Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 21


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So here the

Recap: truth nd dare game, few moments of manan and shruhan

The beautiful sunrise disturbed our sleeping beauties, nandhini woke up thinking about manik and the yesterday happenings , she went to washroom and got freshen up

Shruthi also woke up and got freshen up

Nandhini was wearing a blue top and denims wth light makeup and left her hair open wth simple earrings

Shruthi was wearing a pink top wth denims and light make up Nd earrings nd left her hair open

Both were looking beautiful

Whereas in malhotra mansion

Manik and Roshan woke up and got ready

Manik was getting ready in a blue shirt and blazer nd denims he was thinking about nandhini while combing his hair

Whereas Roshan also got ready in a great shirt, blazer nd denims and thought abt shruthi

Both manhan and shruni got ready and had their breakfast and left to college

Manik along wth fab4 went to class and Roshan and ameer also went to their classes

Nandhini and shruthi got out of the car and bid a bye to each other while navya joined Nandu and Isha joined shruthi

Navni entered the class while manik and cabir was continuously staring at them

Both lost for sometimes at their lady love this was noticed by navni and they started blushing after sometime sumith sir entered the class
So their unspoken conversation got break

Whereas in first year class

Shruthi and isha entered the class while Roshan and Ameer was continuously staring at them ,

Shruthi and isha called them but they dint respond but later when shruthi shaked him he came to senses

Shruthi: Roshan what hpnd

Roshan: kutch…. Hm hm kutch bhi nahi

Shruthi:then y r u staring at me

Roshan:,wo wo

Raghav sir came to the class and the class went on

After few hours the class was over for all of them and they all went to canteen , fab5 and navni also went to the canteen while shruhan and isheer also

They all sat as usual like that of couples

Manan, shruhan, cavya, dhrulya,isheer

All were having their lunch and some chit chats

Suddenly there was a announcement made that all the students should gather at the auditorium

So fab5, navni and shruhan and isheer went there, there was already the principal nd professors presented their wth students

Principal:, students there was a good news to all of u

Students were eager to listen it

Principal:, yup the musiciana 2017 is gonna happen in our college before that we will have a intra college competition in this the winner and the runner band can only participate in musiciana, so students get ready

Everyone was happy about it

As fab5 was already a band

So navni, shruhan and isheer formed together as a band

They kept the name of the band as snowy six

They all were walking on the corridor

Shruthi:wow dii , this is superb musicsna is gonna hpn in our college

Nandhini: yes shruthi nd we are gonna participate

Shruthi: yeah

Both were speaking about that

While Manik and Roshan walking behind them

Manik: waise Roshan we were not visible to their eyes, see they dint notice us at all if these two joined na then they don’t know what’s hpng around

Roshan:, yes bhai ur right

And when they suddenly saw before shruthi and nandhini was standing wth a smirk in their faces

Shruthi: so jiju wht did u said

Manik: me nothing nothing

Nandhini’ and Roshan wht did u said

Roshan:, nothing babhi

Shruthi:oh then who were saying yes yes to his bro Han
U r over today

Saying this shruthi started to beat Roshan

Manik was laughing at their plays

Roshan: bhai this is not fair , see she is beating me and ur laughing

Manik was still laughing

Nandhini frm behind: don’t worry Roshan now it will be fair
saying this Nandu also started to playfully hit Manik

Both the brothers were pleading for pardon later shruni left them

Manik;thank god

Nandhini: wht

Manik: nahi thanks to nandhini

Nandhini: wow manik clever ah??

Then both shruni gave a hifive and went frm there bidding bye to manik and Roshan

All four reached home and had their breakfast and dozed off to sleep thinking about the crazy little things happened and also excited for musiciana

Precap: preparations for musiciana

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Nd frnds I like to add harshad character in this ff, so u want me to make harshad character as negative or positive????

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