U CAN’T ESCAPE ( EPISODE -13) part 1


HaI FRNDS hope all are fine. Im so sry for being late missed u guys very much i thought to update last week itself but im not satisfied with that so i hav written it again.
Readers note: read at ur own risk as i dont knw whether u lik it or not
Lets fly into the strory without wasting time

Tanu’s violet eyes changed to brown quickly when i turned
Me: ta.. Ta.. Tanu…. My vouce stammerd
Ta: anna u didnt sleep till now? Y u look so tensed..? She came near me and checkd my temperature
Me: nothing i had a bad dream tats y
Ta: ok sleep now dnt think abt that she made me sleep and covered me with blanket .she got up frm the bed and said u shld not be careless any more take care of urself before leaving the room.
Did she said that with real concern or it has some hidden meaning ? I couldnt sleep after that thinking abt wat the spirit told me and how she came into the locked room?

Nxt day mrng
I was thinking to meet prabha and tell wat happened yesterday as i knw she might control my mind or either kill me as i knw the truth and also i hav to find abt the persons whom she is waiting to kill. I hwv called prabha and asked him to meet me as soon as tanu left for clg . He also came after some time and explained everything to him wat happened yesterday at first he thought i was making prwnk on him but later he realised it was true seeing the seriousness in my voice.
Prabha: dnt wry abhi we will do something .im with u. He holded my hands and gave an assurance smile
I smiled at him back but it soon turned to shock as i saw prabha heading towards my doorsteps and turned to see aliya near me as prabha. Before i could do anything she caught my neck and started to tighten her grip
Aliya: i shld hav killed u tat day itself see now u want to destroy this aliya tat wont happen at any cost. Get ready to go to heaven with ur frnd .

Her nails started to grow and started to hurt me.even prabha was shocked he dnt knw wat to do. But to our surprise a person in the form of smoke appeared there suddenly and murmered something . Hearing that aliya screamed loudly shuting her ears as if she couldnt tolerate that. Suddenly she was freezed with ice and become a ice statue
The smoky person turned to our side (me and prabha) . Guys listen i cant keep her like this for a long time u both leave this place as soon as possible and reach sundrapuram village me and prabha was superb confused as we dnt knw wat is happening around us.
Smoky person : i knw u both r confused y these are happening to u . This enemity has not started now it hav started many decades ago ……

Precap is under construction

Hope all chennai frnds are safe after vardha

So sry frnds for making u wait so long 100 times situps for that. Will try to update the next part within sunday bye chellams take care see you soon hav a great weekend .

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  1. Finally u r back…how r u akka??…i missed u&ur ff so much…
    Intresting epi akka…who is that smoky person…too short epi..?
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part akka….pls update soon…tc..

    1. Rithu

      Missed u too ma. Im fine da i will try to update soon

  2. Finally!!
    Awesome episode cutie??
    Short one?
    Update next part soon
    Love you ??

    1. Rithu

      Thanks sweety for ur support

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Interestinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Wish You A Merry Christmas ???

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  4. CuteVanshu

    Finally u r back was missing u n ur ff about epi it was awesome… Plz post next part soon

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  5. wow nice epi dear n thanks 4 welcome back dear……………

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  6. Interesting!!!!! Episode loved it missed you so much happy Christmas waiting for the next episode

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  7. Asmithaa

    Telling hundred times sit-up is not enough.. U have to do that my babe.. ???Missed u soo much… So u deserve that punishment.. Anyways.. Awesome update.. Love u????

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  8. Maya

    You are back and as usual it was awesome???Keep rocking Rithu!!??

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