Hai frnds I was not in a mood to update today ur overwhelming comments made me to update. Thanks a lot drs for ur support ur comments really mean a lot to me. I know all are very curious to know what will happen next I seriously don’t know whether can I fulfill ur expectations I’ll try my level best. And I want to say one more thing my frnds atchaya,preetha and shruthi also have equal share in the credit that u gave . Ok I don’t want to test ur patience lets into the story
Tanu adjusted her sight to the darkness and looked around she saw two men who was 10 feet above the floor and they were protected by beam of lights around them. Their face was full of blood and their teeth’s have grown till their chin. Tanu looked at the face again as she thought she have seen them somewhere that was Krishna and akash she was so much scared and started to scream and tries to run away from that room but aliya stops her.

A: listen avantika. Ur actual name is avantika I cant call u tanu anymore. I know it’s difficult for u to accept but this is the truth u are the princess of vampire kingdom uferla
T: what am I a vampire? She said in a stammering voice coz of fear.
A: Actually not they are some secret mantras to gain vampire powers as u was just 5 years when u r lost u don’t know about that.
T: are they vampires now ? Will they harm me? ( points Krishna and akash)
A: smiles a bit no they are not fully converted to vampires they have only 50% of vampire powers and they don’t have the power to think now they just obey my orders that’s all. Actually when me and mom found u are avantika we are extremely happy that we got u back but after seeing ur affection for ur parents we decided not to tell this truth to u all that we want is to spend some time with u and see u happy but suddenly ur parents passed away and u came to us. We need ur help now so it’s time for u to change into vampire.

Hearing this tanu’s blood boiled. How could she kill my parents after knowing how much I love them . I won’t leave her I will find a way to destroy her and the kingdom as abhi Anna told. But if I agree to her she will have doubt so I have refuse.
T: no way I cant do what you say. I want to be tanu not avantika as u told.
A: Even if u refuse I can make u obey my words by controlling ur mind I don’t want that to do. And u don’t hav any option other than to say yes. So think well
Tanu in mind : omg if she controls my mind then I will be unaware what is happening around me and I cannot help abhi Anna also.
Tanu hesitantly agrees to aliya.

Days pass very quickly. After a month tanu sry avantika has got all the vampire powers and gained aliya’s trust that she likes to be a vampire but till now she cant find a way how to destroy aliya and about enemies of uferla who could control their powers.
On the other side Pragya was very much disturbed by the dream in which someone tries to kill abhi as she gets that often.so her family decided to take her to some other place so that she will feel better.

Precap: abhi and tanu meets after long time but aliya caught them.

I know this one is short but my mind is not working sorry frnds. I’ll update tmrw if time permits otherwise I’ll update next week. Ur comments bring a wide smile on my face love u loads dears . Hav a happy weekend in advance bye drs see you soon take care

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  1. Interesting!!! Waiting for next update
    But i feel pragya and bulbul are like outside of the story you can also include in every scenes naa because your story is like a book of thrill and suspence in that I totally forgot them while reading unless you mention them

    1. Rithu

      Thanks minu for ur support dnt wry dear after few epi abhigya and RaBul scenes will be there

    1. Rithu

      Thanks lucky

  2. LakshmiSiva

    don’t do this dr. eagerly waiting for nxt update.

    1. Rithu

      Thanks lakshmi for ur support.

  3. Intresting!!keep rocking dear….eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Rithu

      Thanks priyanka dr for ur support

  4. SavitaVidya

    hehehe i love this story..it makes Tanu a vampire….a good one maybe but still a vampire…..hahahahaha she is a vampire and for that i love you Rithuu….Awesome yaar..i just imagine her in real KKB with vampire teeth making Abhi and Pragya scream and run..hahaha

    1. Rithu

      I’m happy that this ff makes u happy. Pleasure is mine. And ur imagination is too good yaar it will be very funny It reminds the episode in which abhigya will get struck into a isolated house and someone will be playing prank over them as he is a ghost

      1. SavitaVidya

        hhahaha i have those first episodes of KKB downloaded on my laptopwhen i get bored at work i watch them and laugh while my boss is not seein me…..i really HATE CVS FOR RUINING KKB

  5. trilling epi dear……. when pragya come????????????

    1. Rithu

      Thanks di . Dnt wry Pragya will cone soon

  6. nyc. i loved the way u gave the scenes. i will be waiting for ur nxt epi dear. making me so impatient ah? not gud dear. come soon

    1. Rithu

      Ha ha I don’t want u make impatient ani dr but wat to do going to hometown this weekend so please wait I’ll be back soon

      1. have a good weekend dear. i will wait till u r back

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Rithu

      Thanks reshma dr

  8. Awesome episode really super interesting yaar even it’s short bt it’s really interesting yaar

    1. Rithu

      Thanks ma

  9. Rithu akka where are you???….hope you are fine..
    Pls update nxt part soon…

    1. Rithu

      I’m fine da thangachi. Couldn’t upload coz of my work load I have updated the next part already u will read that soon

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