U Me Aur Hum ( episode 9)

Hey guys I am back…. Thank you sooooo much for your awesome comments. They are really encouraging me.

So here’s episode 9……

The episode starts with ishra’s cute little walk. They are spending a good quality of time. Suddenly both of them noticed that they were holding each others hands.
They left their hands and went away from each other slightly.

Ishu: Looks like we came so away from others. I think we have to find them now.

Raman: Ok let’s go.

They returned to find others. Here purab and bulbul went to spend time with each other. Tanu, aaliya and mihika said that they wanted some information for their projects. So the three of them went in their way.

Abhi: Sounds like only I don’t have any work. Hey chashmish at least you don’t leave me na……

Pragya: I’ll never leave you.
Abhigya music plays in the background

Suddenly she realized what she said. Before she could say something Abhi spoke to her

Abhi: Pragya tell me one thing…. U r elder than bulbul right? Then how come that you both are in the same class?

Pragya smiled weakly.

Pragya: Due to some past things that happened in my life……. I am one year old than bulbul…. Last year when I joined college I was really happy….. I had many dreams…… But one day every thing changed……. Our college organized a party for last year students…..all were having fun….. At that time due to carelessness of some students the whole hall caught fire….. Every one escaped but I couldn’t find a way……

Abhi: It must have been so scary na…..

Pragya: Yah…. Some people came to help me…. I was safe… But from that day I could not sleep…… I used to get very bad dreams….. So I dropped the college and now joined with my sisters. Abhi this means that I am elder to u…..

Abhi: Huh…. No you are not….

Pragya: But how can this happen?

Abhi: Because I also could not attain the college for one year…..

Pragya: U had family problems?

Abhi: No…. Ok if you want to hear….. I couldn’t attain because I failed once. I didn’t want to study…. I wanted to become a rock star….. So. Now happy?

Pragya( giggled ): So I think you should start to study from now…… It might be difficult for you to pass this year……
And she ran away saying this.Abhi followed her.

Abhi: Hey chashmish stop….. I won’t leave you today……

While following pragya hit herself by a table there. She was about to fall but Abhi held her from back.

Abhi: So you were saying something…..

He went so close to her. Pragya was hardly able to breathe. She smiled shyly. Abhigya’s music plays in the background…

Pragya: Abhi….

Abhi: Humm……

Pragya: Leave me na…..

Abhi: Why?……Is something happening to you when I am close?……. Does my presence affects you that much?….

At that moment ishu called Pragya’s name. ( ishra were away from Abhigya so they couldn’t see what happened)

Ishu: Oh..thank god pragya at least we found u two…. Hey but what happened to you?….. Why are you so breathless?…. Pragya did anyone trouble u?….. Just tell me his name and he’s gone….

Raman: Oh…. Hello miss kachkach….stop ur non sense…… Anyway if someone had troubled pragya he would have gone by seeing u only…

That started their usual fight. Soon Abhi and pragya were bored by hearing their silly talks. They closed their ears….. Ishra noticed this at once…. And they stopped….. Soon all met to them. Purab had been there for so many times. So he took them to see the important places in the palace.

Purab: Hey guys… This is the royal family’s special room. It is said that the kings and queens spend their time here……

At that moment pragya went away from all of them. She was seeing so many images in front of her eyes…..she couldn’t bear it so held her head tightly. Abhi noticed this….. He came near her…

Abhi: Pragya, are u k?

Pragya: I don’t know Abhi…I’m just getting some pictures in front of my eyes… And I don’t know whose images….. I am able to see only the glimpses…… I didn’t know what is happening to me…..

Abhi hugged her tight. She felt awkward but she hugged him too.
Allah wariya plays in the background….

PRECAP: New entries… Yash( consider as gurmeet in punarvivah) Nikhil ( in kkb) and some other….

Guys I hope this ff is liked by u. I hope its not boring…..
Please let me know by ur comments….

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  1. very nice aru love this….

  2. Please give long episodes yar… it is too small… today episode was too good…

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its not boringggggg yaar……….I love it sooooooooo much……..?

  4. nice next update soon

  5. Superbbbbb……plz reveal that thoughts f pragya….i m very eager 2 know that ya…..

  6. Wowww awesome yaar

  7. I’m really cirious to what’s the connection between pragya and the palace and this spunds like a real searial if this was aired it would have the highest trp

    1. I mean I’m really curious to know

      And it needs to be “it sounds like a real serial”
      SORRY ?????

  8. awesome plsss update next part soon my curiosity is increasing about this reincarnation chapter

  9. Wowwwwwwwww Yash entry Nice Aru…………. I am great fan of [email protected]@Guru

  10. Its awesome dr.

  11. Pls make your episodes longer. Why doesn’t Abhi get these flash of his previous life?? It would be cool if they both had glimpse of it.

  12. Guys next episode will be long. I have exams so I can not update now. Sooo sorry for that.???.
    But I will update when I get time. Thanks for ur precious comments. Thank u Kristy,ude, nivedita,surbhi,Starbucks,hayathi,sharmi,Mrunal,reshma,Shree, vaishali….
    Thanks to all of u???.
    Hope you will support me like this always.

    1. And Kristy dear… Both of them can not remember their past at the same time. So please wait for some time. I’ll soon make sure that Abhi’s memory also gets back. Till then keep supporting all of u guys. And yes don’t forget to comment and check the episode after 2 or 3days.

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