Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 19


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Recap: Manik introduction of nandhini as his gf nd special date of manan and shruhan

As usual , nandhini got up nd wake Shruthi, both wished good morning nd freshened and changed in the casual nd went down and had their coffee

Chachi: good morning beta

Shruthi & Nandu: good morning chachi

Chachi:arey drink ur coffee soon and get ready

Nandu: OK chachi

Shruthi: chachi, where is chacha??

Chachi:he went to buy some items for pooja

At tht time door bell rang

Chachi; Nandhini see who came na

Nandhini went and opened the door the girls standing there navya, alya,mukti nd isha

Nandhini: hi guys


They hugged Nandhini and shruthi and wished chachi and had their coffee nd went to get ready

Nandhini and Shruthi helped them to wear the Saree, navya was wearing a green color Saree , mukti was wearing a blue color Saree, alya was wearing a pink color Saree, isha was wearing a purple color Saree

They all wore matching jewels nd makeup nd was looking beautiful

Later Nandu nd Shruthi also got ready

Nandu got ready in a red Saree , wth gold border and wore red Austrian stones jhumka and necklace and left her hair open and some makeup, she looked so beautiful

Shruthi got ready in the white Saree wth silver border which Roshan presented her and she wear silver stone jhumkas nd
necklace, she also left her hair open and was looking beautiful

All the girls got down for the pooja, chacha nd chachi also making arrangements for pooja

Chachi seen the girls

Chachi: arey wah, today our home is like full of beautiful angels

Nandhini: chachi….

Chachi:Nandu, Shruthi take the dishes to presented for god frm kitchen

Shruthi & Nandu: OK chachi

They both went to kitchen

While the door bell rang

Navya opened the door, the boys were standing (and ya they are awsm in tht attire).

Cabir, saw navya and he was strucked in her he came to reality when Ameer called him

Cabir was wearing a grey color shirt wth silk dhoti, dhruv was wearing a pink color shirt wth silk dhoti, Ameer was wearing a purple shirt wth silk dhoti

Manik was wearing a mAroonish red color shirt wth silk dhoti and a watch and bracelet, he was looking dashing

Roshan was wearing a sandal silk shirt and silk dhoti ,wth a watch and bracelet, he is looking dashing

All the boys entered and wished chacha nd chachi

Ameer was staring at Isha
Dhruv suddenly noticed alya nd was lost himself for a second

Whereas both Manik and Roshan was searching their love

Cabir: oh both wht are u looking for

Ameer: what else cabir bhai, Manik bro fr Nandhini nd Roshan for Shruthi
Am I right

Manik: Ameer chup
Don’t know where she went god

Roshan: she said us to come soon tht too wearing dhoti dnt know where she went

Ameer:bhai, be calm

Roshan: u shut up,u saw ur gf thts y ur speaking like this

Manik:, all the girls are wearing Saree , think so they both also wore Saree

Roshan; yes bhai
But where r they

Cabir:oh oh dnt know wht they will do now,jst wait

Cabir called mukti

Mukti:what cabir

Cabir:where is Nandu and shruthi

Mukti: they both in the kitchen

Cabir: where is the kitchen

Mukti: straight nd right


Mukti:but y r u asking

cabir: arey u know na the both brothers were eagerly waiting to meet them

Mukti: oh no don’t know what will happen to shruthi and Nandu

Cabir:, OK bye

Cabir came to Manik and Roshan

Cabir: don’t worry guys ur lady love was in kitchen

Manik: thank u buddy

Cabir:but take care OK its Home

Roshan: OK bhai bye

They both left to kitchen

Nandhini; OK Shruthi I’ll take this payasam and u take tht jamun and come to pooja

Shruthi: OK dii

Nandhini left frm kitchen

While Manik and Roshan saw her nd his behind the pillar

Manik saw her and was lost, his mouth was opened, he saw her without a blink

Roshan: bhai close ur mouth r else fly will get inside it

Manik gave him an angry look

Roshan: OK I’m leaving ,u carrthen

Saying this he left frm there without disturbing manan

Nandhini was walking towards while suddenly someone pulled her , she was abt to scream but manik placed his hand over her mouth

Nandu: Manik

Manik: sshh…

Nandhini became silent

Manik:Nandhini u look so beautiful in Saree, it was so good on u, after our marriage u should wear Saree only

Nandu: Manik I’ll wear wht I want, u don’t say

Manik: acha
.he came close to her and holded her by her waist ,both were looking deep into each other eyes
Manik was coming close to her, he was about to kiss her in lips , Nandhini got his intentions nd said

Nandhini: chachi…

Manik immediately moved frm her nd seen the side but there was not anyone

Manik: nandhini…

Nandhini: today is sankranthi Manik, give leave to ur romance at least tstruckSaying this she escaped frm Manik and ran away
Manik smiled at her childhish nature and went to the pooja.

Whereas Roshan reached the kitchen, he entered in and was struck by her beauty, then he noticed it was the same Saree which he presented her

He slowly moved forward nd hugged her frm behind, Shruthi was shocked by the sudden hug then she realized it was roshan they both lost them selves for sometime

Roshan came close to her ears: by the way u look awesome in this Saree , it was made Fr u, u look like an angel

Shruthi: ur praising me too much

Roshan:who else will praise beauty of my lover

He was about to kiss her jst few mm between the lips, while Shruthi mobile rang

Roshan: ohh always y wth me, whenever I come to kiss you some one will disturb

Shruthi laughed and took the Mobile it was Nandhini ,she said her to come soon

Shruthi: Roshan its already late let’s go to pooja

Roshan: no I’m not coming
I’m angry

Shruthi: Roshan pls

Roshan: no

Then Shruthi went near him and kissed his cheek and smiled

Shruthi: come soon (she ran away)

Roshan followed her .

All of them gathered in pooja and it started

Where as the couples were concentrating only in their partners

After few minutes it was over

Chacha: so boys now we can test the ability of all of u

Manik: chacha wht ability

While the girls laughed

Chacha:come I’ll say( they all went to garden)

While girls were going to garden suddenly someone dashed mukti nd she was abt to fell but some one hold her

She opened her eyes nd the person was smiling looking her

Mukti; who the hell r u

Person: I’m abhimanyu, in short abhi

Mukti: oh Mr wht r u doing here

Shruthi saw him and hugged him, mukti dnt know what’s happening

Shruthi: Abhi bhai, now only u had desire to meet us na

Abhi:sorry princess, got very busy schedule

Shruti: OK bhai, waise this is my friend mukti, mukti this is my Bhai

Abhi: hm now only met

Nandhini also came nd hugged him and chacha chachi

They introduced him to their friends nd abhi was continuously watching mukti

Then there was a pot , tied in the top in a rope , the pot was beautifully decorated

Chacha: so guys this was the boys game, so we will tie ur eyes wth this cloth nd will swirl u , and will give a long stick in ur hand, so u wanna go and ur frnds will give u instructions, u have only one chance OK


First dhruv came

Chacha tied his eyes nd twirled him

He was going forward but failed to break the pot, the girls laughed

Next comes to ameer , he also can’t break it

Cabir managed some how but he can’t break it , but his stick touched the pot

Then comes to roshan , to everyone surprise he broke tht, Shruthi was very happy and smiled at him

Next its Manik turn, he went one step before the pot and beat tht in a reverse position , tht was a awesome shot and nandhini also very happy

Then chacha announced , Manik, Roshan and cabir as ths winner

Then they all had the lunch nd at last the payasam nd jamun ,

Manik: wow the sweets is awesome

Chacha: these are made by Nandu nd Shruthi

Chachi: they both cook very well

Cabir to manik: oh bhai after marriage u both r very lucky as ur gf cook superb

Manik:yes bro

Then they all sat in the living room and was some chit chat

Chachi nd chacha went out for some work

Alya: guys let’s play a game

Mukti: let’s play truth r dare

All: OK

They all sat as couples and cabir kept a bottle in middle. ……….

precap: interesting truth nd dare, some romantic moments of each couple

Take care guys, will try to update soon

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