The episode starts with aliya looking at a girl in shock and says avantika. She goes to her and calls avantika.
Girl: iam sorry I think u have mistaken me for someone else
( aliya mind voice: no avantika u have forgotten who are you.)
Girl: ( waves her hand before her) excuse me
Aliya: sry u r looking like my sis . By the way wats ur name?
Girl: iam tanu tanu sree and u?
Aliya: iam aliya ur senior ( mind voice: ur sister )
They talk for some time …
Tanu: ok akka(didi) iam getting late bye see you
Aliya looks at the direction where she went and says soon you will realize who you are avanti.
At eveng: Time: 7:30
Aliya enters the home happily and hugs her mom

Mom: wat happened Alu ? U are very happy.
Aliya: maa i hav found our avanti ma . She is here only in my college and in the same apartment.
Her mom looks at her in shock with happy tears.
( The door of the flat is opened and someone who was about to enter stops hearing their conversation)
Mom: i can’t wait i wanna see her immediately and about to go
Aliya stops her and shows tanu ( i mean avantika) outside window who was talking happily with her parents.
Mom: aliya y u r stopping me. I want my daughter back. I can’t be without her knowing she is near to me.
Aliya: Even i can’t ma. But now she is not avantika she is tanu sree an ordinary girl. She won’t believe what we are saying.
Mom: aliya hav you lost it? U hav control others mind so wat you are waiting for.
Aliya:No ma i don’t want to control her mind . She hav to come to us whole heartedly.
Mom: she is princess of uferla. The princess of vampire kingdom but she is leading a ordinary life like others i don’t want to see her like that.
Aliya: i can understand mom i hav a plan through that we will get our avanti and also complete our mission easily.
Mom: wat is that.

( aliya shares her plan)
Mom: superb aliya iam proud of u. I have to go to uferla now to inform this to your dad and complete some official works there will be back in some days take care of yourself and our avanti ( aliya nods her head) she started to murmer something ( i mean her mom) she started to float in air and starts to disappear slowly from her toes but suddenly stops as aliya and her mom hears some sound at their doorsteps and foot steps that was leaving hurriedly.
Both went to check wat is that. They saw the flower pot which was hanging in the wall has fallen done and broken into pieces. aliya closes her eyes and tries to find who came there. She opens her violet eyes and looks at her mom with smile .
Mom: i hope that u hav found who tat was iam saving now bye saying this she starts to disappear.
Aliya comes inside and closes the door and laughs very loud and says u may know our secret BUT U CAN’T ESCAPE FROM ALIYA and again laughs aloud ( it was very scary and . The clock strikes at 10 . ) her front two teeth and her nails starts to grow happily and her eyes hav changed to mixture of dark violet and red her attire also changes to a black and color dress.
Next day eveng abhi came to his apartment soon on that day and he had invited akash to his flat also. While crossing the garden someone collided with him. It was tanu who was very much scared and breathing heavy.
Abhi: wat happened. Y u r breathing heavy? ( he gives some water to her.)
Tanu: actually anna( bhai) that senior security is dead I saw his deadbody in the lawn tats y
Abhi: ok u which block u r I’ll come with u.
Tanu: No its ok my mom is waiting for me there i will go by myself.
Abhi: ok be careful.

He goes to the lawn he could see a group of people standing there and talking among themselves. He was observing the dead body of krishna( security’s name) he had a deep cut in his neck and There was a kite with manja thread around his neck he was watching closely at his cut there was a different marks near his cut as he got hurt with nails and other one he could guess and there was also another mark which is seen only we watch closely similar to alphabet ‘ A ‘ . Abhi thinks something is fissy and there is some mystery in his death. His thoughts are disturbed by akash’s call. He was waiting for him.
Abhi went to receive him and both left to abhis flat. Aliya was watching at them at some distance and thinks i hav to start my mission as soon as possible and smiles evily and her black eyes changes to red.

Precap: Tanu was crying heavily by resting her head on aliyas lap. Aliya says don’t worry I’m ur sister This is our home. And changes in someone’s behavior.

Sry frnds for not updating yesterday. I don’t how this episode is iam sry if i had bored you. Pls share ur both positive and negative comments. Thanks a lot for your support and iam sry if i couldn’t reply to your comments Bye see you soon…

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