U Me Aur Hum ( episode 7)

Hey guys… I hope that you have not forgotten my ff. I have board exams and so I could not update the next episode. I humbly request u guys please comment if you like my ff or u want any changes in it.

Now the most important HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ? to all of u . I told u all that I am going to write about Abhigya’s past life connection. Hope u will like it. But yaar it can take time to remember last birth. So till then keep supporting.

Here’s the episode 7…….

The episode starts with Abhi carrying pragya inside.ishu hears some sound and comes out. She saw pragya and Abhi and went towards them.

Ishu: Hey Pragya, what happened?

Abhi: Ur sister was trying to catch the moon and she fall down. Now if u can help me…. I’m not superman and she’s really heavy.

Pragya: Abhi stop making fun. I never asked you to carry me. Leave me if ur hands are paining. But u will have to admit that you are weak.

Ishu: Ok. Both of u please stop fighting. Me and Raman will continue this fighting on your behalf.

And thus they took pragya in the room. Bulbul was already sleeping there. Abhi and ishu made pragya lie on the bed and then Abhi went in his room.

Next day……Tanu was shouting on every one. They had to go to the palace ( as I mentioned in last update when Raman says it). No one was ready except tanu.

Tanu: Guys be ready fast. Oh come on Ishu no one will kill u if u don’t go to orphanage one day. U can go tomorrow in two. Now please get ready. ….. Pragya haven’t u done ur aarti? Oh come on be quick. Bulbul are u ready or we should leave you?……..

And she went on and on…. At that moment Abhi came out. Every one was shocked to see him. He was still in his night dress.

Abhi ( yawning):what is going on guys…? Are u going somewhere tanu? Oh please if you want to go then go but why should we hurry yaar? Ok bye.

It was clear that Abhi forgot about that plan. Tanu was getting more and more angry.

Tanu ( shouting): Abhi….. Oh leave it. Purab at least tell me that u r ready please.

Purab came out. He was wearing a T shirt and a towel. He forgot to wear his pants. He didn’t even notice it. Seeing him thus Abhi started laughing.

Abhi: Wow dude… Ur looking stunning.

Purab: As I always do. But why are u not ready?
At that time Raman and mihika came. Miku saw purab and she shouted. Bulbul, ishu and pragya too came out hearing her sound. They all saw purab at once and turned their faces other side.

Pragya: Purab please don’t get outside until you are not ready.

Purab: But what is remaining? I’m all ready guys.

Raman: Ur pants r remaining u duffer…..

Purab saw down. He realized what happened and went inside. After some time when he came out every one was smiling at him.

Purab: Ha.. Ha .. Ha … Laugh as much as you can. Some day u will also have to suffer then you will realize.

They all stopped at once. Then they went to the palace. At that moment Pragya started feeling dizzy and she held some ones hand tightly. It’s Abhi.

Abhi: Ouch. Pragya please don’t show ur strength on my hands.

Pragya: Oh.. Sorry Abhi I didn’t realize that it was your hand. I’m just feeling weird.

Abhi: Ok ok just calm down. I was joking. U can hold my hand if u want.

Abhi gave her his hand. Pragya first hesitated but then she also held him. They went together into the palace. Raman, ishu , tanu and miku all ready had been inside.

Purab and bulbul were coming from back side. Suddenly a girl bumped into purab. ( ok guys she is just a stranger) . The girl saw purab and said sorry.

Purab: It’s ok. But be careful from now.

Girl: Oh ur so sweet.

Bulbul was seeing this from behind. She was Super jealous seeing them. Purab noticed this. So he started flirting with the girl. Bulbul angrily went away . Purab came running towards her.

Purab: Hey bulbul wait for me……

Bulbul: No….no don’t be with me. U can go to ur miss. Sorry. Go and enjoy with her. Just leave me.

Purab: Jealous?

Bulbul: Jealous and me? Impossible…..

Purab grabbed her hand from back. She tried to set it free but could not. Purab slowly came near her. He half hugged her from back.

Purab: So u didn’t feel jealous about her right?( saying this he hugged her tight). Then why are u feeling nervous when I am near you? Why ur heart is beating so fast?

Bulbul smiled shyly. Purab turned her towards him. She was looking down. He lifted her chin and made her to see in his eyes.

Bulbul: Please Purab leave me na….. See ishu di and pragya di will be waiting for us…..

Purab: Ok. Fine. But first tell me u felt jealous or not?

Bulbul: Purab…… Please. Ok yes I was feeling jealous. Now leave me.

Purab: But I’m not even holding u.

Purab showed his hands. Bulbul saw that she was holding him . She left his hand and ran from there. Purab smiled to himself. Both of them went into the palace. Ishu and all are waiting for them.

Ishu: Where were u guys? And by the Way bulbul what happened to you? Why are u sweating so much?

Bulbul could not say anything. Pragya stopped all of them.

Pragya: Ok guys come on lets go. We are here to see the palace and not bulbul.

They all went inside to the royal hall. Pragya started getting the images in front of her eyes…….

Today no Precap guys.
Again so sorry that I can not update regularly as I have board exams . I will write as soon as I can. Please comment guys and let me know if you are liking it or not.

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