Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 22

I know all are very angry on me, scoldings accepted , very sorry for not updating for long days I’m not well missed the manan family alot

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Recap: fab5 nd snowy six participation on musicana

The beautiful sunrise was seen and both shruthi and Nandu woke up and got ready shruthi got ready in a red tops and red jeggins whereas Nandu got ready in a blue tops nd denims
Both wore some light earring and light makeup and was looking beautiful

Whereas manik and Roshan also woke up and got ready ,Manik was wearing a blue shirt wth blue blazer nd denims and a watch
Roshan also wore a red shirt nd white blazer and blue denims nd a watch
Both were looking stunning and dashing

Shruni had their breakfast nd left to college same wth manhan

Shruni While going to clg

Shruthi: dii I’m very excited today

Nandhini: I’m also dr today is intra competition, the band who were in the first two places will participate in the musicana fest

Shruthi: yup dii sure we will win this

Nandhini smiled seeing her sissy’s antics

Both reached the clg while all the members of snowy six are already present their and also fab5

Manik and Roshan keep on staring at Nandu nd Shruthi, they also noticed their stare and smiled silently

Navya: hi Nandu, hii Shruthi

Nandu: hi navya

Shruthi: hii navya dii

Isha:guys r u ready for the performance

Shruthi: always

Roshan’; yup

Sameer:bhai pls stop supporting her too much

Roshan: hoi what’s wrong in tht I’m supporting my gf u also support ur gf who will ask

Shruthi: arey stop both ur fight
Dii let’s go nd wish fab5 also

Nandhini: yes come let’s go

All went to fab5

Manik: Good morning Nandu

Nandu: Gm Manik

Both staring each other

Cabir: god now agn started don’t know wht they will see in both eyes

Everyone laughed
This makes manan realize nd nandhini started blushing

Shruthi:jiju this is not good, u make my dii blush too much see my dii bcm pink

Both manan felt embarrassed

Nandhini: Shruthi u too na

Shruthi: OK dii sorry (holding her ears)

Nandu removed her hands frm ears nd shaked her head as no

They both hugged

Manik to Roshan: agn started their sisters affection

Roshan: yup bro don’t know whether they will give importance to us like they do for each other

Manik: of course they don’t bro itz a day dream

Shruthi; jiju enough OK when both brothers join na u always gossip ,hai na dii

Nandhini: yup

Dhruv& alya: guys let’s go nd practice today evening was musicana

While Nandu got a call

Nandhini: excuse me guys

Nandhini: OK bhai come soon we will be waiting

Shruthi: dii who is coming

Nandu: abhi bhai

Shruthi: oh that’s good it will be a great strength to us

Mukti unknowingly said yes
Then she realized what she said : OK guys let’s go

While shruni was confused abt mukti’s changed behavior

All started their practice in respective jamming room , after few hours of practice everyone gathered at the canteen to have their lunch

While all the members were gossiping nd spkng abt the musicana
Manan and shruhan was continuously starred at each other

This was noticed by Isha nd Ameer and they coughed to make them to reality

Suddenly someone closed alya’s eyes , she was shocked but when she touched a rope in tht persons hand she understood who he was, she became enthusiastic nd stood and hugged the person

Alya: bhai , how r u when u came from Worcestershire

Yeah its harshad

Harshad: just now dr frm airport came straightly to meet u all

Harshad hugged fab5 nd Roshan nd Ameer

Alya: bhai they all are our friends she is nandhini, shruthi,navya nd Isha

Harshad: hii ladies

Alya:actually bhai Manik nd nandhini love each other and Roshan and shruthi also

Harshad: what seriously , these Twp love r u joking , how does this monster nd book worm loved

Manik: harshad its before but now Nandu has changed me totally


Roshan: same wth me bhai

Harshad: oh oh chote become big man ah

While both Shruni smiles seeing at them

Alya: bhai where is babhi


Harshad’ alya u dint say anything to them

Alya: no bhai , I want u to say to them

Harshad: OK fine , guys I have fallen in love wth a girl in my business trip to Worcestershire, we both were in same business field nd we decided to marry soon.
Fab5 nd snowy six: ooh ooh , where is she

Harshad:soha (she came): yes here she is my fiancé soha khurana

Shruthi nd nandhini :soha dii

Shruni nd soha hugged each other all were puzzled seeing them

Harshad: excuse me ladies whts happening here

Shruthi: soha dii how were u, how much long days since we met

Soha:I’m fine dr, how r u nd chacha chachi, amms

Nandhini: we r fine dii

Harshad:how u know about them soha

Soha: actually we are neighbors in chennai
We know both family ns we were like sister

Shruthi: yup nd soha dii so this is that harshad whom u told in mobile arey wah good choice dii

Soha:thank u dr

Nandhini’ so I also got a person to call as jiju

Roshan nd Manik: extra one sister god

Shruthi nd Nandu:hm hm hm

Shall we go wanna get ready for evening abhi bhai also coming

All: OK

The girls went to their respective changing rooms nd boys went to their respective changing rooms

The dress code of fab5 is black and snowy six is white whereas soha and harshad was waiting in the audience place where abhi also came , abhi seen soha and spoke wth her and they said all the happening

Three of them waited for their friends in audience

The fab5 got ready in black suits ,mukti nd alya wore black short skirts nd little makeup nd jewels nd boys wear the black suits

Snowy six, navya wore a white tops nd denims, Isha wore white short skirt nd nandhini nd shruthi wore long white frock whereas Roshan and ameer wore white suits

They all came to the common performer room and all the couples were stunned to see their respective Jodi’s

Manan was continuously staring at each other

Shruhan also wth same thing even dhulya, cavya nd isheer also staring and lost at each other

Suddenly a announcement came
That fab5 was the next band to perform

Snowy six wished best of luck to fab5

Fab5 went to stage mukti seen abhi nd smiled at him nd the performance started

Fab5 performed for the song let’s nacho frm kapoor&sons the total crew were enjoying their performance

The performance was over nd ths auditorium was full of applause

The next band was music beasts after their performance over the snowy six was invited to the stage

They performed for the song pal pal dil ke pass frm wajah tum ho , the people were lost in their mesmerizing performance still the performance were over they just closed their eyes nd listened it after it was over the auditorium was full of claps.

Fab5 nd snowy six waited for the results in side stage

Principal ; so students let’s have the look at the places of bands
The 2nd runner up is music beasts
Ohhhhh ohhh

The first runner up is instrumental pearls
Ohhh ohhh

But now the first place is a tie between two bands its a first time in space history actually they deserve so let’s go for a count down

Fab5 nd snowy six hold each other hands nd prayed


And the winner is…..

Fab5 nd snowy six the pop blasted and they all jumped of joy

Here harshad ,soha nd abhi also very happy and hugged each other

Principal ; so guys these two bands are gonna perform in the great musicana 2017

And a good news to all of u as u all know day. After tmrw is musicana as the fab5 nd snowy six gonna participate we have a small party now, don’t worry staff are not here so enjoy ( saying this principal went)

All the students started shouting and started dancing manan shruhan started dancing and same wth all the couples , all danced for kuch to hai song romantically

Manik twirled nandhu nd lifted her up nd also Roshan twirled Shruthi nd hugged her frm back, harshad nd soha also started dancing and abhi nd mukti also all were lost in each other still the music stopped

Later they all went to harshad house nd had dinner nd left to their respective homes

Shruni was in their room while both Shruthi nd nandhini’s mobile rang yes it was Manik nd Roshan

Shruthi smiled at Nandu nd took her mobile nd left to balcony nd sat on the swing nd started to speak

Nandu was in room and started to speak wth manik

After some time Nandu said good night


Nandu: yeah Manik

Manik: forgot some thing

Nandu: what

Manik: arey stupid , u dint say love u very bad

Nandu; ohh , acha baba love u so much

Manik: love u too darling

They both smiled nd kept the mobile

Whereas Shruhan

Shruthi: OK Roshan see u tmrw gn

Roshan: arey where r u gng go after some time na

Shruthi: hey buddhu already its so late tmrw have to wake up early na

Roshan: OK give me my good night kiss , then I’ll let u go.

Shruthi:u joking at this time just sleep OK

Roshan: I want my kiss now

Shruthi: Roshan ..

Roshan: please….

Shruthi felt shy’ OK ummmah,( she immediately cut the call)

Roshan: shruthi shruthi, oh she went

Love u sweet heart (he smiled nd dozed to sleep)

Nandhini nd shruthi thought about their partners nd dozed of to sleep and also same wth Manik nd Roshan

Precap: different type of song choosing for musicana by judges

Hope u like it guys , give ur opinion through comments , take care

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