U me Aur Hum (KKB) Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sky was clear and sun was kissing the people with his rays.People were flying with their vehicles and running behind their schedules.Kids are waiting for their irritating school vans with a sad pouted face.Guys and girls are paired up to college.It was the time she lighted the diya of her small Mandir to worship her Lord Krishna.
“Thank you for what you had given me,I don’t want anything more just bless me to sustain with what I have.Protect us and bless us with your purity” prayed Pragya to her idol.
After the keen praying session she got ready for her work in normal salwar suit and picks her stethoscope and coat.She unlocked her mobile and checked today’s schedule in her working place SLR college of medical science and multispeciality hospital & research center.As she was checking her schedules she received a call as seeing the caller id her lips curved to a smile and attended the call “Good morning Tanu” wished Pragya.

“Hey Pragya got ready?” asked her colleague bestie Tanu.
“Haa..Yaa.. just checking the schedules” said Pragya while packing her stuffs.
“Today I have no classes but lots of Out patients appointments are there” said Tanu lil happy and lil sad.
“Ohh..Fine today I have only one class on vascular surgery and no Out patients only in patients that too on cardio no appointments for me today in gyno center” said Pragya happily.
“Hey wait wait…You have no appointments on gyno?? Uffo Pragya then they had stuffed whole appointments on me that’s why you are free today” said Tanu sadly.
Pragya chuckled “Chillax baby…this week its you then next week its me” said Pragya.
“Well,Okay..come soon I’m leaving from home now” said Tanu.
“Ya Okay Tanu even I’m leaving from home” said Pragya while locking her apartment’s door.
“Okay see you soon” said Tanu and hang up the call.
Pragya got into the car and ignited the engine started towards her hospital.

The city was getting busy but still someone hided under the blanket to get escaped from sun kissing the cheeks.The curtains was shrugged slowly and this time sun rays hitted more on the face.He scrunched his nose and burried himself again in pillow.
“Abhi.. enough yaar get up” said Purab to the nation’s number one Rock star who sleeping in his lavish king size bed.
“Purab shut the curtains lemme sleep I came late last night from party” murmured Abhi in half opened eyes.

“Oh..even I was with you in party we both came back together I’m all ready for work but still you are sleeping” said Purab lil irritated.
Abhi irritated and woke up and throwed pillow on him and said “Thum bhi na Purab you didn’t even allowing me to sleep in peace” sighed Abhi.
Purab chucked “Go man get ready soon” he said as Abhi got up from bed and gone to freshup.
Abhi Purab came down to see Dadi and Alia waiting for them for breakfast.
“Hey Dadi good morning” Abhi wished Dadi with a kiss on her forehead.
“Good morning bachu” wished back Dadi.
Abhi smiled and hugged Alia “Morning sweet heart”

“Morning bhai” Alia said hurriedly.
Abhi sat on dinning chair and asked “wht u are in such hurry”
“My dear bhai me and Purab have important meeting today we wanna leave soon its already late because of you” complained Alia.
“Arey..what I did” asked Abhi with a grin.
“You woke up too late and Purab was busy in waking you up so it’s already late Purab are you coming or not” asked Alia as she got up to leave.
“Yeah..I’m coming bye Dadi bye Abhi” said Purab in hurry.
“Arey it’s okay leave after breakfast” said Dadi.
“It’s okay Dadi we ll have later..And Bhai today we have appointment for Dadi in hospital so get her to hospital on time I cant come today you manage” said Alia and left with Purab.
“Uffo Dadi why don’t you tell me you have appointment today in hospital I would woke earlier na” said
Abhi while munching his breakfast.
“Its okay still there is time and if you agreed to get married then no need to go for hospital” started Dadi.

“Budiyaa stop this I have no interest in marriage how many times I had told you that” said Abhi irritated with Dadi’s idea of getting married.
“Abhi if you get married soon then there ll be only one girl in your life” Dadi sighed as she saw her grandson with a new girl every day.
“Oh come on Dadi I never committed to anyone as you scared like..And they just want a piece of me that’s it and I never been with any girl as the way you think” Abhi explained.
“Still I don’t like the way girls clinging onto my grandson” pouted Dadi.
“Uffo Dadi you have to be proud for that as your grandson is hot & happening” said Abhi with a wink.
“Besharam” said Dadi.
Abhi chuckled and got up after finishing his breakfast and moved towards Dadi “Now shall we move” asked Abhi.
“Chalo..” Dadi said with a fake anger.
“My sweet angel” said Abhi and pulled her cheeks and dadi couldn’t help she smiled at her grandson and kissed him on forehead.
“Hmm Come let’s go and hold this.. these are my previous reports” said Dadi by hand overing her medical records to Abhi.
Abhi got that and both got into the car and started towards hospital.

“Good morning Pragya Ma’am” said hospital staffs as she walked in.
“Good morning” she wished them with a glow smile she walked in to her cabin.
Those lovely good mornings will always made her day to have blissful start.She dropped her coat and stethoscope on the table and prayed for a moment to start the day.She started to go through the in patients reports as within few minutes she wanna go rounds for in patients.She got a call from intercom she attended the call it was Tanu.
“Haa Tanu I’m in my cabin going through the in patients reports i ll come there before going to rounds” she informed and ended the call.
Her rounds starts at 10 AM she decided to leave the room when clock hits 9:45 so it ll be perfect to be on time for rounds.

As Abhi and dadi and reached hospital and got into the cardio department.
“Dadi to which doctor your appointment fixed” Abhi asked Dadi.
“I donno Alia only fixed appointment” said Dadi.
“Okay you sit there and i ll enquire in reception” said Abhi and walked towards the reception.
There was rumbling noise all over the area Hey-look-Abhi-oh my god it’s Abhi-Abhi-Abhi these are the words that came from the people in the reception area including few nurses.
Abhi gave a flying kiss to all and smiled & winked at them as he moved towards reception.
“Excuse me Ms..Can you tell me with whom Daljeet Mehra’s appointment fixed” asked Abhi with his signature smile as any girl ll fall for it.
“Abhi…Oh my god Abhi sir Aap” jumped in excitement which made Abhi to smile.
“Sir can I take a Selfie with you” asked the receptionist.
“Ofcourse why not” said Abhi and posed for her selfie.

After the Selfie “Now can you tell me with whom the appointment had fixed” asked Abhi again.
“Well,It was fixed with Dr.Lawani he is in emergency room he ll back soon please wait” said the girl with a flirty smile.
‘What the hell’ he thinks in his mind and banged his fist and asked “when he ll come we are on time where is your hell doctor” shouted Abhi.
“Sir please wait he ll be soon” said the receptionist.
Dadi came there “Abhi no problem don’t make it as an issue we could wait” said Dadi and calmed down Abhi.

Then Abhi and dadi sat in waiting hall as every one’s center of attention is him.Abhi felt proud of himself as he became the center of attention.But he was so annoyed as he was waiting for more than half an hour.He looked around doctor’s cabin’s door he saw Mr.Lalwani cardio specialist.Then he look around he saw another cabin with name board Ms.Pragya Cardio & gyno specialist.He sighed and turned to look at Lalwani’s door.
Clock hits 9:45 Pragya took a quick look at her watch and wore her white coat took her stethoscope and pressed the bell.

Abhi from outside looked up after hearing the bell sound and he stood up.But Nurse came in and said “Sir it’s for us not for patients your appointment is with Dr.Lalwani there is his room” said nurse and pointed towards the another door.
“But where the hell is your doctor here I’m waiting more than half an hour” yelled Abhi.
The nurse scared “Sir he gone to attend an emergency case” said nurse and walked in to Pragya’s room.
“Ma’am may I come in” asked the nurse.
“Yeah..come in and take these reports and come to in patients block” instructed Pragya and moved out.
As Pragya came out Abhi rushed towards her and shouted ” What the hell you are doing are you guys are doctor or something else”
“Excuse me who are you why are you shouting at here it’s hospital” replied back Pragya gave just a glance on him and said adjusting her watch.
“You are asking me who are you..how dare you..I’m Abhi.. Abhi the Rockstar” yelled Abhi and dadi look amused seeing Pragya’s attitude towards Abhi when every girl is going behind him.
Pragya looked at his face and said “You may be Rockstar but it’s not your concert stage so low your voice”

Abhi’s big fat ego hurted and he shouted “What the hell you guys are treating the patients in this way”
“Oh I’m sorry you are a patient well, you have came to get check up on your blood pressure i can understand by seeing you please be seated doctor ll come” said Pragya polietly.
“How dare you call me as patient” he yelled back.
“What’s your problem why are making out scene here” she sighed irritatedly.
“We are waiting here for more than half an hour no one is giving proper response” he shouted aloud.
Pragya walked towards the reception had words with receptionist and came back to Abhi and said “Hey,You listen..Dr.Lalwani is attending an emergency case he ll be back in 15 minutes you have to wait” she said in firm tone.
“You are ordering me..And how the way you called me ‘Hey you’ you know who am I” asked Abhi with a anger grin.

“Look Mr.Abhishek can’t you understand Dr.Lalwani is attending emergency case which is really important and if you wanna meet doctor soon and you can’t wait then we ll change your appointment to some other cardio specialist if you are okay with this receptionist ll help you in this” said Pragya polietly and moved to leave the place.
Abhi made a scaristic smile and held her hands “You guys are working here for money don’t over react as you guys are doing charity so don’t act too much I know very well about you guys” said Abhi with his grin.
Pragya pushed his hands with full force and looked straight into his eyes and said “Everything is money for you but we are not like you who go behind money we respect lives more than anything you don’t have any rights to speak about us and the way you are speaking na it clearly shows your dirty mind that you could get anything with your money and fame but you don’t respect lives if you respect and value lives you won’t shout like this like a mad man even after knowing your doctor is saving a struggling life there..So better hold ur words” said Pragya and walkes off.
Abhi stood numb as she looks into his eyes he could feel that his heart skips a beat and he even forget to breathe for a moment.Just after a second he came out of her eyes as his ego got hurted yet again by a girl.He couldn’t accept that he was insulted.Abhi the Rockstar got insulted.He balled his fists and grinned his teeth as he saw Pragya walked away from his sight.
“I ll show you who I am” muttered Abhi and made a mental note himself with anger and rage.

Thanks for reading!!
By Srimathi.

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