The episode starts with abhi and akash goes to abhi’s flat.
Akash: hey abhi I want to introduce my frnd to you.
Abhi: who is that?
AK:Prabhakar(purab) he is my school frnd.i had said abt him already See he has come.
Pr: hai guys.
AK: hai prabha. Prabha this is abhi and abhi this is prabha a police officer.
Pr: hai abhi glad to meet you.
Abhi: same here.
After some chit chats abhi comes to know that prabha us in charge to investigate about the security Krishna’s death. Abhi shared about his doubts. Both started to discuss about it seriously poor akash was very bored and thinks to change the topic .
AK: prabha u know abhi is a very good singer and he is lyrist too. He was having a musical band in our college.
Prabha: oh really. Can u please sing for me now
Abhi: it was at my college days. Now it has been a long time I don’t know how it will be.
AK: Exactly it has been a long time I wanna hear ur song pls abhi.
Abhi hesitates first but agrees for them.abhi takes his guitar and thinks about the dream girl and starts to sing
Veesum katruku poovai theriyadha.Paesum kannuku yennai puriyadha
Anbae undhan perai thanae virumbi kaetkiraen. Poogum padhai yengum un mugam parkiraen. Veesum katruku poovai theriyadha.Paesum kannuku yennai puriyadha.
( don’t the breeze know where the flower is. Can’t ur eyes understand my feelings for u. I wish to hear ur name always. wherever i go and whatever i see it just remainds me your beautiful face )
Akash and prabha enjoys his song.
Akash: Enna pa romba feel panni padra college la evalavo love songs padiruka appo ellam ivlo feel panni padnadhu illayae enaku theriyama edavadhu nadakudha? ( Abhi I felt u was sang this song from ur heart which I didn’t feel in our college days. Do u love someone?)
Both akash and prabha starts to tease abhi.
Abhi: hey nothing like that. Stop pulling my legs.
After sometime akbha(akash+prabha) leaves.

At 11:30 pm
Abhi goes to his balcony and enjoys the cool breeze and admires the full moon which reminds him about the dream girl eyes and thinks i wish i could meet her.
Some other place…
A girl who was sleeping peacefully suddenly woke up and drinks water which is near her bed. Without disturbing anyone there she went to balcony with a book and a diary.
Dear diary this is the 2nd time iam getting this dream. Someone proposes me in a beautiful scenery and when i was about to confess my feelings the scene changes to a different place where someone tries to kill him. Although i couldn’t see his face properly i hav seen his eyes which shows the love for me. Y should i get this two different scenes in my dream . Wat is the connection between this dream and me?. But i wish i should the person whom i saw i know it is weird but i don’t know y i feel like that. She closes the diary and thinks about the dream
Un vizhigalil vilundhu nan yelugiraen yelundum yen marubadi vilugiraen. Un parvayil thoondrida alaigiraen alaidum yen marubadi thoolaigiraen. Ovoor nodiyum unnai nan pirindhal poorkalathai unarvan uyiril en aasai ellam serthu oor kadidham varaigiraen anbae.. Plays in background
( i wish to be lost in ur eyes always. I wish to be always in ur notice. Whenever iam without you i feel incomplete. I want you to listen all my wishes through this letter)
But her thoughts are disturbed by her sister ammu( bulbul).
Ammu: akka( dhidi) wat are doing here at this time?( yes that was our cute pragya)
Prags: no ammu i was not feeling sleepy that’s ybi came here.
Ammu: ok let’s go before mom search for us.
After a month tanu and aliya became very close . Tanu felt that aliya is very kind and takes care of me like a sister. Meanwhile prabha and abhi also became good frnds . Tanu and abhi also will speak with each other whenever they meet in the garden or some other place in the apartment. And also abhigya feelings for each other became strong.

At 7:30 pm
Taaliya was chatting with each other in the lawn. At that time tanu’s mobile rings. She attends the call and after hearing the news she burst out in tears and starts to cry vigorously.
Aliya: wat happened tanu y u r crying lik this?
Tanu hugs her and says akka( didi) my parents has met with an accident and they are in serious condition now.i don’t know wat to do iam very much scared.
Aliya consoles her by saying ‘”don’t worry sweet heart everything will be alright i am with u na okets go to hospital now ” and takes her to the hospital but there was a evil smile in her lips.

Thank you so much frnds for spending ur valuable time to read this ff. i thank both the silent readers and my other frnds for the support that u gave. Pls share ur both positive and negative comments.

Note: i can’t update regularly hereafter I’ll try to update on weekends without fail sry for that.keep reading and keep supporting

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