Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 11


First of all,
Piya,Manu,inu,Aswini,Anjali,Neha,Sharmi, Naaz ,sush,shrutu thank u so much and thanks to all friends who supported me to write this ff

So here is the


In Murthi mansion

Nandhini and shruthi was sleeping peacefully and as usual sunrise started to enter their room and disturbed our sleeping beauties, both woke up and wished each other a good morning, and freshened

Nandhini got ready in a purple tops and white denims and applied light make-up and lavender color lip gloss,she weared simple earring and was looking so beautiful

Shruthi got ready in a peach color tops and blue denims and a little makeup with peach color lip gloss,she weared a earring and was looking cute

Both went to dining table and chacha ,chachi and Aryaman was already present there

Chachi: here came your daughters (to chacha)

Chacha: good morning beta

Nandu &Shruthi; good morning chacha, chachi

Aryaman: Good morning, Shruthi

Shruthi: Good morning
(Said slowly and was thinking about Roshan’s changed behavior)

Where Nandhini was thinking about Manik

Chacha: arey Nandu, Shruthi see I have made ur fav aloo paratha, come eat soon

Where as both lost in their own world

Aryaman shaked Shruthi then she came into senses and same Shruthi wth nandhini

Then the trio had their breakfast and left to the college
Nandhini drove the car and shruthi in the passenger seat and aryaman in back seat

In malhotra mansion

Manik got ready in a white shirt, black blazer and black jeans,he wore a watch and perfectly jelled up his hair, anyone will fall for him
He was very happy about nandhini’s friendship

Whereas Roshan also got ready but was continuously thinking about Shruthi and aryaman, he wore a yellow shirt ,white blazer and white denims, he was looking dashing

Both went to the dining table, the butler already kept the breakfast ready for them in the table

While eating Manik noticed his brother’s changed behavior

Manik: bro wht hpnd y u seems to be disturbed??

Roshan:nothing bhai, I’m good

Manik: are u sure

Roshan: yeah, bhai I have to go to ameer home to pick him up ,so bye meet u in college

Manik; OK bye

Roshan left to ameer’s home

Manik also left to cabir’s home, fab4 was already present there

Cabir: good morning bro

Manik: morning

Cabir: what bro looking very happy

Manik; nothing lk tht

Cabir:oh oh then there is something, confirm

Mukti; cabir lv manik always kidding ,enough

Cabir: OK matarani

Dhruv:guys let’s go to college,its already late

Alya:yeah let’s go

Then fab5 left to Clg

Roshan and ameer also left to college,
On the way

Ameer:bro what hpnd, y u look so disturbed

Roshan: nothing buddy.

Ameer:I can understand bro , u r thinking about aryaman na

Roshan: how u know buddy

Ameer:bhai ur my bestie, u dont wanna worry u can ask this straight to shruthi na

Roshan: what if she thinks wrong about me

Ameer: she will not think wrong bhai, u know her na

Roshan: yup u r right, I will ask her frm yesterday I dint spk to her this was killing me

Ameer:OK bro go fast, we have to reach Clg within 15 min

Then they both reached the Clg and fab5also

Nandhini and Shruthi already went to their class

Nandhini was speaking with navya

Nandhini: navya where is fab5 till they dint come

Navya:waise Nandu y r u asking about them

Nandu: nothing jst asked

Navya:oh they will be coming I think so

Nandhini: OK(smiling thinking abt manik)

At that time fab5 entered

Manik eyes searched for nandhini when he was entering

He saw his beautiful lady love wth a smile on her lips watching in the direction he came
He was lost in her cute face until cabir pulled him

And sumith sir came to class, manan were continuously stealing glances

Dhruv also watched nandhini sometimes

In 2nd year class

Shruthi was speaking wth isha and aryaman sat in boys row next to her and continuously watching her

Shruthi: isha where was Roshan

Isha:y where u asking about him

Shruthi: he dint came yet na , thts y

Isha: oh come on I knw u worried for him and u have feelings for him

Shruthi: no no nothing like that

Isha:u can hide ur feelings to others Shruthi but not to your heart

At that time Roshan and Ameer came to class

Roshan lost in her cuteness

Shruthi also felt happy after seeing him

She was about to speak to him but raghav sir came

Then the classes went on

Both shruhan can’t listen to the class

Shruthi’s POV : what’s happening to me, I can’t tolerate if Roshan dint spk wth me, is this really love as isha said, yup I love him, but how can I express it to him, if he don’t feel this
End of POV

Roshan’s POV: Shruthi I can’t let u go frm me, ur my world I can’t let anyone snatch u frm me hope u also have same feeling fr me
End of POV

The class got over

The fab5 and navni left to canteen

Whereas nandhini noticed she left her mobile in class and said navya tht she will get it
Manik also heared it and excused himself frm his frnds

Nandhini went to class and got her phone, when she turned someone was standing there so she scared at tht time, then it was our very own Romeo

Nandhini: tum!!

Manik:Han mein

Nandhini: wht r u dng here

Manik: my friend came alone here when no one is around so, I thought to accompany u , what if something happen to u

Nandu: wow Manik u care for Me too much, wht a miracle the great Manik malhotra is concerned for me, good boy (saying this he pulled his cheeks)
But Manik I don’t need any security (

she pushed him and started to run allover
the class, Manik was also running behind her

Manik: Nandu I will not lv u

Nandhini: oh I’m scared Manik, first catch me

She agn ran around the classroom, and climbed the desk as soon as she climbed Manik also blocked her way, now Nandu can’t escape frm him, Manik took Nandu in his arms,

Nandhini: Manik wht r u dng , if anyone see wht they will think, leave me

Manik: first say sorry, then I’ll let u go

Nandhini: oh hello, I’ll not ask sry

Manik:then I’ll not lv u

Nandhini: Manik lv me, oh Raghav sir?!!

Manik immediately left her nandhini fell on ground

Nandhini: u y u left me lk this

Manik: y u scared me by Raghav sir’s name

Nandhini: wo wo, I’ll not say,

She pushed manik away and ran frm the. Class wth her mobile

Manik got up and smiled at her playful childish things,
Manik’s POV: nandhini u r so cute, I dnt think tht I can be so attached to a girl, ur my life I won’t leave u ever
End of POV

Nandhini sat beside navya

Navya:y r u so late

Nandhini: I was searching it


Manik also came and sat wth fab5 both manan smiled at each other while spkng wth their frnds, this was noticed by navya and cabir

In 1st year class ,
The class got over

Shruthi and Roshan was abt to speak but when they came close, aryaman interrupted

Aryaman: Shruthi nandhini called u immediately to seminar hall

Shruthi: y she dint informed me anything

Aryaman: I don’t know , she only called

Shruthi;left frm there, watching sadly at Roshan and Roshan also does the same

Aryaman went behind her

Ameer: bro wht hpnd u speak wth her go

Roshan: bro she went to seminar hall to meet nandhini

Ameer:so wht, u also can go na

Roshan: OK I’ll go

Ameer:bhai say ur feelings to her, all the best

Roshan also left to seminar hall

Shruthi entered the seminar hall.

It was so dark ,

Shruti: dii where r u

Suddenly a recording of a beautiful music played

A voice was heard behind

Voice: I wish I have to be wth u till my death and u show me wht is love, frm my childhood u r the one whom took care of me and I want this thing to be forever

Shruthi was confused by this, she thought it was Roshan

The light was on

It was written love u in the beautiful pink lights and she saw the persons face

She was shocked as it was aryaman

Aryaman bent down in his knees

Aryaman: Shruthi frm childhood I’m in love wth u, don’t know how but I’ll be glad if I got u, will u be my life partner

He forwarded her a ring in his hand

Shruthi was shocked by his sudden proposal, she don’t know wht to say

At tht time Roshan who was standing in the door felt heart broken, tears started to flow frm his eyes and he went frm there angrily

Shruthi suddenly saw Roshan going frm there

So guys what will happen to shruthi , will she accept aryaman’s proposal, or express her feelings to Roshan, what will happen to Roshan
To get the answers wait for next update

Precap:a unknown twist and manans growing relationship

Thank u guys stay tuned

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