Hey guys , its dolly back again ….seeing ur beautiful and huge response , I couldn’t stop writing ff …I have got os writing phobia , he he
No offense …

Anyways this story is an emotional one ….

So here is the story ,
An apartment hall is shown …….a boy’s picture is kept and garland is hanging on it
Women’s were all wearing white salwar/Saree
While men’s were wearing white kurti ……

A girl was continuously crying lying in her mother lap ……

1 men : such a wonderful pair they were , its really heart crushing
Another men : what to do , everyone had their eye on their beautiful pair , destiny played its game

Dp : my son went away form me …….I used to always scold him for not being responsible , but today ! (He cries)
Shekar comes and paste his shoulder
Shekar (tears) : my daughter is completely broken now ……dont known how to convince her …
Dp : I am very sorry ji ……I couldn’t keep ur daughter life secured …(he said with folding hands)
Shekar : its all our fault …we should have accepted them first only ……love marriage should have been accepted ….

Both consoles themselves and cries ….
A boy was seen consoling ap …

Ap : sanskar has left me laksh
(Yes the boy is Laksh who was consoling ap)

And the dead one whose photo has Garland is the great sanskar maheshwari

Laksh (cries) : ma , he left us ma …he is a cheat …….he did not even stay for his brother , he broke his promise
Ap : my younger son left me …..the one who was so close to me left me ..
Laksh hugs her and cries ……

Girl : ma he left me ………I hate him ,…….I hate him ……how can he leave his Swara …..how can be
Yes the girl is Swara sanskar maheshwari who was crying all the way
Mishti (cries) : Swara ……..he left u …….
Swara cries hard and loud ….everyone feels bad seeing her …..
Swara (cries) : ma ….how can he …he …..can’t leave me ….he can’t leave his Swara for any sake ….ahhhhhh !!!!!! I want sanskar back …I want him

She runs to her room and locks herself ……
Laksh , Shekar and dp follows her

Laksh : Swara open the door
Swara (cries) : no Laksh don’t try to stop me , I will go the same place where he went ….
Laksh was shocked
Swara starts tieing the shawl on the fan

Dp sees this through he window
Dp : Swara dear no …plz
Shekar (cries) : Swara , plz …dont leave me ….plz …
Swara didn’t listen to all , she ties the shawl around her neck ….

Laksh breaks the door and lifts her down ….
Swara struggles to free herself
Swara : Laksh leave me , let me also go with him only ….what will I do staying here alone
Laksh (angry) : are u out of ur mind ….I am here there for u na .Swara …..
Swara looks at him with teary eyes ……….
Everyone looks on …all were sad and shocked seeing swalak
Swara hugs him tightly
Swara : Laksh , sanskar left me ……he left me , he broke my promise Laksh
Laksh caresses her hair
Laksh : shhhh ! Calm down ..Swara,….
Swara feels dizzy and faints in his arms …..
Laksh pats her cheeks …

Mishti (cries) : call doctor …plz someone call
Shekar calls doctor

Laksh lays her on the bed
Doctor comes and checks
Doctor (smiles) : good news , she is 3 months pregnant
All were happy but very sad too

Doctor : she is very weak and highly need a support of a husband …I know its a tough situation but olz asap do her second marriage because only husband can help a wife

All nods and were tensed
Doctor leaves

Mishti (cries) : what did Swara do ….why does she have to bear all the pain ?
Ap : my first grandchild is coming to the earth …but without his father (she cries)

Shekar and dp were devastated
Both goes out and discusses something

Dp : Shekar ji …..if I ask u something will u say yes
Shekar looks on
Dp : actually after doctor’s explanation ….life feel like marrying Swara to Laksh
Shekar looks on
Dp : I know Swara was first going to marry Laksh , but Swara and sanskar broke it …but I can see the same love of Laksh to Swara, which I saw in sanskar …I feel like he will keep her happy
Shekar was convinced
Shekar : what can I say Dp ji …..destiny played with my daughter , the same match is coming again …I dotn what to say but if Swara agrees then OK
Dp : OK ji .l.only if Swara agrees we can talk about it
Both shekar and Dp hugs ….

They say it to mishti and ap both were convinced
They saw Laksh caressing Swara hair and looking her endlessly …..

Will Swara agree ?
What happened to sanskar ?
What happened in the past ?
What will be Laksh reaction ?

To know all these , stay tuned for u and me …..

So done with the first shot ….hope u all like and plz comment guys …I am eagerly waiting ….

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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  1. Sriya

    esha dear we can discuss the prologue now i have send private message to u dear plz read it

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    esha.. awesome dear. . Please make swasan atlast please

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    But too short

  5. little princess

    Ur title made me read this..i was eager to know this story…but i was sad to know that sanskar passed away :'( why u killed sanky in this..so sad.. swasan is my fav couple…but just loved the 1st shot…its awesome dear….swara is expecting sanky’s child…their families r gonna make swara marry laksh…really excited to know further storyline… This short was so emotional but loved it…waiting for next short with so much of expectations as ur the writer of this shots…u r one of my fav writer…love uu

  6. Ameera

    hey its awesome but is this a swalak ff? awesome by the way

  7. Deeksha

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    Awesome…. But want swasan at end pls…. Or is this swalak 3 shots???

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  14. It ws rlly awesome dear…update nxt part soon

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