Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 12


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Shruthi was shocked by aryaman’s sudden proposal and watched Roshan leaving angrily

Tears started to flow frm her eyes

Shruthi’s POV: I never thought aryaman will propose me, he is my good friend, now Roshan heard aryaman’s proposal , he left frm here angrily wht I’ll do now
End of POV

Aryaman: Shruthi y r u silent, say smthng

Shruthi: aryaman I’m so sorry, I never felt a love type of feeling on u, you are my best friend and I want that u should be my best friend always, this will not work out between us hope u understand

Aryaman lost is his hope the girl whom he loved dint accept him, he was totally broken but he never express his sorrow,

Aryaman:its OK Shruthi, I’m ur best friend right, then say one thing do u love anyone

Shruthi was shocked at his question
Shruthi: yup aryaman I love someone, but yet dint express it to him

Aryaman: no Shruthi, first express your feelings to him, who is tht person

Shruthi: its Roshan, I dnt know y but I feel he s my life

Aryaman; he is very lucky to get u , wht r u waiting for go run say ur feelings to him

Shruthi also smiled at him and ran in search of Roshan

(Guys I think so a true love is to see our lover happiness, not thinking to snatch them frm their loved ones)

Aryaman had pain in his heart but dint shown to Shruthi as he know she will also feel bad fr him

Shruthi was searching Roshan allover the college
Suddenly she saw Nandu

Nandhini:Shruthi y r u crying and running like this

Shruthi: nothing dii , I have to go meet u later

Nandhini: where u are going, class was over na, come let’s go to home

Shruthi: no dii, I have left some of my books in class so I’ll get it, u be in the car I’ll come

Nandhini: OK come soon

Shruthi ran to the class , her eyes searched for Roshan but she dint find him anywhere, suddenly Isha and Ameer came

Isha:Shruthi what happened to u, y r u crying

Shruthi: nothing do u saw , Roshan anywhere

Ameer: yes he left the college,before few minutes very angrily, I tried to stop him but he was very angry, see tht window he punched tht in anger,blood started to Bruce frm his hand but he dint mind it and went angrily

Shruthi: oh god pls nothing should happen to him, OK I have to go she rushed out

Isha&Ameer: Shruthi wait

Before she went

Shruthi’s POV: I should have explained it to him, don’t know where he went its all bcoz of me, Roshan pls I love u don’t be angry, u got hurt bcoz of me I can’t bear it pls
End of POV

She tried to call him but it was not reachable and she also called Manik but he said tht he also don’t know where he went

Shruthi went and sat beside nandhini in car , Aryaman was already there

Nandhini: Shruthi wht hpnd y r u so tensed

Shruthi hugged nandhini and cried

Shruthi: dii I don’t know, I hurted a good person without my knowledge, I can’t forgive my self

Nandhini: Shruthi nothing like that, u can’t hurt anyone I know u

Shruthi: no dii, I did

Nandhini: OK relax OK now nthng hpnd
She caresses her hair and Aryaman drove to Murthi mansion

Shruthi ran to her room fell on her bed and begin to cry hugging her pillow

Nandhini can’t see her in pain suddenly she got a conference call from Ameer,Manik, Isha the conversation was muted

Then after few hours Ameer called Shruthi

Ameer; Shruthi

Shruthi: yes Ameer did Roshan spk wth u

Ameer: Shruthi wo wo

Shruthi: wht

Ameer: Roshan….

Shruthi: wht hpnd to Roshan

Ameer:Roshan got accident,while driving his bike

Shruthi left her mobile frm her hand, the world stopped to her, she cried more
Nandhini who seen tht took the mobile and she also shocked by hearing the accident

Nandhini: where do they admit him

Ameer:he was in city hospital, ICU

Nandhini: OK we r coming there

Saying this she disconnected the call

Shruthi was like a corpse, she criticized herself for Roshan’s accident
While Nandhini lifted her and both went to the city hospital

Nandhini in reception

Nandhini: excuse me where is the ICU

Receptionist: straight and second left ma’am

Nandhini; thank u

Both rushed there

Manik,fab4,ameer ,Isha all were sitting there
Shruthi asked to Ameer

Shruthi: y he done like this, can’t he drive properly ,wht does doc said??

Ameer: doc said he is in very critical stage,lot of blood loss

Shruthi: ameer its all bcoz of me, I should see him now pls

Ameer: but doc not allow anyone to see him

Shruthi: please I have to see him right now

Manik; Shruthi u go ,I’ll speak to doc

Shruthi rushed to ICU

She went and sat beside Roshan who was lying on the bed lk a dead,she can’t control her tears

Shruthi: Roshan please don’t be like this , get up I can’t see u like this pls speak wth me , I really wanted to say u a thing for awhile but dint expect I’ll say tht in such a situation, Roshan I love u yaar, love u so much, I don’t know how I fell for u but I want my whole life to be wth u , ur the one whom I wish to see when everyday starts and end, without u I’m nothing pls wake up I love u to the core of my heart

Suddenly a chorus came frm behind

We know that

Shruthi was awestruck and turned

There, nandhini, Manik, Ameer, Isha and fab4 came
Nandhini: we know tht u love him and that’s y we all planned this to express ur feeling to him

Manik; I know wht u r thinking Shruthi, how we know this na ,

Shruthi shaked her head

Manik: Aryaman told us and we all done this sorry for this

Fab4 also said sorry and left frm there

Shruthi: but Manik Roshan got accident see he s lying lifeless

Manik giggled
Manik: oh really ur so innocent Shruthi lk Nandu,

Manik to Roshan

Manik;oh hello bro , enough of Ur acting ,get up ,ur Oscar hero OK now get up

Roshan got up wth a smirk in his face, Shruthi was hell shocked

Ameer: wow buddy what an acting, hats off

Isha: yes Ameer

Shruthi: uuuu y u done like this Roshan

Roshan: bcoz I want u to express ur feelings first to me

Shruthi: for that u will do like this, u know how much I’m worried

Roshan: I’m sorry but u knw wht u look cute when ur angry

Shruthi; who gave u this idea of accident

Ameer: who else, ur Roshan only

Shruthi: u idiot I’ll not leave u
Saying this she started to beat Roshan

Roshan: awww

Shruthi: wht hpnd r u OK

Roshan:Shruthi see ur face u know na I dint get accident then how it will pain fr me

Shruthi got more angry and started to throw the pillow on him
Roshan jumped frm the bed and ran out of the ICU Shruthi was chasing him

Shruthi: hey wait I’ll not lv u, u

Roshan dint listen to her and Started running

While manan was watching their bro and sissy’s cute fights

Nandhini’ how cute they look na, they was cute couple

Manik: yup jst like us

Nandhini: excuse me wht u said

Manik: I dint say anything, did u hear something

Nandhini: no no(angrily)

Manik: waise nandhini how u accept ur sisters love

Nandhini: bcoz I know she love Roshan truly and he also does the same, I’m very happy tht my sister got her true love, nd thnx to Aryaman bcoz he only said this to us

Manik: yeah ur right , so let’s go and find them dnt know wht they are doing

Nandhini: OK

Whereas shruhan reached the terrace

Roshan way was blocked by the wall

Shruthi stood before him smirkingly

Roshan: sweet heart I’m so sorry , pls don’t beat me yaar I’m very tired

Shruthi: u r tired, u know how much I cried and u
She tried to catch him but he escaped and agn begin to run when he heard Shruthi’s voice


Roshan: wht hpnd

Shruthi: I got sprain in my ankle

Roshan went to check her ankle
At tht time , Shruthi turned his ears

Shruthi: how dare u, u made me cry now see u will cry

Roshan winced in pain

Roshan: ouch matarani please leave me

Shruti: OK this s the last , don’t act like this agn

Roshan: OK sure

She left his ears

Shruthi was about to go but Roshan holded her by her waist frm back

Shruthi: Roshan lv me, dii will be waiting down

Roshan: no I’ll not leave my wife

Shruthi: wife??

Roshan: yes ,ur my wife yet we r not married but our hearts already married our breath mixed in each other souls

Shruthi was happy that he got a lovely person in her life and same wth Roshan they both were lost in each other they dint even remember their position

Both were abt to kiss when they got disturbed by a coughing sound of Manik and nandhini also there

Roshan immediately made her stand slowly Both were feeling embarrassed, Shruthi felt shy and ran towards ground floor

Nandhini: think so Manik we came in wrong time

Manik: yup u r right but Nandu I dnt knw tht my bro will love a girl this much sincerely

Roshan: bhai!!!

Nandu: OK u guys carry-on see u tomorrow in college bye

Manik and Roshan’ bye

Nandhini and shruthi left to their home
Shruthi was very happy and thought about their moments in terrace, and nandhini also thought abt Manik

They both dozed of to sleep

In Malhotra mansion

Roshan also thought same as Shruthi and Manik was thinking how to express his feelings to nandhini, both brother’s lost in their princesses and dozed of to sleep

Precap: friendship of fab5 and navni

Friends I know today ff dint have much manan scenes but sure next ff will have many scenes of manan so take care guys will update soon

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