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Recap: abhi thinks there is some mystery in akash death

Abhi thinks he have to find the actual reason behind akash and krishna’s death and starts to investigate.He went to hospital in which akash was admitted and meets the doctor who treated him.
Ab: sir on that day you told he is out of danger and he will get conscious at any time wat happened suddenly?
Doc: Coz of his medicine allergy his health has become worse so his heartbeat was abnormal but we tried our level best to save him but his condition became we couldn’t save him.But ..
Abhi: but
Doc: I still can’t believe the medicine was working and I was very sure that we will save him unfortunately he is dead may be his destiny what about his wife is she ok now?
Abhi: somewhat ok now. Ok sir I will leave
He goes to his apartments security head and ask about the cctv footage for the past one month of those places where Krishna usually works. He agrees and gives the cd’s to him and says he will give the remaining tomorrow ( the head gives the cd’s which is one day before Krishna death)
Abhi gets those cd and plays it repeatedly whole night with the hope that he will get a clue due to his tiredness he dozed off.
Next day morning he got a call from rachu ‘s mom that they can’t handle her. He informs prabha and rushes to see rachu.
At rachu ‘s home
Abhi: aunty wat happened.
She said nothing just opened rachu’s room
Rachu was holding akash’s photo and crying badly .y you are not meeting me nowadays what happened? If i had did anything wrong am so sorry please come to meet me . Abhi goes near her and called her.
Rachu: abhi thank god u came you know akash is alive last week he came to meet me everyday at night he told me he will meet me often . But nowadays he is not coming to meet me I don’t know what happened can u please say him to meet me please she pleaded.
Abhi gave a weak smile hiding his tears and nodes positively . Mean while prabha also comes with a doctor( prabha’s frnd) . His frnd gives a sleeping tablet to prabha and says him make her sleep we can talk later. Prabha and abhi gives her tablet and makes her sleep.
Prabha frnd: I think she is very much affected by akash death take her to some new place if this continues it will become a psychological problem take care of her.
Abhi and prabha spends some time there and leaves to their respective home.
At apartment
abhi walks in the garden to relax. He thinks I came here after 2 weeks didn’t meet tanu itself. Tanu comes opposite side of abhi she walks faster after seeing him with a wide smile.
Tanu: hai Anna how are you?
Abhi: I’m fine ma. How are u? How is ur parents?
Hearing the word parents her smile fades
Abhi: wat happened tanu?
Tanu explains what happened on that day.
Abhi: I’m happy that you are safe. Dnt forget u r sister for me also if have time visit to my flat also.
Tanu: sure brother. She turns as aliya calls her. She introduces aliya to abhi and some formal talks he leave to his flat.
Abhi thinks that he hav seen her somewhere after thinking for long time he found that he hav seen aliya many times in the place where he and akash meets.
He starts to play the cds which he received this morning.
Pragya woke up from her sleep with a jerk her face was full of sweat and her eyes were full of fear . She thinks about the dream which she had now. Someone stabbed abhi continuously with a knife . She tries to remind the person who tries to kill him. She might be a girl around 18 years who was fair and had full of anger in her eyes what made her to do like that?? God I beg u this dream should not come true please. Tears comes from her eyes continuously.

Precap: abhi was shocked to see the cctv footage that he received. What did abhi see in that? Will pragya’s dream will become true? Stay tuned to know that

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