I know all will be angry and by this time everyone will be getting ready to scold me or attack me with whatever u get. Before that please read today’s epi and i will be waiting at the end of this to receive whatever u give.
The epi starts with tanu was lost in thoughts she came to senses when aliya shook her shoulders.
Al: avanti where are you lost?
T: nothing I was just thinking why appa didn’t come here to meet me.
Al: actually avanti dad is no more he was killed by our enemies. We hav created an ilusion among ppl in uferla that he is alive its actually mom who takes care of everything there.
Tanu looks confused.
T: what if someone wants to meet him. Its our kingdom y cant we announce that he is dead
Al: I will explain. There are so many people in the kingdom who helps other vampire kings as they want to become of uferla coz according to rules of vampire world all the vampires should obey the orders of king of uferla so if they come to know tat king is not alive then there will be only war between the kingdoms in vampire world to attain this position. And coming to ur doubt if someone wants to meet him she claps her hand and both could see that is happening in the uferla palace now in front of them the king was meeting his people and talking to them asking they hav any problem ( in front of his palace ). Avantika’s jaw dropped in shock .aliya took avantika to her mom’s room. She was sitting in the bed looking at the wall it showing what was happening there right now. She was keep on doing something in a boardwhich was in her lap. Avantika closely watched it her mom was sending the instructions to the illusion what should it do ,what should it talk even including its looks and gestures in uferian language. Aliya brought her out of the room.
Al: I hope now u got answers for ur questions. Its our mom who controls everything there. Only mom and me knows about this and now u know this.
T: u told na if other kingdoms come to knw dad is there will be a war. Will we fight against them using our vampire powers ?
Al: yes but they are different from which u know.
T: can u please teach me that too.
Al: so soon?
T: princess of uferla should know that to protect her kingdom right?
Aliya smiles and assures that she will teach her soon.

T: y don’t vampires from other kingdom come here to complete the mission.
Al: As I told u before we only have the control of vampire world so they cant come here until we wish and even they wish they don’t have the power to come here and turn humans into vampires its a secret known only to uferian royal family.
Days pass on quickly tanu learns about the power which is used to destroy vampires. Tanu decides to meet abhi as it was almost two months they didn’t meet.she told him to come to the isolated place which is near the apartment in the eveng.
At 6:30 pm
Abhi was waiting for her impatiently.
Ab: she told me to meet her at 5 now it’s 6:30 but didn’t come yet. Did aliya found about her truth? is she will be safe? His chain of thoughts stopped as he saw her coming.
A: hey y u r so late is everything ok there?
T: yeah Anna. Her game is gonna end soon
Abhi looks on. Tanu tells I hav laid the seed for her destruction. I have killed her mom if I kill her then the game will end soon. Abhi looks confused as he cant understand anything . She explains that it’s her mom who controls everything there and if she is not there others will fight for the crown. If she kills aliya also then the secret to convert humans to vampires will be buried along with her. And other vampires also cant come here as they don’t have those powers.Now aliya might come here at any time as she is searching for me madly.before she finishes aliya comes there flying
Al: avanti y r here I was searching for u. U know I think someone had found the secret to travel here mom is dead I couldn’t find who is that and we have to go to uferla immediately as our kingdoms are getting ready for war. Situation is very serious there. ( Tanu just stood emotion less and looked at her. Aliya thought that she is sad coz of mom’s death).avanti I know u r sad but this is not the time we have to leave immediately. Aliya turned to the side where avantika was looking. Her eyes turned to red when she saw abhi.
Al: so it’s u who hav done this. U snatched my dad last time and my mom now. I won’t spare u.
Abhi and tanu looks confused.
T: akka wat are u saying ? Wat did he do?
Al: avanti he is biggest enemy of our vampire world. Its him and his family who killed our father in his last birth.i think he would only killed our mom too . U cant escape from us. I was waiting for the day to kill him now I got coz of u.she gets ready to attack him.
But abhi was super confused by the words of aliya.
T: but i won’t let that happen.
Aliya looks at her surprisingly.
T: if u r ready to take revenge for ur parents death then I’m also ready to take revenge for my parents death.
Al: avantika….
T: call me tanu.. She shouted and her eyes were red in anger.
Aliya slowly understands that tanu knows everything. She tells ok then get ready to face me. She turns to abhi and gives a look which tells i will deal with u later.
Taaliya changes to their vampire attire and starts to fight. Both was keep on fighting but tanu couldn’t defeat aliya. Aliya laughs at her and says u are a kid sweet heart. Y u r struggling this much come back to me as avantika .
T: that won’t happen at any cost.
Al: Then u cant save him at any cost. She starts to attack abhi with fire( she throws fire at him flying in the air. Abhi was running to save his life.)
Tanu was very tensed as she couldn’t defeat aliya and she save to save abhi from her. Suddenly a power comes into her mind which aliya told her never to use it any cost except that there is an emergency or the opponent is really hard to defeat as once we use that it will reduce our existing vampire powers.
Tanu closes her eyes deciding to use that power on aliya. When she opens it her eyes was mixture of dark red and violet. Thinking about her parents death and how aliya trapped her she throws the power into aliya.and goes near abhi
Aliya who was chasing abhi by floating in the air with steps above the ground level now goes 500 feet above the ground. She was screaming loudly no one could hear that even animals would run away from that place. Her face becomes very ugly and bursts like a cracker in the sky and her ashes falls down. Abhi and tanu closes their eyes as they couldn’t see the brightness of the light which came when aliya was bursting.
Both goes and checks the ashes. Tanu starts to cry thinking about her fate which made her as the reason for her parents death and it had made her to kill her own mom and sister that to as a vampire. Abhi consoles her and she become normal after some time.
Ab: tanu I’m proud of u. U hav risked ur own life to destroy vampire kingdom now everything has become normal. But….
T: I know I Won’t use the powers I hav. I want to be tanu always…
Day passes.
Tanu was staying with abhi in his flat. Abhi took care of her lik his own sis and tanu too had equal love for him as a sister.Tanu and prabha ( Abhi informs prabha whatever happened after aliya’s death ) never misses the chance to tease him after knowing about his dream.Life was very happy for the trio. Will it remain the same? Lets see…

Sry dears for being late. Now I’m ready to receive ur scolding, bunch of roses (? Don’t stare me) and whatever u give. Please drop ur views abt this epi also. Hope to meet u guys soon. Bye hav a happy weekend 🙂

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