U cant escape ( episode-1)


Hai frnds.. Thanks a lot for ur support. Lets get into the story
At evening. The episode begins with akash waiting for abhi in the mall. AK: where is he? He informed me that he will be here at 6 but it’s already 6:45 and not even attending my call I think I should leave now. Akash was about to leave but stops when he sees abhi coming.
Abhi: sry akash sudden work in office .
Akash: its ok . So how are you ?
Abhi: iam great . How about u?. U told me that u r manager of a textile showroom where is that shop?
Akash: yeah it is a new showroom in the same mall. Then how is ur detective job going on. Do u hav much work ? ( unnoda detective work ellam eppadi pogudhu? Vela romba jastiya ituka?)
abhi: yeah a kind of not but not more than the work that u gave me in our college days.
Akash: wat did I do?

Abhi: u r asking me as if u dnt knw anything. Its me who helped u in knowing about rachu’s likes and dislikes. If u get married will u forget everything.( adapavi eduvum theriyadha madhiri kaekara college time la rachana ku EDU pudikum pudikadhu nu therinjuka Nan than unaku help pannaen kalyanam aana ellam marandiruviya)
Akash: u still didn’t forget that.
Abhi: how can I forget about these things. Those are the best days in my college.
Both gets busy in their chit chats by having their dinner. Screen shifts to the first floor where aliya is looking at them( imagine that they are in the food court which is in the ground floor and aliya is in the first floor)

She smiles by seeing them and says he is the right guy it’s the perfect time time to start my mission. Aliya’s game starts. By saying this she smiles evily by looking at them and her black eyes changes to violet…. She leaves the place after sometime.
Abhi returns to his flat after meeting akash . He freshens up and switches on tv and keep on changing channels as don’t feel sleepy and starts to see music channel. Enna sonna edhu solla kannodu kan paesa varthai illa was playing in tv. His thoughts suddenly goes to the dream that he had in the mrng and thinks y did i get that dream who might it may be? He gets imagining of hugging the same girl happily when the line ennodu nee unnodu nan ondrodu Nam ondrangum naal line plays ( He can’t see the face now also but the place and the dress were same which came in dream). A smile automatically comes over his lips. He hit himself on his head and says abhi wat are u doing? U are always thinking about that dream nowadays iam watching too much of flims tats y iam getting these kind of thoughts. I should sleep now. He lays on his bed and soon falls asleep thinking abt his dream girl(??) .
In morning aliya was simply wandering in her college . But stops at one place as her bracelet starts to vibrate. Aliya looks at her bracelet in shock and searches in the nearby places at one place it starts to vibrate more aliya stops and lifts her head and a girl standing at a distance turns to aliya’s side aliya was shocked to see that girl and says avantika….

Precap: yet to be decided.

Thank you so much frnds for spending ur valuable time to read my stupid ff. Iam so sry if i had bored u guys. Pls dnt forget to share ur comments both positive and negative comments are welcomed. See you soon bye tc guys…

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  1. Super..
    Waiting for nxt epi

    1. Rithu

      Thanks priyanka

  2. Trisha

    Your ff is not stupid….good start…keep going?

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      Thanks trisha

  3. super n nice intro

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      Thanks deepika

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Gooddddddd!!!!!!!!!

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      Thanks reshma

  5. Superrrr!!!waiting for the next episode!!!!

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      Thanks ashika

  6. Asmithaa


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  7. Prathi

    Superb episode Rithu! So Aaliya is going to attack Abhi!? Mission attack Abhi?

    1. Rithu

      Thanks prati. U hav to wait to know that. Keep reading

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