U Me Aur Hum (episode 2)

Hey guys sorry . Episode 1 had lots of Hindi words but now I’ll update it with English. And thanks for your support.

So here is the episode 2…………

The episode starts with ishra eye lock. A car stops before them but they don’t realize it. The driver is pressing the horn madly. He shouts” hey get out of my way. Don’t know what has happened to people….. Romancing in roads?”

Suddenly they come back in their senses. They compose themselves. Ishu hears the driver saying them as couple and she bursted out

Ishu: Hey tum apne Aap Ko samajhte kya ho? ( what do you think of yourself?) when ever u see a girl and a boy together u name them as couple. How dare you?
And she starts beating the driver with her purse. Raman is shocked to see this.

Raman: Oh god! Why did I help her? He holds her on her shoulders and says ” hey stop Miss. Jkr.”
Ishu: Jkr?

Raman : Yes. Jhansi ki rani.

Ishu: How dare you? U have saved my life it doesn’t mean that you can say me anything.

Raman : Whatever…….

And they both walk away from each other. Ishra funny music plays.
After that ishu reaches home.
She greets every one. Bulbul takes ishu with her for hearing everything about her trip. They have a nice time together.

The scene is shifted to mehra mansion. Raman reached there. Purab and tanu are also there. They also spend their last day of vacation happily by playing games and more……

Next day is college opening day. As usual Pragya wakes up early. She gets ready for college and goes to wake up ishu. We see ishu’s bed . She is sleeping by taking the blanket over head. Pragya takes it and finds that there is no one. Only the pillows were arranged there.

Pragya: Oh god! She’s again not here. Bulbul wake up yaar we have to find ishu again.

In mehra mansion Raman is waking up Abhi.

Abhi : Come on bhai….. Let me sleep . I’m on my concert u know

Raman: Stop dreaming Mr. rock star and wake up. Humein college Jana hai ( we have to go to college) .

Abhi: Ya I know. Beautiful girls will be waiting for me…… I mean for us .
Raman shakes his head in disbelief and runs to catch him. After some time they get ready for college. Purab and tanu come in mehra mansion. They greet dadi. Abhi and Raman come down from their rooms. And they leave for college.

On the road….. Pragya and bulbul are searching ishu. Abhi’s car passes from pragya . She feels something and turns but can’t see him. In the car Abhi also feels the same.
At that time bulbul saw ishu. She takes pragya there. Ishu laughs seeing them. Pragya scolds her . Then they return home and after some time they leave for college.

In the college the principle greets them in assembly and makes announcement.

Principle : Welcome all of you. This year our college is starting a new part. All the students will be divided into groups and they will be marked for their performances. Your grades will be according to the marks. So find your group members and befriend with them. Best of luck to all.

All of them rush to see the list. Purab and bulbul also there. They see their names and put their fingers on the same group.

Purab: Are u in our group?

Bulbul: Yes. Me and my two sisters. Wait I’ll call them. Hey by the way I’m bulbul. And u?

Purab: I’m Purab. They shake hands.
Then bulbul goes to ishu and pragya and takes them to Purab. At the same time Purab brings Abhi Raman and tanu. Ishra are shocked to see each other.

Raman: Oh god. Again this Jhansi ki rani….. I can’t tolerate her for a second. How am I going to tolerate her for a year?

Ishu: Oh god…. Again this kudkud Kumar.
Pata nahi meta kya hoga…( don’t know what’s going to happen to me…..)

They introduced each other . Pragya and Abhi shaked their hands. Tanu and ishu also. But Raman and ishu just looked at each other angrily. And they went to their class.

PRECAP: Ishra cute fight…..

Hope u will like it guys. Pleeeeease comment.
And Enjoy ???

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