U Me Aur Hum (episode 4)

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I know I have not cleared some points….. Where ishu goes in the morning?….. Why are Pragya and bulbul in the same class……. And many more…..
But I will reveal it soon. Till then let it be as a secret and enjoy ?

Now here is the episode 4…….

Next day all of them meet at the college. Mihika and aaliya are also with them. Raman introduced them to the girls.

Raman: Hey miku she is Pragya ( he points at pragya) bulbul and then he points at ishu and stops.

Raman: and she is miss.JKR.

Ishu: And he is Mr kudkud Kumar….

They all laugh at ishra’s fight. Yhm funny music plays.?? Raman and Ishita went opposite to each other.

Pragya: Oh god….. Pata nahi ye dono kab bade honge ( don’t know when will they grow up..)

Abhi: Leave it na…. Come on. We are already late for the class.
And they leave.

Days passed…. All of them were becoming good friends…. Except ishu and Raman of course…. They never quitted their fight.

One day Abhi came up with the plan of picnic.

Ishu: Yaa ..sure it will be great

Bulbul: Di it will be great only if u will be there in time.

Ishu: Let it be na ….. Ok for tomorrow I’ll come early. Ok?

Abhi: What are you both talking? Being in time means…….?

Pragya: Arrey , ye jo ishu hai na ye Har roj Subah Subah kisi ek anathashram main jati hai. Un bacchone din ki shuruat aachi aur sweet karne ke liye ….( this ishu goes to any of the orphanage daily in the morning to make that children’s morning sweet and good.). That’s why…….

Purab: Wow .. But new orphanage every day. Why?

Ishu suddenly got upset.
Ishu: Leave it na… We were talking about the picnic yaar….. Accha mujhe ye batao ki kab Jana hai taki main jaldi ready ho jaungi….( ok tell me the time so that I can be Reach soon).

They decided a hill station. All were so happy about the next day. They all planned many things. Abhi came up with very stupid ideas which were cancelled by all of them. Suddenly Tanu said

Tanu : Hey guys what about my uncle’s farm house? It’s near the hill station and also my uncle is not there. So we can stay.

Purab: Yes guys. It’s a great idea. We will stay there. I’ll call ramukaka and tell him to clean it.

Abhi: Ok guys. Tomorrow at sharp 10 we will meet at Pragya’s home.

All said good bye to each other and went home. At night Raman had a dream……
He saw a little boy running behind a cute little girl. They were in the garden. Suddenly a man picked that boy and he started running

Raman (while he’s still in dreams): leave me……. I said leave…. I want to go back to my friend ……..
The man in the dream: Stop it… Tumhare baap ki waja se main barbad ho gays….. Ab meri waje se tumhara baap zindagi bhar tadpega aur tum sadoge anathashram main… ( I was destroyed because of your father now he will have to suffer because of me and you will live in orphanage)
Raman: Noooooooo……..And he woke up with a start. Abhi came in running.

Abhi: What happened ? Are u k?

Raman: Nothing yaar…. Same bad dreams. U go to sleep. We have to leave early tomorrow.

Abhi: K. But u sleep well. Gn.

On the next day….. Purab came to mehra mansion along with tanu. Abhi was looking sleepy.

Tanu: What happened rock star? ….. Still seeing dreams of ur concert or what? Looks like u didn’t sleep well at night….

Abhi: Ya I was dreaming about Pragya…..no..no I mean to say about my concert. Yes ur right. I was dreaming about my concert.

Purab smiles at him. Tanu is very angry.
Soon Raman comes down. And they leave for Pragya’s house.

Abhi and all reached there in Abhi’s jeep.
( I know jeep sounds boring but it can be perfect for hill station ). Raman went in to call them.

Raman: Pragya, bulbul lets go. Are u ready or not? Come fast yaar.

Pragya: As rahi hun Baba ( coming…)

All three girls come out.pragya has skipped her daily anarkali suite and she is wearing black jeans and white top. Bulbul is wearing purple dress and ishu is wearing yellow top and pink skirt. Abhi, Raman and Purab are mesmerized seeing them.
All the three girls smile seeing their state.

PRECAP: Abhigya eye lock ……

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