U Me Aur Hum (episode 5)

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Thanks for them who are supporting. Here’s the episode 5…………..

The episode starts with all going to the picnic. On the way they all sang songs and played many games. They reached the hill station in the evening. Then Purab took them to his uncle’s farm house.

In the farm house……
Ishu: Ok guys…. Now I am really tired. So I am going to take rest. U all can arrange for our dinner. And wake me up when you are done……

Raman: Khud Ko maharani aur humein naukar samajhti ho kya……( are u considering ur self and queen and us as servants or what? ).

Ishu: I’m just requesting yaar…

Raman: Ok. Then request with ” please.”
Don’t give orders to anyone .

Ishu: Hey… Why are u bothering? I’m not asking u. U don’t have to worry about me.

Raman: Who’s worrying about you? I was thinking about my brother and my friends.

Ishu: They are my sisters and friends too. And by the way Mr kudkud Kumar what is your problem? I’ll tell Pragya. Hai na pragya?
Ishra suddenly realized that all went to their rooms and they were only left in the room. ( all were so fed up of their quarrels that no one even bothered to listen them).

Ishu: See, because of u my sister is ignoring me.

Raman: How can u blame me? Even Abhi has left.
And saying this both of them tried to get away from each other. ( I mean in opposite directions as they show in serial. ) But suddenly ishu gets misbalanced and she was about to fall when Raman caught her in his arms. They had a long eye lock. Yhm plays.

In the room…… They all were laughing as they came without listening ishra’s fight.

Purab: Thank god we came inside. Now lets go and be ready.

Bulbul: We just came here yaar…. How can u say that without rest we are going out?

Mihika: Arre baba…….Purab has been planning for a born fire( sorry if I spelled wrong).

Pragya: Wow born fire……. It’s great

Abhi: (copying pragya) wow born fire…..it’s great…….. But for that great thing u have to be ready first.

Tanu: Hey guys please….. Now u don’t start yaar.
They all laughed again.

Mihika : First lets see if our fighters stopped or not.

They came in the hall. And all were shocked seeing ishra in each others arms. Abhi whistled. Ishra came in senses and composed themselves.

Purab: We should not have gone guys…. I think we missed something interesting….. Right Raman?

Raman: U are talking too much purab and by the way she was going to slip so I only saved her.

Abhi: At least you thought something else than fighting. I can be happy with that……

Purab: Just like you na Abhi…. As u were also seeing dreams yesterday ( Purab referred when Abhi said that he was dreaming about pragya)

Bulbul: What are u talking Purab? Which dreams?

Abhi: What are you guys talking?….. I didn’t had any dream …… Purab u were saying about born fire na …. Come on guys lets go out……

Ishu: Why are u so eager to go out? Tell us about your dreams na…. Come on Abhi….

Abhi just shook his head and started to go out. All followed him . They all started to run to catch him. Abhi ran faster.

Abhi: It’s not that easy to catch a rock star guys…….

Pragya: Really is that so? Lets see if you can run from me….
Pragya ran behind him to catch him. She was so close to catch him when Abhi suddenly turned. Pragya lost her balance and fell in his arms.
Allah wariya plays……

Purab: Looks like every is misbalancing today…… Bulbul do u want me to catch you?

Bulbul: What?

Purab: Just kidding….. Ok guys as we all are out,lets go near the born fire….

They all went there. They had dinner with lots of talks and fun.

PRECAP: Abhi and pragya are in each others arms near born fire…… No one is there except them…….. And suddenly….

Ok guys it’s a secret now….. Till then Enjoy…..

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