U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!! {TwiNj and TwiRaj} Segment 2


Hey lovely people how are u all? I hope all are doing well! And I am also perfectly fine as always and back with the next update of my FF. Well as u know it is quite difficult to manage FFS when school is on so I have decided specific days for each FF as well as of my Tashan e Ishq FFs 🙂 the respective days and date will be mentioned for the updates 🙂 Well I know that I am quite late with the post but what to do my cousin’s wedding was on…His Nikkah (Wedding day) was on Sunday and yesterday was his Valima (Reception) just got over with it..But indeed I tried posting and I wrote it till the last scene but as I started writing the last scene I pressed the back button (touch mobile) as I was posting from Mobile it all was disappeared and I felt like slamming the phone as I wasted 45 minutes of mine for it…Well thanks for bearing my mellow dramatic story now before I start again let’s catch up with the story 🙂

Pyaar Bharosa Hai!!!
Recap : Confusions of the three!
Segment 2
The bright morning in Amritsar… The birds were chirping…And the weather was also pleasant…Amidst all the Sarna Mansion is shown where Mr.Luthra is busy getting her daughter Parizay ready for school.

Yuvraaj says, ” So my angel is ready for today!”

Parizay frowns and says, ” What papa? Again this pigtail! This hairstyle is so Ewwww ??! ”
She frowns putting her hands on her waist.

Twinkle enters with Parizay’s school bag.

“Oh princess when mama is here then no fear!” Exclaims Twinkle, “I will braid your hair!”

Parizay shouts in excitement, “Wow! That sounds interesting 🙂 !”

And she braids Parizay’s hair…

“It’s done!” Exclaims Twinkle.

“What type of hairstyle is or? She is looking like aunty!” Says Yuvraaj.

Parizay shouts, “What papa? You called me Aunty? I am not talking to you!” And she folds her arms with attitude ??

“No, no princess you are the best in every way but you looked cute in that hairstyle, like a cute baby….” explains Yuvraaj.

“Doll!” Shouts Twinkle.

“Exactly!” Says Yuvraaj!

“HAAWWWWW….PAPA! Do I look like mom! Because u call her BABY DOLL!” Shouts Parizay.

Twinkle winks at Yuvraaj!

Yuvraaj is nub, “Voh..Just that ke…U, you are my baby as well as my doll! Got it!”

Parizay replies, “Oh I see…!”

Twinkle continues, “What do u mean Mr.Luthra? Isn’t she looking cute?”

Yuvraaj replies, “But she looked more cuter before!”

“But now she looks pretty 😉 Mr.Oldie!” Says our Siyappa Queen.

Yuvraaj says, “Twinkle ki bachi….”

“MAIN HOON!” Says our angel 🙂

Twinkle bursts into laughter upon hearing Parizay’s statement…Yuvraaj is mesmerised in her beauty…Muskurane ki vajah tum ho plays…

Muskurane ki wajha tum ho
Gungunae ki wajha tum ho
Jiya jaye na, jaye na, jaye na
O re piya re…
Jiya jaye na, jaye na, jaye na
O re piya re…
(The reason behind my smile is u!
The reason behind my humming is U!
O my loved one…
I can’t live,can’t live, can’t live
O my loved one)
“So Mr.Oldie Luthra was saying something!” Teases our Twinkle!

Yuvraaj starts running behind Twinkle to catch her and she starts running…Music plays…Parizay is cheering for Yuvraaj, “Papa! Papa!”

“Gotcha!” Says Yuvraaj as he catches his baby doll in his embrace..It looked as though they shared a back-hug…..

O re lamhe tu kahin mat Ja
Ho sake to umr bhar tham Ja
Jiya jaye na, jaye na, jaye na
O re piya re. …
Jiya jaye na, jaye na, jaye na
O re piya re….
(The moment never ends
If possible so stop for the whole life [moment] I can’t live, can’t live, can’t live
O my loved one
I can’t live, can’t live, can’t live
O my loved one!)

The very moment Kunj enters and is hurt more than shocked to find his Siyappa Queen in someone else’s arms. Sad Sajna ve plays……. His eyes well up with tears but he tries to control as Twinkle and Yuvraaj compose themselves!

Kunj says with a sigh, “Bad timing! I guess I should leave! I am sorry! You guys carry on!”

He turns to leave but Yuvraaj stops him.

“No Bro! No need to leave! I am leaving! Chalo Pari!” Yuvi after saying so leaves with Parizay.

Now our Sadu Sarna and his Siyappa Queen are all alone in the entire room…both look into each other with painful eyes…Sajna ve plays…Aaja ve Sajnaaaaaaaa…Aja ve Sajna rooh me shaamil tujhe karloon…Sajna ve……..

Kunj breaks the silence by saying so, “I am sorry..”

Twinkle interrupts, “Sorry? Seriously Kunj! Can your sorry fix everything alright! Can your sorry bring back those miserable years of life? No Kunj! How can you be so selfish! You can’t be my Kunj! My Kunj was selfless but this Kunj is selfish…The Kunj whom I loved used to believe on his Siyappa QUEEN no matter how many Siyappay she do! But this Kunj broke everything apart!”

Kunj continues, “Twinkle believe me…”

Twinkle again interrupts saying, “Believe you? Did you believe me? Kunj you remember you used to say that Our love is undefined, yes you were right, our love is actually undefined, because the definition of LOVE is TRUST but our Love? LEAVE IT”

Kunj looks on helplessly and continues, “Twinkle many things changed in the past few years, but did your love also changed for me?” He asks with a lot of pain in his eyes.

“Kunj….” Says Twinkle…she continues with a deep breath, “Yes indeed I love you Kunj!”

Kunj is in gay (Ghalat matlab mat samjhay…Gay matlab happiness ???) upon listening Twinkle ‘ s words…But everything changed within a second!

Twinkle continues with a sigh, “But everything is not like before! 5 years have passed Kunj! In these 5 years you were not by my side, Yuvi was there instead of you! He stood with me, with our family when you were not there to look after us. He was the one who gave his name to your daughter Kunj! He sacrificed his life’s 5 years for a girl who never loved him! If I will choose you he will lose each and every relation which he made in the past 5 years…He sacrificed not only 5 years, he sacrificed the love of his own MOM! He sent Anita aunty to jail just for your and our sake…He changed for me Kunj! I was never able to forget you nor I was able to love him because my each and every breath is meant only and only for you! Just imagine when Pari will come to know about the reality what will she suffer from! Kunj you are thinking about your relationship with me just think what will happen to Yuvi when Parizay will return to you…What will he get in return of the 5 years he spent for me, for Pari, for our family. Kunj life and relations are complicated and are to be handled delicately…I just know that…that this decision will be the most difficult decision of mine as I know very well that 1 heart is meant to break!”

She tends to leave but her leg trips and she falls over Kunj and both fell on the bed…Twinkle on top of Kunj…Sajna ve plays…Sajna ve…Aaja ve Sajnaaaaaaaa….Aja ve Sajna rooh me shaamil tujhe karloon…Sajna ve…The duo shares an intense eye-lock! All the moments of Kunj flash in BG! From there Tashan-e-Shaadi to Tashan-e-Aashiqui to Tashan-e-consumation ?

There on the other side Yuvraaj is feeding Parizay breakfast!

Pari asks, “Papa, who is that uncle?” Referring to kunj.

“That uncle is mama’s friend.” Replies UV!

Parizay asks, “When will he leave from here?”

Yuvraaj asks, “Why are you asking so dear?!”

Parizay replies, ” Just that I don’t like him! He always pokes his nose between us!”

Yuvraaj gives a stern look Parizay.

Yuvraaj tells, “You have said it today next time I won’t be hearing it! He is our guest and guests are the blessings of God! So you should respect him dear! And don’t you ever say it again! Okay?”

Parizay replies, “Okay!”

….After a while…

Yuvraaj asks hesitantly, “Angel! If you ever get to know that I am not your papa then what will you do?”

Parizay replies cutely, “Come on papa! You were my papa and you will remain my papa whether you are or you are not! As I have always found a best father in you! U are my world’s best papa! I love you papa!” And saying so she hugs Yuvi!

Yuvraaj replies, “Papa loves you 2 beta!”

Parizay continues, “And don’t you worry, I will say sorry to guest uncle!”

Yuvraaj thinks, “Now papa is just a guess for few days beta!”

Twinkle enters there followed by Kunj.

“What’s going on?” Asks Twinkle.

“Nothing baby… ” Yuvraaj was about to say BABY DOLL but notices Kunj and stops.

“Parizay you finish your milk, then I will drop you to school!” Continues Yuvraaj.

Kunj interrupts, “If you don’t mind Yuvraaj I will drop Parizay to school!”

Yuvraaj replies hesitantly, “Yeah sure! Why not!”

Kunj picks up Parizay’s school bag from the chair and tends to leave whereas Yuvraaj tends to leave upstairs when Parizay says, “Papa!” Both Yuvraaj and Kunj turn at the same time and say, “Yes beta!” Both Yuvraaj and Kunj look towards each other tensed. Parizay looks on confused while Twinkle is tensed…Yuvraaj moves back, just to show Kunj that YES SHE IS YOUR DAUGHTER! Parizay’s eyes are questioning while Yuvraaj is hurt whereas Kunj is touched with Yuvraaj ‘ s act and Siyappa Queen is ready for another Siyappa!
…Segment ends….
Precap: Parizay shouts at Kunj, “I hate you guest uncle! You can never take my Papa’s place!” Kunj is hurt upon hearing it…Yuvraaj talks to Twinkle about something! EK NAYA SAMJHOTA…YUVRAAJ…TWINKLE…AUR KUNJ KE BANDHAN KA! (A NEW COMPROMISE. ..OF YUVRAAJ…TWINKLE…AND KUNJ ‘S RELATION!)
So finally the update ends here. So how was it…well I found it boring what do you think was it boring or nice! And I hope I was able to be fair towards both Twinj and Twiraj! Well about the posting days;

WELL I will be posting this FF of mine every Thursdays and Saturdays and for my Sidmin FF I will be posting every Friday and Sunday.

So the next update of this FF will be on 27th August 2016 🙂 Will meet you with the next update till then ……


Love u all ❤❤❤

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing zuha loved it yaar
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    Amazing awesome
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    Zuha……amazing epi
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  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome emotional

  5. SidMin

    Hwww… Such an emotional episode
    Loved it and UV is so sweet
    Post the next episode soon 🙂

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …

  7. Don’t make me cry yaar. Twiraj also good twinj also good. Don’t no what’s gonna happen. Do justice to both as tei is not doing so by breaking twiraj fans heart

  8. Sayeeda

    Sorry for the late comment Zuhoo…… What to do I was busy with convocation….. ???….

    Amazing episode… Twinj scene’s were very well portrayed…. Twinkle’s dialogue clearly depicted the pain she suffered…

    Well for now u r giving importance to both the couples….
    Though I can never want Twiraj to be together at the end but still this is ff so it won’t matter for me who will end the game at the end…
    Love u ???

  9. Baby

    ooh god zuha very cute twinj mmnts
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