Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 17& 18


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CHAPTER 17 & 18.:

Recap: shruhan’s planned to make manan confess, manik proposal to nandhini

The sun rays started to fall on a room, a person was sleeping on a bed covered by blanket, yes he s manik he cutely sleeps wth a smile in his face

Then a girl entered in his room wth a coffee

Girl:Manik wakeup na ,how much time u will sleep

Manik:arey who s this disturbing me in sleep

He slowly opened his eyes nd was shocked

Manik:Nandu tum..

Nandhini: yeah me

Manik: how u came here

Nandhini: y Manik I can’t come

Manik: u have every rights to come in my room darling

Saying tht he pulled Nandhini and hugged her tightly nd lost himself

Roshan:bhai chodo mujhe ,bhai

Then Manik came into sense (yes he thought Roshan as nandhu)

Manik: tum, what r u dng here

Roshan: bhai what I did I just came to give u coffee and u bhai what happened to u , u pulled me and giving me hug this much tightly my bone got crushed bhai

Manik felt embarrassed: sorry bro

Roshan: oh oh bhai , now I got to know u were thinking abt babhi right


Roshan: god pls save Nandhini babhi frm my bhai he s gonna crazy for her don’t know how she will tolerate him

Manik; ur making fun of me,Han pray to god, I’ll pray that Shruthi will fight wth u today

Roshan:bhai this is not fair I’m ur lovable bro na, pls

Manik: acha jst kidding , u go I’ll get freshen and come down

Roshan:OK bhai

In murthi mansion

Shruthi woke up before Nandhini nd saw her sleeping peacefully wth a smile ,then she saw the time it was already late

Shruthi: dii y r u sleeping like this u only wakeup early na get up dii

Nandhini: Shruthi let me sleep na

Shruthi: dii
(She thought something nd smiled)
Manik jiju….

Nandhini woke up wth a jerk
Nandhini; where is he ??

Shruthi; might be in his home

Nandhini: Shruthi u never change

Shruthi:thank u dii, actually today u look very happy, any magic happened yesterday???

Nandhini thought about yesterday nd she blushed,her face became crimson red

Shruthi: oh oh dii , u r blushing
Let me take a photo nd show to jiju

Nandhini; Shruthi no pls

Shruthi: OK dii jst kidding now get ready na

Nandhini; OK

Then they both got ready and came down

Chacha: good morning beta

Nandhini & Shruthi: good morning chacha and chachi

Chachi: arey do u remember what was tomorrow

Shruthi:what chachi anyone’s bday

Nandu: but chachi there was not anyone bday tomorrow

Chachi: beta u forgot tomorrow is sankranthi(pongal)

Shruthi & Nandu: yeah

Shruthi: while we were in chennai we celebrate it very happily na ,wth amms

Nandu: yes dr we miss amms

Shruthi:chacha amms will come na tomorrow

Chacha:no beta , I called her but she got an important work so she can’t able to come

Both shruni got sad

Chachi: don’t worry na next month ur semester will be over we will go to chennai

Nandu:OK chachi

Shruthi:chachi in chennai all our friends will come to our home in sankranthi it will be too much fun right

Chacha:so what beta , here also we will invite ur friends and will celebrate

Nandhini: thank u chacha

They both hugged chacha nd chachi and had their breakfast and drove to college

Where as Manik and Roshan also reached to space wth fab4 nd Ameer

They all were in the canteen

Nandhini and shruthi got down of the car and navya and Isha was standing there and speaking about something

All the four wished GM each other

Navya:waise Nandu u look pink today

Shruthi laughed and Nandhini gave an angry glare

Shruthi: navya dii I also see some changes in u whts gng on

Navya: nothing

Isha:OK guys let’s go ,nd Shruthi ur lovable Roshan is waiting for u in canteen Ameer msgd me let’s go

Shruthi gave her a death glare: Isha …

Nandhini: OK OK let’s go

All the four reached canteen

Shruthi smiled watching Roshan
Nd Nandhini also smiled seeing Manik

Both were lost for sometime then they broke the eyelock

When cabir saw navya a unknown smile crept on his face the same wth navya , later they came to senses

Fab5 were wth some chit chats
Nd navni nd ishti are moving towards them

Suddenly Manik stood up and started to speak

Manik: guys I wanted to say u all ,a very important thing, as I can’t hide anything to u I don’t wanna hide this also

Alya:what’s tht manik

As dhruv and cabir already guessed what he gonna say they were, silent

Manik: I love a girl, nd u also know her, nd I want my whole life to be wth her as my perfect partner

Mukti and alya was shocked, Nandhini and shruthi also shocked as they dint expect this frm him

Mukti; what ur in love , r u serious

Alya:is this dream??

Manik: yes guys , I truly deeply and madly in love wth a girl nd tht was(he came nd took Nandhini)
She, Nandhini murthi was my soul partner

Nandhini felt very happy and emotional by the way of his introduction (soul partner)

Mukti & alya: wow Nandhini, how u find a heart in Manik, seriously frm childhood he were not interested in love but now he loves u this much, ur really lucky

Nandhini: thanks guys

Manik and nandhini both smiled and cabir made Nandhini sit beside Manik and he sat wth navya with a smile in his face,

The group sat like manik followed by Nandhini ,shruthi,roshan and others

Shruthi remembered abt tomorrow’s festival

Shruthi: guys I have to say something to u all, actually invite u

Nandhini smiled

Roshan holded her hand and asked what is it

Ameer;bro first leave her hand then only she can say right

Both shruthi felt shy

Roshan: what is ur problem if u want u hold ur gf hand OK

.Ameer seen Isha

Shruthi:OK guys let me say, actually tomorrow was sankranthi pooja in our house ,tomorrow is Sunday only so we have leave,

Nandhini: so we wanna invite u all for the pooja and celebration tomorrow

Cabir: wow that’s cool, we can also enjoy a lot

Ameer:yeah we all are coming

Dhruv, alya ,mukti:yup guys

Manik and Roshan was more happy as finally they can go to their home

Shruthi:but guys the dress code is traditional, and its mainly in south, so boyz wanna wear mundu(dhoti), and girls Saree

All together:what yaar

Mukti:shruthi what is this we feel very uncomfortable in that, u know we don’t wear salwar also nd u saying Saree

Nandhini: just one day na mukti , nd don’t worry u look awesome in tht, tomorrow girls come soon to our home so we can help u

Shruthi: yup and boys also don’t worry now its so simple to wear dhoti, now Velcro dhotis are available in shops so u can wear it easily

Roshan and Manik: what yaar we can’t

Shruthi and nandhini: OK don’t wear happy , bye(fake anger), they were about to get up
But manik and Roshan hold their hands,

Manik: OK baba sorry, I’ll wear it OK

Nandhini: thank u Manik

Roshan: sorry dear, I’ll wear

Shruthi: that’s good

After some chit chats all went to their respective classes

Both sir’s came and the class went as usual

After few hours the class got over and shruhan and isheer left to canteen

Fab5 also left to canteen whereas navya and nandhini was writing some notes and said they will join after few minutes

Cabir: buddy , what about yesterday

Manik: yesterday wht.

Cabir:arey don’t act

Manik: yes bro yesterday was the best day in my life

Cabir: bro ystrdy u proposed her and today u dint wanna take her some where

Manik:where shall I take her

Cabir: this also I wanna say ,

Manik: OK OK I’ll think

Manik: got, let’s go.

Cabir: where buddy

Manik:come na

They excused frm fab3 nd went

While shruhan was coming on the corridor, Manik and cabir went to them

Roshan: bhai, suddenly came what happened

Cabir: y bro u feel we disturbing u when u speak wth ur gf

Roshan: bhai!!

Manik:Roshan I want ur bike keys

Roshan: here bhai

Manik:OK here my car key and u go to home by my car OK,

Roshan: OK

Shruthi:by the way jiju can I know what’s gng on,y r u tensed

Manik: actually I wanna take Nandhini to a short trip , but she will definitely think abt ur chachi and chacha and will not come

Shruthi:don’t worry, I’ll make an idea

She took her mobile and called chachi

Chachi: hello Shruthi

Shruthi:chachi actually we have special class today , so me and dii will come late home

Chachi: OK dear be safe

Shruthi: ok chachi, bye

Shruthi: problem solved

Manik: thank u Shruthi, thank u so much

,Shruthi: its OK jiju, take care of my dii

Manik: I know tht both sisters r like same always take care of each other,OK bye

Roshan and shruthi: bye


Nandhini: Han manik

Manik:actually I wanna take u some where

Nandhini: no Manik chachi will be waiting, I can’t

Manik;I know yaar, don’t worry ur sister made a way fr tht

Nandhini: oh so both teamed up ha

Manik;yeah let’s go

Nandu: OK chalo

Manik and nandhini went on a bike

Whereas in shruhan

Roshan: OK I’ll drop u home

Shruthi:dont u remember wht I said to chachi

Roshan: oh yes Wht will we do now

Shruthi: give Me the car key

Roshan; u know driving

Shruthi:what u twere, I know to drive frm 16years, dii taught me

Roshan: OK here

Shruthi and Roshan left in the car

Manik and nandhini were on bike both were
Enjoying the drive, the bike was on a speed as it was a hill with lonely road, they were happy and feeling the wind on their face

Nandhini: wow manik, this was so cool

Manik: I know nd Nandhini dnt express more, there was lot

Nandhini, smiled at him

After sometime both reached the top of the hill

Manik and nandhini got down of the bike, Nandhini was abt move,

Manik: Nandhini stand there

Nandhini: Wht manik

He blindfolded Nandu and made her walk forward

Nandhini: Manik where are u taking me

Manik: wait na

Then he removed the blindfold

Nandhini was amazed to see the view
It was on the top of the hill nd the city was seen frm there clearly, as it was evening the lights were on so it looks so lovely

Nandhini: wow manik it’s superb, awesome I can see ths whole city frm here

Manik: I know

Nandhini: but manik how u know this, still I dint hear tht there was a place like this inside city

Manik: yeah nd don’t underestimate the power of great Manik malhotra, I can do anything

Nandhini: yeah the monster manik

Manik: Nandhini I’m not monster OK

Nandhini: ur my stupid monster
(Saying this she ran away)

Manik also chased her and finally caught her in his arms

Nandhini: Manik leave me

Manik: say sorry then, I’ll leave u

Nandhini(smiled): okk sorry

Manik left Nandhini

Both went nd sat on the wall and watched the city wth Manik holding Nandhini by her waist, both were pleased and enjoyed at the night site of the hill wth chill breeze and stars nd moon

Shruthi and Roshan reached a place, Shruthi stopped the car

Roshan:Shruthi, y do u stopped here

Shruthi: arey be quite

Roshan: what

Shruthi: see there (pointing to right)

Roshan was amazed as it was his fav beach, it was full of pebbles shells and many more and also was decorated wth colorful lights

Roshan:wow Shruthi, how u know I love beach

Shruthi:I know everything about u

Roshan: but u r new to Mumbai na how u know this place

Shruthi: this s not difficult I searched it in maps

Roshan: oh oh

He smiled and suddenly lifted Shruthi

Shruthi: what r u dng leave me

Roshan: y I should

Shruthi: Roshan if anyone see,wht they will think

Roshan: there was no one here and if anyone see also I don’t have any prblm, I’m holding my gf only na

Roshan and shruthi both smiled and looking at each other

After they reach near the beach Roshan made her stand slowly

Both walked on the shore


Roshan:yup sweet heart wht hpnd

Shruthi:I never thought ill love some one like this, but god has made me to meet my love here u proposed me on tht day I was really very happy

Roshan:Shruti ur my life, I can do anything for ur happiness

Shruthi:nd same wth me Roshan

She slowly took a box frm her bag

Shruthi: nd this s jst a symbol of our love

She took two rings a girls nd a boy’s

It was written RS in tht it was of platinum with beautiful finish
She made him wear the ring .
Nd Roshan also made her wear it

Roshan: Shruthi I am very lucky to have u in my life

Shruthi; I’m also

Slowly Roshan came near her and kissed her forehead and eyes, he was slowly moving towards her lips , Shruthi also lost herself and closed the eyes

Suddenly Roshan mobile rang

Both came to senses

Roshan: oh shit, y always wth me, god

Shruthi laughed

He lifted the call, it was Manik

Manik;bro we left frm here, we both r coming to star skype restaurant and u both also come here

Roshan: OK bhai

Then both shruhan nd manan left to the restaurant

They both had their dinner, and to nandhini and shruthi’s surprise they both ordered everything wht they both like

They both felt happy tht they got the caring nd best partners

All had their dinner

Shruthi: dii I feel like wanna have ice cream

Nandhini: yeah me too

Manik and Roshan; okk

They ordered two butterscotch nd two chocalate ice creams

All the four were having their ice creams, suddenly Nandhini mobile rang ,it’s chachi

Nandhini: Shruthi its chachi, Wht will we do now

Shruthi: don’t panic dii come let’s speak to chachi,

They excused themselves and spoke wth chachi

Whereas here Manik exchanged his ice cream wth Nandhini

Roshan: bro Wht r u dng, if bhabhi saw this that’s it

Manik: oh u dnt know , these type of feelings when u eat ur loved ones Food without knowing them it will have a great feel nd taste

Roshan: really

Manik: yup u also try

Roshan also exchanged his ice cream wth shruthi’s and ate he felt some different feel

Roshan: yes bhai ur right this feel is awesome

Wht feel,shruthi asked frm behind

Manik: nothing, wht chachi said

Nandhini: she asked where we are and when will we reach

Manik: OK

They both started to have the ice cream

Nandhini nd Shruthi felt something different wth the ice cream then they both came to know the exchange of cups but they ate tht smilingly

Then they four left to college and nandhini and shruthi went to home in Nandhini’s car and both roshan nd Manik also left to their home

All the four got changed and thought about their date wth their loved ones and dozed off to sleep

Precap: sankranthi celebration, introduction of new character nd some special moments of manan and shruhan

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