U Me Aur Hum ( episode 8)

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Here’s the episode 8…….

The episode starts with every one coming in the grand hall of the palace. Pragya is holding Abhi’s arm . Bulbul and purab also were holding each others hands. Ishu saw all this.

Ishu: Oh…. I wish I would have brought my camera with me. Here are many beautiful moments waiting to be captured….

Raman: Come on Ishita…… At least don’t try to disturb them. Don’t even have a common sense?

Ishu: Hello Mr kudkud Kumar….. I’m not disturbing them. I was just trying to make a lovely atmosphere….. Now step aside I want to see the picture of royal family.

Ishu went forward. There were many photos and pictures of the royal families. Ishu went seeing them. At that moment, Raman came behind her. Ishu startled and got misbalanced.

She was about to fall when Raman caught her in his arms. They shared an eye lock. Suddenly a girl came and separated them. She hugged Raman.

Raman: Aaliya when did you come? What a nice surprise……..
He hugged aaliya again. Ishu saw all this. She was super jealous. Abhi was seeing this from far away.

Abhi: Hmmm… Looks like Raman is going to get in a big trouble…. Ishu and aaliya both are tough competitors… I think I should give moral support to him……best of luck bro….

Pragya also being with Abhi saw all the things. She felt so happy that her sister was liking such a nice guy.

Pragya: Abhi…is this the same girl u were talking about yesterday? Is she aaliya ?

Abhi: Ya….. She is aaliya. A big trouble for all.
( guys as I told before aaliya is friend of miku and tanu. But she is arrogant and Abhi doesn’t like her. Raman is also not so friendly with her)

Bulbul and purab came near Abhigya. Purab seemed quite unhappy on Aaliya’s arrival.

Purab: What is she doing here? And who called her?

Abhi: Calm down purab…. She’s tanu and miku’s best friend. And remember we bear her only because of them.

Bulbul: Why are you guys so much angry about her?

Before Abhi and purab could say something aaliya came and hugged Purab. Purab made faces. Soon tanu and mihika came and they introduced her to the girls. Raman came and said that his some friends are also going to join them tomorrow.

Raman: Abhi.. U know some of them….. Nikhil , Yash are also coming. They all asked us to meet them at the park.

Abhi: Great…. We can get a nice company with them….. Now if u guys don’t have any problem I would like to have something to eat…….

Pragya: Ishu and u don’t see anything in front of food. Ok … I have seen a canteen here. I think it’s run by the people taking care of the palace. We can go there.

Raman: Ok…. U guys carry on… I’ll catch you later. I want some more information about the palace’s history.

They all went to canteen. All ordered their fav food. Ishu ordered two things.

Abhi: Ishu do you want to be fat or what?

Ishu: No yaar… I’m taking this for Raman.

And she took the food and went to find Raman.she found Raman near a portrait of a queen.

Ishu: She is looking so beautiful na?

Raman: Hmm…hey what are you doing here? Don’t u wanna eat something?

Ishu handed Raman’s packet to him. He was amused to see it. He thanked her and they began to take a walk. Raman told her many things about the palace and its history. Ishu was surprised to see that Raman had so much knowledge.

Ishu: I didn’t know that you are interested in history……

Raman: U don’t know so many things about me madam…

They both laughed. Ishra didn’t even notice that they were so much happy with each other…..

No precap

guys because I don’t know when will I get time to write again. Till then please keep supporting……

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  1. Cuteee

  2. Pls give more importance to abhigya

    1. After 2 or 3 episodes u will see whole Abhigya scenes till then wait and watch I mean to say read

  3. What is this yar u have no time……. Nd thankx for updating…… Nice dud, today raman and ishita talking is amazing.

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb………….I liked it soooooo much……..Especially Ishu’s Jealousy……..???

    1. Thank u. Hope that you will like the next episodes too

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  10. Hay aru its awesome… I really like the past birth connection btw abhigyan
    . Also kudkud Kumar awesome than ravan Kumar
    . Nice imagination… I just have commented in one of episodes.. but I m reading each and every epi… Keep rocking… Super story line

  11. hey you avoiding abhigya please gave them importance yaar

  12. Cute epiiì……waiting 4 nxt epi…..

  13. Awesome yaar loved all the pairs closeness try to upload daily

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