Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 13


Sorry guys I know I was quite late, but sry frnds felt very bad can’t write my ff, as u all know CM of Tamil Nadu has passed away she was the inspiration of many women the brave lady, before getting into our ff let’s pray for her soul to get into peace

Sorry if I made u feel sad

So here I continue the ff


Shruthi and Roshan confessed their love to each other, manan also very happy as their siblings got the true love of their life

So as usual the sunrays disturbed our sleeping beauties and Nandu woke up first and woke up Shruthi, Shruthi woke up wth a smile about her last days experience

Nandhini: Shruthi, y r u smiling thinking abt Roshan ah??

Shruthi: no no dii (saying tht she blushed)

Nandhini: oh oh first time I have seen my sister is blushing see ur cheeks turned red

Shruthi :dii , I’m gonna freshen(saying this she ran to washroom and got ready)

And then nandhini also got ready

Nandhini was wearing a maroon color short kurti wth white denims and light make-up and lip gloss and some light earring, she was looking beautiful

Shruthi got ready in a purple top and denims and done light makeup and lip gloss and earrings she was looking cute

In Malhotra mansion

Manik and Roshan woke up and both got ready

Manik was wearing a brown shirt wth brown blazer and blue denims, he wore a watch and perfectly made his hair, he was looking hot and dashing

Roshan also got ready in a blue shirt wth blue blazer and denims he wore a watch and made his hair perfect and was looking more handsome

Both came down for the breakfast

But Manik noticed his brother real happiness after long days and he was also happy tht there was one more person who can love his bro Lk him

Manik:good morning bro

Roshan:Good morning bhai

Manik: looking so happy today

Roshan: yes bhai very happy

Manik:I can see tht on ur face

Roshan; ur the best bhai

Manik: now y r u buttering me, what’s the matter

Roshan: nothing bhai

Manik:arey say na what’s the matter

Roshan: bhai wo,… I have planned a surprise fr Shruthi fr tht I need ur help

U have to………(tht help will be revealed later)

Manik: arey how can I do this, its impossible

Roshan: pls bhai, fr me pls(he kept a cute pout on his face)

Manik: OK OK pls dnt keep ur face lk this

Roshan: thank u bhai(he hugged Manik and left to the college in his car)

Manik also left to college wth fab4

Whereas nandhini and Shruthi also reached the college

Nandhini went to the class, while entering she searched Manik but can’t find him

While in canteen Manik was so eager to go to class.

Cabir: Manik y r u seems to be restless

Manik: nothing yaar let’s go to class

Mukti: like seriously u want to go to class so, soon Wht hpnd to u Manik

Manik: nothing come let’s go

Cabir: OK guys dnt know when he will be angry let’s go

Fab5 was moving to class
Manik went first followed by mukti,alya,dhruv and cabir
While cabir was going he dashed wth navya who was carrying some books frm library
The books fell down, cabir was about to go but he remembered something and bent down to help her

Navya: y u dashed me, see all the books fallen

Cabir: OK yaar sorry, here your books

Navya: seriously u r asking sry, is this a dream (she pinches herself) ouch no its true

Cabir: enough navya , I need a help frm u

Navya: I have to think whether should help u or not(she was about to go)

Cabir: its about Manik and nandhini

She turned

Navya: what, r u serious??

Cabir: yup, I think so something is going on between them

Navya: I too feel the same

Cabir: OK so u have an eye on Nandhini and me on Manik so we can find

Navya:OK done

Both shaked their hands and went to class

While they entered the class they both saw manan staring each other

Navya: Nandu what are u looking there

Nandhini: nothing navya , where were you??

Navya: I’m in library

Nandhini: oh OK

Manik was lost in Nandu, cabir noticed it

Cabir: Manik she s beautiful na

Manik: very beautiful (then he realized wht he told)
Wo actually (he tried to cover up)

And thank god sumith sir came to rescue manik

Classes started for them

In first year class

Isha was spkng to shruthi whereas she was completely lost in her own world
Isha noticed her and shook her to make her to reality

Shruthi: wht hpnd??

Isha: Shruthi u were day dreaming, it is not good to ur health

Shruthi: u isha enough of teasing me

Isha: yeah yeah now I dnt have rights to tease also, only ur bf has all rights na

Shruthi: Isha (she started blushing)

Isha; wow ur blushing, oh god ur face turns to be pink

Where as Roshan snd Ameer came to class

Ameer: oh hello girls wht r u dng

Isha’ wo Shruthi was b…(Shruthi shutted her mouth)

Shruthi: nothing were where u guys(nd gave a angry look to isha so she stayed quite)

Ameer was abt to say smthng but got cut by Roshan

Roshan: we were struck in traffic

Shruthi: OK OK.

At tht time ameer and isha blinked their eyes like a signal

Ameer:oh buddy u know I have to write some notes frm Isha so u go there, she will help me in writing

Roshan: wht notes, say I’ll give

Ameer: no buddy I already wrote little frm her, it will confuse If I wrote frm u so pls

Roshan; OK

Whereas isha said the same tht she was gng to help ameer in writing the notes

Shruthi; oh isha seriously, u think I’m a fool

Isha: wht y should I think lk tht

Shruthi: I saw u both signalling each other
,Ameer want Roshan to sit wth me that’s it na

Isha: oh god ur very clever yaar

Shruthi: thank u,OK u go I’ll also see wht u both were doing

Isha smiled and went and sat beside ameer and Roshan came and sat beside Shruthi

Ameer and isha started speaking something but dint write the notes

While Roshan seeing them nd Shruthi was staring at Roshan

Roshan: Shruthi, Ameer said he want to write notes frm isha, thts y I sat here and now they dint write anything and laughing and chatting

Shruthi giggled

Roshan: wht hpnd y r u laughing

Shruthi: seriously Roshan ur a idiot

Roshan: me idiot

Shruthi: they both wanted us to spend time and ur thinking abt them

Then Roshan realized and holded shruthi’s hand both were looking into each others eyes deeply suddenly they got distracted as Raghav sir entered

The class started

And after few hours it ended as there was no special classes, the college ended in noon 1:00

Whereas fab5and navni went to canteen

Manan were quietly stealing glances looking deep into each other eyes while this was watched by cavya

Suddenly cabir called navya this made the manan to come back to reality

Navya and Nandu went near fab5

Cabir: actually guys I think so we may be frnds wth them(to fab5)

Mukti &alya; wht, but y cabir

Cabir: guys we only know pop music’s and they are good in classical also and it will be useful to us

Manik was very happy

Manik; I totally agree wth u buddy

Cabir in mind I know buddy u will agree

Dhruv;yeah me too

Mukti and Alya: OK fine

Where as nandhini was shocked by sudden friendship proposal, she don’t know Wht to do , Manik signalled her to accept it and then she accepted

Navya also accepted and both cavya smiled at each other and manan were continuously staring

They all was about to leave when manik signalled Nandhini not to go , so she stayed by saying some reason to navya

Whereas Manik also

But cavya went and hid behind the pillar to listen to them

Nandhini: wht happened Manik y u signalled me to stay here

Manik: nandhini wo

Nandu: Wht

Manik: I need a favor frm u

Nandhini: wht favor Manik

Manik; Roshan na he planned some surprise for Shruthi, for tht he wanted to take her somewhere today evening

Nandhini; no no manik, I can’t help u chachi and chacha will ask so many questions

Manik; Nandu I know but pls understand na, u know abt him na definitely he will get ur sister safe to u, pls fr me(he pouted cutely)

Nandhini: OK but make it early , I’ll manage chacha and chachi

Manik; thank u so much (he hugged Nandu)

Nandhini was carried away by his sudden hug then they both realized and parted away

Nandhini went frm there and Manik msgd Roshan tht the plan s successful

Roshan was so happy

Whereas cavya who watching this smirked and said in mind let’s see guys Wht u both are doing

Nandhini left in her car to home as per the plan
Ameer and isha already left
Shruhan are ready to leave at that time Manik came

Manik: Shruthi , u dint Go wth nandhini

Shruthi: no manik, now only have to go dii will be waiting

Maniik: oh no nandhini already went home will chacha called her immediately, she thought u left wth isha

Shruthi:oh no , now how can I go, isha also left na

Manik;yeah wht to do, idea u go wth Roshan he will drop u home

Shruthi sees Roshan and said OK

Manik: Roshan take Shruthi carefully and leave in her house, don’t know if anything hpnd to her nandhini will kill me

Roshan; don’t worry bhai I’ll take care of her, Shruthi u jst go to my car I’ll come

Shruthi: OK
She went to his car

Roshan: thank u so much bhai, thank u I’ll never forget this help

Manik: OK OK be careful , if anything wrong happened nandu will kill me so pls fr ur bhai be safe

Roshan: OK bhai bye

Manik; bye

Manik left to home

Whereas Shruthi and Roshan left in his car

Roshan made a melodious music played in the car audio system due tht shruthi slept

Roshan who was driving the car suddenly saw her sleeping and was lost in her

Roshan’s POV: when I’m driving to tht place I suddenly saw her sleeping wth a cute smile on her face , I dnt knw whether someone will be beautiful even in sleep, she is cute and beautiful
End of POV

Then he started driving

Roshan thank god she slept r she may asking some questions to me abt where we are going

Here both manan were speaking in mobile

Manik: Nandu dnt worry they will come soon

Nandhini: OK Manik, I convinced chacha and chachi tht she has a special class and will be late

Manik; thts good,

Nandhini: by the way dnt be so happy if my sissy dint come on time na then tmrw ur finished (giggling)

Manik: I know tht jagat Mata ji, don’t worry I’m responsible fr ur sister

Nandhini: hmm

Manik: nandhini today it was unexpected right, friendship of fab5, suddenly cabir got this idea and I’m so happy

Nandhini: but Manik I was little confused I accepted it bcoz u said

Manik: don’t wanna confuse anything Nandu, and lets see wht hpn next

Suddenly he heard hiccups sound, nandhini got hiccups

Manik: Nandu are u fine

Nandhini: yeah manik(ekk) jst(ekk) getting hiccups

Manik: first drink water.

Nandhini: I drank it dint stop (ekk)

Manik : I love u nandhini

Nandhini: wht

Manik: haha see ur hiccups gone if we said smthng shocking na so hiccup will go thts wht I done

Nandhini expression got weak

Nandu: oh OK OK

Manik; OK Nandu catch u later , bye tc

Nandhini; bye

Manik in mind I jst wanted to tell u my love Nandu but not so soon

Nandhini in mind he never changes suddenly this monster made me happy by saying love u and then said jst fr stopping hiccup, god wht s he up to, smiled and kept the mobile

The screen freezes on the smiling faces of manan and roshan who drives the car happily and shruthi who was sleeping

Precap: Roshan’s surprise to shruthi and shruhan found the hidden love of manan and decided to unite them

Sorry guys I dint see previous update cmnts, thanks for everyone who commented sry fr not replying, hope u like it
Take care friends

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