Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 15 & 16


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Recap:shruhan ‘s date and they came to know about manan’s feeling for each other

As usual both sisters got ready and came to dining and had their breakfast and left to college

Whereas manik and Roshan also left to college, Manik was lost in his own world he was thinking abt nandhini and left to college alone without fab4

Roshan and Ameer also reached the college whereas nandhini and shruthi also came

Manik also entered at the time, Shruti saw him

Shruthi: dii meet u in evening have imp class tc bye

Nandhini: OK bye

Shruthi already saw Roshan so she hurriedly came towards him

Roshan: wht hpnd Shruthi y u r running like this

Shruti: see there Dii and Manik are opposite to each other but don’t see each other

Nandhini was carrying notes in her hand and was concentrated in it whereas Manik was looking at nandhini picture in his mobile

Roshan: what for that

Shruthi: seriously ur buddhu ystrdy only we spoke na

Roshan:yup wht for that

Shruthi:god y u made my bf so idiot, jst wait

Shruthi said something to Ameer nd he went frm there

Shruthi dragged Roshan and hid behind the tree whereas cavya entered the college

Suddenly Shruthi shouted lizard, as nandhini was too much scared at lizard she left the books down nd cried in fear nd hugged Manik who was coming in front of her, Manik was shocked by her sudden hug later he also reciprocated to console her, then they realized their positions and parted away but both were deeply looking into the eyes of both which shows their love to one another, cavya was shocked seeing them like that,

Shruti signalled Ameer and as she said before Ameer shook the branch of the tree using rope the flowers fell on manan made it more beautiful, a petal fell on nandhini’s lip Manik wiped it off in his fingers and there intense eye lock was broken by cabir cough

Both felt embarrassed, nandhini ran away and Manik also excused himself as call came

Cabir: navya there is definitely something between them

Navya: yes u r right

Shruti & Roshan: yup

Both turned to find shruhan nd isheer

Shruthi: navya dii , dii and manik both love each other truly but they can’t express it

Cabir: wht seriously, I never thought manik will love a girl so soon

Navya: nd don’t know how nandhini loved the monster

Roshan:no dii, he is totally changed Nandhini’s love changed him

Shruti: now we have to do something to make them confess their love

All were thinking about a idea

Roshan: bhai give any idea na soon

Cabir: arey I’m not love guru, wait

Navya: he can’t give any useful idea

Cabir: oh madubala then u give na

Navya: don’t call me like that

Both started quarreling

Shruti: guys stop it, I have an idea

The plan was muted

OK now u all go to ur class rooms , me nd Roshan have some work
Isha today can’t come to class tc

Saying this shruhan left in roshan’s bike

And cavya and isheer also left to their respective classes

Whereas there was a person who hid
behind them and listened them it was dhruv, he felt very bad as he also had feelings for Nandhini but he understood tht Nandhini loves Manik and left frm there a tear escaped frm his eyes

While cavya was entering the class manan was continuously staring at each other

The classes started then also Manik nd Nandhini concentrated only on one another

After few hours the class got over navni went frm class followed by manbir

Manik was continuously staring at Nandhini while she also noticed him but dint shown it

Isheer also came at tht time and isha joined wth Navni and Ameer wth manbir

Nandhini: isha where is Shruthi dint seen her frm morning wht hpnd

Isha: dii she dint attend the class don’t know she dint come

Nandhini: what

Nandhini bcom so worried

Whereas manik also found that Roshan is missing

He convinced Nandhini that they might be in outing ,when he received a call

Person: sir,xs2547 is ur bike

Manik: its my brother’s why wht hpnd

Person: sorry sir here was two dead bodies of a girl and a boy and this bike was near tht

Manik: no this can’t be happen (mobile left frm his hand)

Nandhini: what happened Manik

Manik told the caller said to him

Nandhini was hell shocked she loosed her balance while manik holded her

They both reached the lily lake where the person said

Manik saw roshan’s bike and was worried both were praying to god

They both entered and was shocked to see the scenario

The lily lake was covered of Lillie’s as it names
There was like a room covered wth white curtains nd white roses there was a table and two chairs and also a laptop upon it and some eatables

Manan was not able to understand anything both got up to tht place, Manik switched on the laptop nd there was already a video call where shruhan was smiling

Shruhan: sorry

Shruthi:we know u both are too worried for us but we done this to u

Manan were puzzled

Roshan: don’t think too much , we know u both love each other ,so we planned this wth cavya and isheer to make u get some time to confess ur feeling

Shruthi:we both are safe and pls don’t cheat urself and speak through ur heart bye…

The call cut off

Manan was shocked as they don’t think this thing will happen, a smile crept on both faces

While Manik took the white roses in the table and bent down in his knees and nandhini was surprised by his sudden action

Manik: Nandhini I always wanted to tell u this but something stopped me, but today I got the strength to say it, I love u Nandu frm the day I seen u I felt a strange connection between us , u r the one who made me a human frm monster , I want u to be wth me always and love me like a mother, will be my better half???

Nandhini felt very happy, tears started rolling frm her cheeks she stood on her knees near Manik and accepted the roses and hugged him tightly Manik also very happy

Nandhini; love u too Manik I’ll always be wth u nd love u more nd more, u nd me forever together

They broke the hug

Manik kissed her forehead nd slowly her eyes and cheeks nd a small peck to her nose

Manik lightly pecked Nandu’s lip wth his later it turned out to be a long and passionate one, later they broke apart due to insufficient air

Manik then made Nandhini sit on the chair

Manik;Nandu close ur eyes na

Nandhini: y Manik

Manik; pls for me

Nandhini closed her eyes and Manik took a platinum bracelet nd made her wear it

Manik: now open

Nandhini was amazed to see it it was written MN in the bracelet wth beautiful works

Nd Manik also had one in his hand

Manik: this the symbol of togetherness Nandhini, u nd me forever manan is for hamesha

Nandhini kissed his forehead: love u Manik

Manik: love u too darling

Then they both had their dinner and drove to murthi mansion

Shruhan was already waiting for them outside

Manan came frm the car and both hugged shruhan

Nandhini; Shruthi u know I got the best sister in world who cares too much about me

Shruthi: dii I will do anything for u nd I know u love me more than urself

While Manik and Roshan felt teary seeing their bond

Roshan:hope everything went good bhai

Manik:good?? Its superb bro,thank u so much, I’m very happy this was my best day

Roshan: oh oh bhai, control kar na

All had some chit chats and shruhan and manan hugged each other nd Manik nd Roshan left to malhotra mansion

Both couple’s chatted for sometime and off to bed, while Manik and nandhini was thinking about the day spent by them

Nandhini kissed the bracelet presented by Manik and slept wth smile in her lip nd same with manik

All four went to sleep

Precap: new type of celebration

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And shruhan s frm Telugu serial oopiri(short span serial)
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