Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 14


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Recap; nandhini nd Manik mobile conversation and Roshan and shruthi’s drive to a surprise

Shruthi was still sleeping like a baby , the car reached the place ,Roshan was about to wake her but he don’t wanna disturb her, so he carried her in his arms without disturbing her sleep there was already a beautiful couch placed there, he carefully made her lie in tht couch and then looked at her lovingly and caressed her hair

Roshan’s POV: Shruthi I’ll always be wth u ,till my last breathe ur only fr me nd I’m only fr u , ur the best thing happened to me love u so much yaar
End of POV

He plated a mild kiss on her forehead and went somewhere

After few minutes, Shruthi woke up

First she saw the watch

Shruthi: omg I slept these much time, oh no

Then she saw the surrounding
She was amazed as well as very happy seeing tht

She was in the middle of a forest area in a glass type of small room outside was filled wth different varieties and colors of her favorite butterflies, she was very happy by seeing them she jumped in joy

Shruthi’s POV
When I woke up I saw my watch nd realized I slept , then I seen around the place it was so beautiful wth my fav butterflies its lovely
End of POV

She got out of tht glass room and played wth the butterflies, when she extended her hand the butterfly sat in her hand she was very very happy and forgot herself

At tht time a voice came frm behind

A man came behind a bunch of orchids of diff color’s which is her fav ,he started

Man: I don’t know whether someone will seems to be more beautiful women in the world, but fr me ur my world, I want my everyday starts wth ur smiling face and ends, I promise I’ll never let u go frm me and will be wth u in both happy and sorrow

Then he removed the bouquet frm his face, yup he s Roshan

Shruthi got teary eyes seeing him , she had a mixed feeling of emotions

Roshan: Shruthi I know , we already love each other but I wanna make it officially and thts y I done this, I hope u like it

As soon as he finished Shruthi hugged him , and tears were flowing frm her eyes

Shruthi: I love u so much Roshan, I’m very very happy, cnt express how much happy I’m

Roshan also very happy as his lovable soul was very happy

Roshan:how was these arrangements

Shruthi:its awesome


Shruthi: I love it yaar,I’m very happy

Roshan: Shruthi this s not fair OK

Shruthi: wht s not fair

Roshan: I have done this much for u and u dint give me any gift for it(said like a child)

Shruthi:acha wht gift u want

Suddenly roshan pulled her by her waist ,

Roshan: u know wht I want right

He comes close to her, Shruthi was lost in his eyes both were finding their love deep inside their eyes
There was a little gap between their lips
Shruthi realized wht he was up to
She slowly spoke

Shruthi: Roshan tum bhut fast ho,
She pushed him and smirkingly said
Shruthi: and I’m very late.
She ran around the trees , Roshan also started to chase her at last she got captured by him

Shruthi: Roshan leave me

Roshan: no y I should(saying this he took her in his arms and went inside the glass room)

Then he left her down

Shruthi:oh hello wht r u up to

Roshan; just wait ma’am (smiling)

He took a box behind the couch and gave it Shruthi

Shruthi: Roshan wht is this

Roshan: arey open it then only u will know wht

Shruthi gave him , ur impossible look and started opening it

There was a beautiful pearl white color designer Saree wth silver color butterflies designs in it , it s so beautiful

Shruthi: wow Roshan this is so beautiful, its lovely

Roshan:I know nd if u wear this it will be even more beautiful, wear it now na

Shruthi: but Roshan I don’t know to wear Saree , till I never wore saree

Roshan; don’t worry I’m there na I’ll help u(wth a smirk)

Shruthi:u idiot I’ll kill u

Roshan:OK OK cool, jst kidding later u should wear this once fr me OK

Shruthi: OK done

Then they both had the dinner together and went to the car

Roshan was driving the car and Shruthi was lying in his arms

Shruthi:by the way Roshan how u know I like butterflies too much

Roshan: who have to Say, when the first time I met you I saw ur butterfly bracelet before seeing ur face, and later I get to know u love them

Shruthi: wht before seeing my face u seen my bracelet, but how

Roshan:yes (then he said the flashback how the Stoll flew on his face and the bracelet everything)

Shruthi was shocked to listen those and was also happy

Shruthi: then tht Stoll was wth u

Roshan:yes, he took it frm inside his jacket

Shruthi; u always carry it wth u??

Roshan: yeah whenever it was wth me na I feel ur also wth me so tht I always have this

Shruthi: I love u Roshan (she gave a kiss in his cheek)

Roshan:I love u too Shruthi (he kissed her in her forehead)

Nandhini called Shruthi

Nandhini: Shruthi where r u, r u fine

Shruthi: yeah dii I’m completely fine, don’t worry will reach home in one hour

Nandhini: thank God I was thinking, only Manik saying me not to worry

Shruthi: think so Manik was cared fr u

Nandhini: nothing lk tht

Shruthi: OK dii I’ll come home soon, tc

Nandhini: OK dear

Shruthi was thinking, she thought abt Nandhini’s changed behavior and concern towards Manik, whenever she speak abt Manik she saw nandhini happiness and same wth Manik

Shruthi: Roshan, do u think the same thing which I think abt our siblings

Roshan’: what

Shruthi:arey idiot , I think so they both are loving each other

Roshan: what…

Shruti: yes

Roshan: how u think like that

Shruthi; don’t u notice, their both reactions when they both meet , their eyes was full of love and I could see tht as I also came to know abt love

Roshan: yup u r right, bhai also nowadays bcm very silent and always lost in something

Shruthi: Roshan there is only one way to make them realize their love

Roshan: what was that

The convo was muted…


Roshan; yeah

Shruthi: now we both will make them, together I’m so happy fr my dii

Roshan: I’m also

Then Roshan came to shruthi’s home and left her in the entrance wth a hug to her and reached Malhotra mansion

Both siblings had some chitchats

Nandhini and shruthi went to sleep, but later nandhini suddenly woke up and saw whether Shruthi s awake r not, Shruthi can guess her sisters act so she try to be act lk sleeping, nandhini took a breathe of relief, she dialed a number and its Manik

While Manik and Roshan was speaking about something nandhini’s call came, he was so happy but realized Roshan wth him and bid a good night to him and hurriedly went to his room, Roshan noticed this

Roshan’s POV
I know bhai its nandhini dnt worry, we will make u both one soon
End of POV
He also left to his room

Nandhini: hello Manik

Manik: yup nandhini say, suddenly called at this time.

Nandhini’: y I can’t call?.

Manik; u can call me all time 24×7, my mobile will be waiting fr ur call

Nandhini;oh Manik ur so sweet

Manik: yeah I know (smiling)

Nandhini: thank u so much Manik

Manik; for wht

Nandhini: for getting my sissy safely to home

Manik: oh come on Nandu, hereafter no thanks and sorry between us

Nandhini: Manik but

Manik: no if’s r but’s

Nandhini: OK OK

Manik: thts the good girl, time is so late Now go and sleep dear

Nandhini: u too goodnight sweet dreams

Manik: goodnight meet u tmrw in Clg

Both were unknowingly smiling by thinking abt each other

Manik went on sleep and here nandhini also

Shruthi’s POV
Dii much days u will I
Hide ur feelings towards manik, jst wait and watch how we both make u confess ur love
End of POV

She smiled and dossed off to sleep

All four slept thinking about their loved ones

Precap: plan of Shruthi and Roshan to unite manan …

Thank u guys , nd someone have asked for the pic of the second couple I try to find it guys as it s quite old serial I cnt get any info on net, but will make to get u that

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