Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 20

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Recap:sankranthi celebration, interesting games , truth and dare

All the crew sat like as usual couple wise like manan, shruhan, cavya, mukbhi,dhrulya, isheer

Cabir swirled the bottle, the mouth of the bottle faced Roshan and bottom faced cabir

Cabir: so Roshan truth r dare

Roshan: truth

All:oh so pity

Cabir:oh , so say wht is the thing which u like most in Shruthi

Shruthi saw Roshan

Roshan: I like her childishness, friendly nature nd care towards everyone

Shruthi smiled

Isha and Ameer: oh oh how sweet

Manik nd nandhini also smiled watching them

Roshan swirled the bottle nd it mouth faced ameer and bottom faced Shruthi

Shruthi: truth r dare

Everyone said ameer to choose dare

Ameer:OK dare

Shruthi discussed something wth isha

Shruthi; OK so the dare is, u have to dance like a girl for an item song

Ameer (shocked): what, no guys I cnt

Manik: bro this is dare, u have to

Roshan: bhai is right and u only chose dare na so dance as Shruthi said

Everyone: Ameer Ameer….

Ameer: OK fine

Shruthi tuned the chikni chameli song in the music system, Ameer danced fr it

Everyone was enjoying nd laughing fr it

Shruthi: wow Ameer u dance very well

Then Ameer swirled the bottle,

Now the head of the bottle faced nandhini n d bottom faced isha

Isha:dii truth r dare

Nandhini: dare

Isha: OK dii , u have to sing a song and dedicate it to your loved ones

Nandhini: OK

Nandhini started to sing the song and shruthi played the keyboard to cope wth her

Nandhini sang kaun tujhe song from ms.dhoni nd manik saw her lovingly
After the song over everyone praised her for Her voice

Then nandhini swirled the bottle nd it stopped the head facing cabir and bottom Roshan

Roshan: so cabir bhai, truth r dare


Roshan: whether u felt any girls very close to u

Cabir looked at navya and said yes

Everyone was shocked but they dint ask him anything while navya was staring at him

Cabir swirled the bottle and it stopped on head facing dhruv nd bottom mukti

Mukti: truth r dare


Mukti:OK u have to dance wth a girl frm here to a romantic song

Dhruv:No no I can’t

Shruthi: arey bhaiya , this s not fare alya dii will dance wth u hai na dii

Alya nodded

They both danced on ishq wala love

Nd it was so romantic, everyone appreciated their performance

Then dhruv swirled the bottle its head faced abhi nd bottom faced manik

Manik: truth r dare


Manik:OK does any girl affect u , so much

Abhi seen mukti nd nodded yes

Nandhini nd shruthi also surprised as they know abhi not involved in girls too much but now was different

Abhi swirled the bottle it head faced shruthi and bottom Ameer

Ameer: truth r dare

Shruthi: dare

Ameer: OK so u have to propose Roshan in minimum 5languages

Shruthi: OK

Ameer:what OK then mean u know those languages

Isha;arey buddhu , u give this much simple task , she know those languages OK

Shruthi laughed at Ameer

Shruthi and Roshan stood up nd
She holded roshan’s hand

Shruthi: Roshan I don’t know, if I dint get u in my life ,my life would be incomplete, Ur my breathe
I love u so much

Mein tumse bhut pyaar karti ho

Nennu ninnu premistuna

Naan unnai kadhalikiren

Enaku ninne valiya ishtamaye

Jet Aime

I love uuuuu

Roshan hugged shruthi nd both were lost for sometime they came to reality by cabir’s voice

Manik: how cute they look na

Nandu: yes

Now Shruthi turned the bottle nd its head faced Manik and bottom Roshan

Roshan: bhai ,truth r dare


Roshan: OK bro , u have lift babhi in ur shoulder nd climb the steps nd come down

Nandhini: no No this s not fair

Roshan: it is bhabhi

Shruthi; yeah yeah come on jiju ,show ur strength


He went near nandhini

Nandu: manik no, this is not fair

Manik: Nandu don’t underestimate the power of manik (saying this he lifted nandhini in his shoulder nd climbed the steps nd got down)

Shruthi:wow jiju I accept ur strong

Manik: thank u

The game got over and everyone left from murthi mansion after having dinner

Manik and nandhini was in nandhini’s room nd Shruthi and Roshan was in terrace

Manik:, nandhini close ur eyes

Nandu: y Manik



While Manik took out a jar of fireflies nd placed it nandhini “s hand, she opened her eyes nd was amazed to see it

Nandhini: wow manik, fireflies ! I love them, they r so beautiful

Manik saw her face nd said not more than u

Nandhini hugged Manik and he too reciprocated
They lost themselves in each other embrace

Whereas in terrace Roshan came close to shruthi

Shruthi: Roshan wht hpnd to u


Shruthi:acha then y r u coming close to me

Roshan: for this(saying tht he opened his hand, there was a beautiful heart shaped pendant wth chaWhole
Shruthi: wow , its so beautiful

Roshan: for my beautiful love

Roshan asked her permission through his eyes, she also nodded

Roshan made her wear the chain and turned her face, facing him

Suddenly he took his mobile nd switched it off

Shruthi: what r u dng

Roshan: I don’t want any other disturbance come at this time

Shruthi smiled

Roshan hold her by her waist nd came close to her he slowly kissed her forehead nd eyes nd cheeks then he slightly pecked shruthi’s lips later it turned out to be passionate one, later Shruthi realized it and moved away , she felt shy nd ran away

Roshan:Shruthi don’t go na

While she went

Manik and nandhini also realized their position nd parted away

Nandhini: OK Manik, see u tomorrow in college

Manik: nandhini
Nandhini: wht manik

Manik:I love u

Nandhini: love u too Manik

Manik called Roshan, he said he will come

Roshan: Shruthi, I’m going u Tc bye

While he got a message frm her
Shruthi:go safely , meet u tomorrow, love u

Roshan in mind, this girl na

OK good night

While Shruthi smiled at his antics

Both Manik and Roshan went to malhotra mansion

Manan and shruhan thought about each other and dozed off to sleep

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