U Me Aur Hum (episode 6)

Hey guys….. So sorry that I couldn’t update yesterday. I’d some internet problem which is now being solved.
Thank u sooooo much guys for those who are supporting and who are silent readers. Hope that I am not going on a wrong track or dragging it away.

Here’s the episode 6……

The episode starts with all going to the born fire. We see a very nice garden view. It has some benches and they surrounded the born fire.

Purab: Hey guys… Come on lets play some thing. How about Antakshari ?

Mihika: Ya . That’s a nice idea. Ok but we’ll start with Abhi….. The rock star… Agree ?

All shouted yes. Abhi brought his guitar and he sang ” main hoon hero Tera..”
All the while, he was continuously starting pragya. But she was all lost in the song. Tanu noticed this and she started fumming . No other noticed this changes.
Then they played with others turns and spent a good quality of time.

Ishu: Come on now guys… I’m feeling sleepy…. Lets go. Tomorrow I have to go to …….

Pragya and bulbul: Orphanage…

Raman: U can go wherever you want but we all are going to go for a visit to a palace. It will be nice if you don’t come.

Mihika: Raman….. Now u both don’t start yaar… And ishu go where ever you want to go but be back in time. Ok?

Ishu: Miku I wish everyone was as clever as u. Anyways guys I am going…. U can come whenever you want. Good night.

Tanu: Hey ishu… Stop. I’m also coming. Night guys..

Purab and bulbul also went. Raman helped pragya and Abhi to take the chairs in the house. And then he went in.

Pragya: Abhi…. Are u coming or not?

Abhi: Humm… U go I am coming… Just a sec.
Abhi looked thoughtful. Pragya came back to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and turned him towards her.

Pragya: What happened Abhi? Anything serious? Why are u upset suddenly?

Abhi: Hey Pragya I’m not upset yaar. I was just thinking something. U don’t worry and go to sleep. I’m coming.

Pragya: Abhi… What happened? Please tell me. I’m getting scared now.

Abhi: I just got a call. It was aaliya. She is coming to the farm house tomorrow.

Pragya: Then what is wrong with that?

Abhi: You just meet her first. Then you will get to know what I mean.

Pragya: Ok… Leave it for now. Lets go..

Abhi agreed and they started to go inside. At that moment pragya lost her balance and was about to fall when Abhi hold her in his arms. They share eye lock.

Allah wariya plays in the background. Suddenly pragya starts feeling dizzy. She got some blur images in front of her eyes.

In the images ….. We see a grand royal palace……pragya is seen in princes’ attire …… Abhi as a handsome prince……a grand hall is seen decorated for the wedding…… Suddenly we see that the hall has caught fire……

Now back at Abhigya……

Abhi: Hey Pragya… Wake up… Come on..
He brings water and splashes on her face. Pragya slowly gains consciousness.

Pragya: Abhi… What was happening to me?

Abhi: Nothing yaar …I think you are tired. So now go to sleep.

They start going but pragya feels pain in her legs. She could not walk so Abhi carries her in his arms. Allah wariya plays….

PRECAP: All going to the palace… Aaliya’s entry .

Guys I am trying to write by a past connection. U know na janam janam ka rishta … I hope you will like the track. Please comment if you have any other suggestions.

And Enjoy…..

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