U Me Aur Hum (episode 3)

Hey guys thanks for your support. I hope you are liking my ff.?
I know you all are waiting for abhigya scenes but I have planned something for them to

Till then here is the episode 3….

After the class all are sitting in canteen. Pragya is looking at their group names

Pragya: Hey who’s mihika?

Abhi: ( by giving a shocking expression) who’s mihila? Don’t even dare to ask this question again. She’s our sister.

Bulbul: Then who’s aaliya?

Purab: She is miku’s best friend. They have not come today but they will come from tomorrow.

We see a beautiful girl with long hair stepping out of the car. She is mihika
Aliya steps out from other side. They have done a lot of shopping. Driver has to carry it all. Both of them seem kinda arrogant.
They enter mehra mansion and greet dadi.

Scene shifts in college canteen.

Ishu: Guys aren’t you hungry? Let’s get some thing to eat yaar.

Raman: Ok. But don’t start to fight with the waiter.

Ishu: What do you mean? I don’t fight with any one.

Raman just smiled. Ishu got irritated and left to take snacks for them. Every one was enjoying their fight. Purab asked Raman what happened.Raman tells them the whole incident.

Purab ( laughing): So stupid yaar.

Bulbul: Don’t call my di stupid. Every one has his own way to express……

Pragya and Abhi together: Now u both don’t start to fight . They laugh at once.

After some time they go to their class. In the class Abhi is getting bored and writes something on paper and passes it to Pragya. ” lets go out. I’m bored” . She writes” if you want to go then go. Why are u asking me?”

Abhi wrote again ” I’m asking u For company,come on na lets go”. At that moment the teacher caught them and sent them out of the class.

Abhi: Now that is what I call a day…. She was so annoying. Hey chashmish why are u looking at me like this?

Pragya is at the top of her anger. But she still looked so cute. She angrily grabbed his collar.

Abhi: Hey pragya ab tum mujhe dara rahi ho ( now u are scaring me).

Pragya: Agar tum ye san na karte ……..
toh Pata nahi inhe kabtak jhelna Padta…. ( if you wouldn’t have done this then I don’t know for how long we had to bear her). Abhi suddenly got relieved.

After the class Raman, Purab, ishu all come together and beat them .

Bulbul: Di why you left us ? We also want to enjoy na…… That is not done…. After some more classes the college ends.

When ishu, bulbul, and Pragya are waiting for auto three bikes block their way. The girls are scared. Tanu comes there in scooty and removes helmet from one’s head . He’s purab. All the girls beat them. The boys offer lift and girls get ready to go with them.

Pragya sits in Abhi’s bike and bulbul in Purab’s. So helplessly ishu goes to Raman.

Ishu: Sambhalke ..gira mat Dena …

Raman: I was going to say the same thing……. Miss JKR .

They reach at girls’ home. And the boys leave.

At night pragya is thinking about Abhi. She remembers the time spent when they were out of the class and starts smiling. On the other hand Abhi is also thinking about pragya. Allah wariya… Plays .

PRECAP : Aliya and mihika’s entry…..

Hope u will like this guys . I know this is not that nice but next episode will be better. So please comment.

And enjoy ???

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  1. I was a silent reader dear … Its awesome …. But how come both siblings in same class ?? Bulbul and pragya ? anyways correct it next time … Grt work continuecontinue JKR was nice …

    1. I know that I have not explained some things but wait . It has twist and I’ll tell it after some time. Till then keep watching ?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    ohooo…..Its Nice Aru……Superb……. Really it become more interesting day by day……………Eagerly waiting for your next episode………

    1. Thanks reshma and sree

  3. Yeah dono villian hein kya

  4. of course achha episode tha yr… even cute tha likho likho ar likho keep it up.

  5. Gud one

  6. Hey aru this episode was great waiting for u r next episode

  7. hey aru tumaare ff mujhe bahuth pasanth hai really ……………. keep it up

  8. Supr episodeee…

  9. aliya and abhi are siblings or not

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