U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!! {TwiNj and TwiRaj} Segment 3


“U can fall in love many times…but it is not true always!!”

Happy birthday Rochika!!!

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Let’s get to the story 🙂

Scene 1;
Twinkle was tensed at the situation…
Parizay asked, “Guest uncle I called my papa not you!”
Kunj feels bad but he steps back…
Parizay says, “Papa you forgot what is today?”
Yuvraaj asks, “What is today?”
Parizay says, “Think…”
Yuvraaj continues, “Today is not your birthday, nor Twinkle’s then…”
Parizay runs and hugs Yuvraaj tightly and wishes, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!!”
Yuvraaj looks towards Kunj whose eyes can tell how bad he felt.
Parizay says, “Happy father’s day Papa! And here you go with your gift!”
She hands over a card to Yuvraaj with the heading, “BEST FATHER OF THE WORLD!! MY PAPA YUVRAAJ LUTHRA!!!!”

Parizay says, “And papa today is father’s day function at school do come as I will be delivering a speech on the world’s bestest father my papa!” and she leaves giving a peck on his cheek. Yuvraaj comes forward to Kunj and says, “Bro this card belongs to you, not to me! Parizay doesn’t knows but the fact is that you are her father not me!” He gives the card to Kunj and leaves….Twinkle looks on…Kunj looks at Twinkle and she says, “Kunj this is the difference between you and Yuvi. The relationship which you misjudged 5 years back was only for the sake of our daughter but Yuvi stood by me always!

Supported me, trusted me, helped me, cared for me and the main thing loved Parizay, for whom he married me… he has made Pari her life but now again he is ought to sacrifice. I accept that he did wrong, but he changed, he changed for good! The lover Yuvraaj Luthra was crazy, was selfish but this friend of mine and Parizay’s father is loving and self-less! Kunj you always stated him bad, wrong, selfish but just look at him and you, you will find the difference between you and Yuvi itself. And don’t think that a wife is speaking think that a friend is speaking!” She glares Kunj and leaves…
Kunj is shocked at Twinkle’s statement!!!

Yuvraaj is in his room..working on his laptop…he gets a call and says, “Sorry today is a function at my daughter’s school and I have to leave so cancel the meeting, I don’t care whether we lose this project or not as for me my family is my first priority! Understand!”

He disconnects the call, and sees mobile’s wall to find the DP of his and Parizay he smiles looking at the DP but clarifies that she is Kunj and Twinkle’s daughter not his. He says, “Why am I being so possessive when I know the fact that Pari is Kunj’s daughter! But why am I turning away from this reality…why does it pains…why I fear to lose? Why?”

He brushes off the thoughts and gets back to work…

Scene 2;
Yuvraaj and Twinkle reach at Parizay’s school for the father’s day function…Yuvraaj and Twinkle get seated…Host comes on stage and says, “Hello everyone and a very good morning to you all! Today we all are organized here to celebrate this day…Father’s day…Father..This word father is not a word but a word filled with love and emotions. Today our students have something to deliver about on this father’s day! Pay attention everyone! Thank you!”

A while later…

Yuvraaj says to Twinkle, “Twinkle I have an important call to attend I will be back in a while!”
Twinkle replies, “But Yuvi, Pari’s turn is about to come…”
Yuvraaj says, “I will be back in time!”
Twinkle says, “Okay!”

Yuvraaj leaves…Twinkle notices Kunj there she is shocked…

Twinkle says to Kunj, “Kunj?….”
Kunj turns to see Twinkle, “Twinkle!!…”
Twinkle asks, “What are you doing here?”
Kunj replies, “Which you are doing ;)”
Twinkle “Oh God Kunj!”
Kunj, “Oh God Twinkle!”
Twinkle inquires, “Who has called you?…”
Before Kunj could speak a voice is heard from the back, “I have called him here!”
Both Kunj and Twinkle turn to find Yuvraaj.
Twinkle is shocked…
Twinkle says, “Yuvi tum…”
Yuvraaj says, “Yes me!”
Twinkle asks, “But why?”
Yuvraaj says, “Twinkle today is father’s day event and without father how could it complete?”
He looks at Kunj…Twinkle glares and says, “Do whatever you want!!” and she storms away.

Kunj says to Yuvraaj, “Thanks bro.”
Yuvraaj replies, “For what?”
Kunj says, “For everything!!”
Yuvraaj says, “No need bro!”

And the duo hugs!

Parizay’s name is announced ….

Parizay comes on stage and says, “Good morning everyone! Today I am here to pay a token of gratitude to my super hero! Yes my papa! He always did what I wished for, fulfill each and every wish of mine, gave me good education, nice clothes to wear, a beautiful world around me but have I ever thanked him? No…I guess none of us ever pay them gratitude. And even if we try to pay we will never able to thank them for each and every wish they have fulfilled. My super hero is my papa, who has made me a proud daughter! For you he might be A PERSON in this world but for me he is my entire world. He is not only the best father but the best cum bestest friend 🙂 I love you Papa! Last but not the least thanks to God for giving me my papa, my super hero, my YUVRAAJ LUTHRA!!”
Upon hearing YUVRAAJ LUTHRA, Kunj felt a little bad but cope up as he knew that for Pari Yuvraaj is her father!

Yuvraaj was over-whelmed listening the speech and passed a flying kiss to Parizay…
Twinkle who was observing this from far smiles….

Segment ends….

Precap: Same as before!….
So I know I wrote a short update but exams are starting so I have a lot to study so I am giving short updates as less is better than nothing 🙂 I hope you enjoyed, I know there were no as such Twinj/Twiraj scenes but I just wanted to show the different phases of the 3 and their emotions…I hope I am not disappointing you all! Guys please comment as you guys are my support system! Love u all! Keep smiling 🙂

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  1. SidMin

    All the best Zuha 🙂
    Loved the episode felt bad for both Kunj and UV as Parizay thinks UV is her father and is attached to him so much How will UV go far from her and How will Kunj go close to Parizay 🙂
    Post soon 🙂
    Loved it 🙂

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Shruti di 🙂 Glad you liked it. Yrah that is the thing and I have a few ideas in my mind regarding the upcoming track and also the biggest part TWILLISHA MALIK ? The 2nd female lead is ought to enter. Let’s wait for the story line to proceed. Stay tuned!
      Loads of Love ???

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  2. Nice….by the way can anyone tell me how do u post , I want to write a ff but I don’t how to? So plzzz someone reply….. Thanks?

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Riya,
      Thanks for liking 🙂 For posting the main step is to register, or else u won’t be able to post. When u have registered and logged in u will find the option of SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE by clikcing on it a screen will open, requiring the Title of the article, content/matter/story, category of post and picture which is optional.
      I hope u got it but still u are facing problem do tell ?

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always

  3. Ranabulbul

    It was amazing zuhu
    But now I want twinj yr twiraj bahut hogya
    Hope u don’t feel bad as I am twinj fan and this is the first time i am reading twiraj ff only for u
    And great epi dear

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Bulbul for liking. Sorry if u are disappointed but further there is a lot to know about Twinj-Twiraj so I hope u will be given a proper love track. Thanks for sharing ur views 🙂
      Loads of love ???

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  4. Sonali05

    Amazing epi dear…
    How could u able to write such a awesome epi….
    I know there is no twinj or twiraj moment… But still it was fabulous….
    Loved d speach… Too good…
    Pls post nxt asap

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Finally zuhu!!!!! ( hope u don’t mind with this name )
    Thank god u r back with this ff …………. missed it a lot …..
    N this was Awsome yaar …… I don’t know how u write such well but still great job much sissy …..loved it to the core …..post next one asap ….
    Love u ???

  6. Amazing epi.. feeling so bad for kunj n uv.. the speech was awesomee.. eagerly waiting to know how will parizay react when she comes to know kunj is het father n not uv.. do cont soon ?

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional sad epi….

  8. Tara

    fab one dear..
    post soon..
    love ya

  9. Fantastic …

  10. Kruti

    Nice epi zuha
    All d best for ur exams dear

  11. Ramya

    Hey zuha
    Awesome loved it
    Wanted to know wt happens next

    Pls asap dear

  12. Romaisha

    Hey dear!
    Awesome episode here! So sorry i commented late..
    Felt sorry for Kunj but its ok..
    Post next one soon
    Love u! ❤

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