt the info that he got from Krishna’s frnds

Prabha: abhi his family told me that there is no enemy for him and infact he is very friendly and caring person. From the info that we got.from his frnds there is some changes in his behavior before one week of his death like being moody, talking to himself, and he was scared to work in night shift once which is unusual as he will work on night shifts most of the time. So according to me there should some problem to him and doesn’t want to share abt that to anyone.
Abhi after hearing prabha’s pov he said ok let me check who came to meet him here and cctv camera around the apartment may help us to find whether his death is natural or not .

Prabha: ok abhi its getting late if u get any clue tell me.( he started to leave)
Abhi: prabha( he was about to tell that he Thinks there is some mystery in akash death but stops as now only prabha is slowly recovering from that shock)
Prabha: yeah abhi

Abhi: bye ( prabha smiles and leaves)
That night abhi couldn’t sleep peacefully as his thoughts were revolving around Krishna and akash death slowly he got a dream in which his dream girl was talking to him.( abhi was sitting in his bed and pragya was seated next to him)
Pragya: i know that you are missing ur frnd badly but take some rest. If u keep on thinking like this that is not good for ur health
Abhi: i can’t chashmish i still can’t believe whatever happened on that day. Doctor told me that he is out of danger now and he will get conscious at any time but.. ( starts to cry)

(Note: he couldn’t see the face clearly now also as pragya is wearing specs he is calling her as chashmish as he could see only her eyes and hear her voice)
Pragya tries to console to him. She makes him to sleep on her lap and pats his head. And starts to sing Jodi nilavae paadi uyire sogam yennada… Slowly he drifts to sleep without disturbing him she kept a pillow under his head and leaves..
That night abhi slept peacefully after two weeks .

In morning .
Abhi woke up from his bed and thinks about the dream. He says is there any connection between me and chashmish? Y i see her often in my dreams?i saw her love and care for me in yesterdays dream I wish i could meet her in my life. If that happens I’ll never miss her.

In pragya’s home:
Pragya was having hiccups continuously ( as abhi is thinking about her). Ammu gave her water.but it didn’t stop
Ammu: u r hidding something from me.
Pragya:nothing ammu
Ammu: i heard what you was blabbering in sleep
Pragya: wat? ( coz Pragya also had the same dream as abhi)
Ammu: i know that u r very tensed about your exams but i didn’t expect that u will blabber abt that in sleep too.

Pragya feels relaxed as it happened day before yesterday.
Ammu: dont take stress akka everything will be ok.i hav class today bye tc
Pragya: ok my dear princess.bye

After ammu left Pragya goes to her room and starts to write her diary. Y i feel his pain as mine? What is the connection between us? I dont know the answer for these questions but if get a chance to meet him in my life I’ll never miss him. She closes the diary and thinks about the proposing dream and yesterday’s dream
Uyirin uyirae unnadhu vizhiyil en mugam nan kaana vendum urangum podum urangidalam kanavilae ne thondra vendum kadhal aagi kaatril adum oonjalai nan aagiran kaalam thandi vaazha vendum veru enna kaetkiran plays in background . Screen freezes in smiling faces of abhigya.

Thank you so much frnds for spending your valuable time to ready my ff. Pls forgive me if this epi is boring u can throw rotten eggs,tomatoes,stones whatever you want . Thanks for ur support frnds and iam so sry if i couldn’t rply to ur comments. Bye take care..

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