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Two States- Ishkara SS by Aaru #3


Hum sorry se shuru kr rhe h.. I had exams n then a very tight schedule for d week, so I just could not get time to update..n one more thing, I hv my semester exams in November, so I hv a lot of course to cover up, so I’ll be updating only once a week..sorry for dat😞
Without wasting much time, let’s start wid part 3

RECAP- first day of teaching Garba.. hilarious arguments😂

3rd day of navratri

Ishana entered in Oberoi Mansion. She headed towards Omkara’s room. She saw Rudra peeping into his room n was laughing like maniac, but..without any noise. As if someone had muted him. She went closer n tapped on Rudra’s shoulder.
Ishana: Kya ho gya tumhe?? [What happened to u??]
Rudra signalled her to look at Om n then went back to his laughter. Ishana peeped into d room n saw Omkara. He had played Dholi taro dhol baje song n was trying to rehearse wat Ishana taught him yesterday. Ishana was watching him silently. Omkara wasn’t even doing Garba’s G correctly. She too joined Rudra in his laughter fits.
Ishana: aa shu che?? 😂😂 [What is dis??]
Omkara immediately stopped dancing n was looking down in embarrassment. But on seeing Ishana laughing, a slight smile broke in his face.
Rudra: O, smile kya kr rhe ho!! Aaphi pe has rhi h wo. [What r smiling at?? She laughing at u only.]
Omkara: shut up Rudra!
Rudra: waah, Ishana di aap pe has rhi h, tab aap smile kr rhe ho..aur mere kuch bolne pe bhi shut up!! [Wow, Ishana di is laughing at u n u’re smiling..n when I speak U’re saying shut up!!]
Omkara: tu chup hota h ya..[you’ll keep quiet or..]
He moves forward to hit Rudra n he runs away.
Ishana: oh God!! Kitta jhagadte h aap dono..khair, practice shuru kre? [Oh God!! How much u both fight.. anyways, shall we start d practice?]
Omkara: sure!
Ishana: aaj hum music k sath Dandiya krenge.. waise ye gana bhi accha h..Dholi taro dhol baje [today we’ll do Dandiya wid music.. btw, dis song is also nice.. Dholi taro dhol baje]

Ishana giggles. She gives him two Dandiyas n takes two Dandiyas in her hands. She plays d music.
Ishana: aaj zyada zor se mat marna. [ Don’t hit me hard today]
Omkara: I’m sorry for dat.
Ishana: it’s ok..main to mazak kr rhi thi..Mujhe kaubaa dard hua tha!! [I was joking..I wasn’t hurt!!]

They practice for 4 hours. Then it’s 2 o’clock n they take a break.
Omkara: 2 baj gye h, lunch ka waqt ho gya aur mujhe bhuk bhi lag rhi h. Aap bhi chaliye, lunch kr lijiye. [It’s 2 o’clock, time for lunch n I’m hungry too. U also join us for lunch.]
Ishana: no, I’m fine.
Omkara: nhi, aap bhi bhuki hongi, plzz chaliye. [no, u must be hungry too, plzz come.]
Ishana agrees n they go to d dining area.

Dining area
All members were sitting n Ishkara too came.
Dadi: Ishana buttar, aaram se khana, apna ghar samajh k. [Ishana dear, eat properly, think as it’s your house only.]
Ishana: ji baa
Rudra: baa??
Ishana: wo main apni dadi ko baa bolti thi, to muh se wahi nikal gya. [Actually I used to call my grandma as baa, so it came out of my mouth.]
Anika: Maine dekha h TV pe, Gujrati apnu Dadi ko baa bolte h..haina?😄 [I’ve seen on TV, Gujratis call their Dadi as baa, right?]
Ishana smiles n nods.
Dadi: koi baat nhi buttar, main bhi teri Dadi jaisi hi hu, tu mujhe baa bula sakti h. [No problem dear, I’m like your grandma so u can call me baa.]
Anika: ye kya khana h.. Mujhe bhi pasand aloo, main nhi khaungi. [What type of food is dis..I don’t like potato, I won’t eat.]
Rudra: sumo mujhe pinch krna to, Anika bhabhi ko aloo nhi pasand!! [Pinch me Sumo, Anika bhabhi doesn’t like potato!!]
Saumya pinched him..rilli hard😂
Rudra: aahh!! Itti zor se koi pinch krta h kya! [Aahh!! Does anyone pinch so hard!]
Saumya: Mujhe Sumo bologe to yehi hoga. [this’ll happen if u’ll call me Sumo.]
Rudra: Sumo to tum ho. [U r a Sumo]
Saumya: shut up crybaby
Rudra: Sumo Sumo Sumo Sumo..SUMO!!
Anika: chup kro dono. Yahan mujhe khana pasand nhi h aur tum dono jhagad rhe ho! Meri to kisiko padi hi nhi h 😭 [Shut up both of u. I’m not liking d food n both of u r arguing! Nobody cares for me 😭]
Shivaay: Anika, maine ye specially tumhare liye banaya tha..[Anika, I had made dis specially for u..]
Ishana was looking at them wid amusement.
Anika: Lekin main kya kru Shivaay, mujhe ye khane ka bilkul man nhi h. Mujhe to kuch chatpata khana h. [But what do I do Shivaay, I don’t want to eat dis at all. I want to eat something spicy.]

Ishana immediately thinks of something which makes Anika smile in glee.
Ishana: aap dhokla khaengi?? [Wud u like to hv dhokla?]
Anika: Kya khidkitod idea diya h! [What an amazing idea!]
Shivaay: Lekin dhokla banaega kaun? [But who’ll make dhokla?]
Rudra: aap, aur kaun! [You, who else!]
Shivaay: Mujhe dhokla banana nhi ata. [I don’t know how to make dhokla.]
Anika: Kya Shivaay, aapko sari utpatang naam wali chize banani ati h, dhokla banana nhi ata! [Shivaay, u can make all those dishes wid weird named but can’t make dhokla!]
Ishana: Mujhe ata h na..main bana dungi. [I know that, I will make it.]

Before anyone could say anything AniSaum take Ishana to d kitchen.
Shivaay: Lekin Obros k kitchen mein wo kaise bana sakti h! [But how can she cook in Obros kitchen!]
ShivOmRu too go to d kitchen.
Pinky: aaj to kitchens ki bands bajne wali h. [Today d kitchen is gone.]
Jahnvi: u’re right Pinky.
Dadi: haye rabba, Shivaay ne ghar sar pe utha lena h! [Oh Lord, Shivaay will lift d house on his head!]

In d kitchen
Shivaay: Om, ye teri teacher h, tu bol ise. [Om, she’s your teacher, u tell her.]
Omkara: main kya bolu! [What do I say!]
Rudra: inse na ho payega! [He cannot do dis!]
Omkara: Kya bola? [What?]
Rudra: inse hi ho payega! [He can only do dis!]

Omkara goes near Ishana, who was making d batter for dhokla.
Omkara: Ishana, wo main.. [Ishana, actually I..]
Ishana: accha hua aap aa gye, wo whisk pass kijiye na. [It’s good u came, pass d whisk na.]

Omkara passes her d whisk. Ishana’s hair were coming on her face.
Ishana: ye baal hataiye na, plzz. [Plzz move these hair aside.]
Omkara does dat. He looks at her angelic face. His fingers feeling a tingle on touching her face. He was lost in her beauty.
Shivaay: ye use rokne aya h ya uski help krne! [He has come to stop her or to help her!]
Anika: aap ise rokna chahte hi kyu h Shivaay? Khudne to dhokla bana sikha nhi, wo bechari bana rhi h to use bhi banane nhi de rhe. Ek minute ka chain nhi h na aapko. [Y do u even want to stop her Shivaay? U yourself didn’t learn making a dhokla n when this innocent girl is making it, u’re not letting her. U can’t be calm for a minute right. ]
Saumya: Bhaiya, bhabhi..ladna chhodo aur ye dekho. [Stop fighting n look here.]
She points at Ishkara n Shivika look at them.
Rudra: kuch kuch locha h Bhaiya. [There’s something something Bhaiya.]
Saumya: dono kitte cute lag rhe h. Bade Baal wale bhaiya kaise khoye hue h! [They look so cute. Bade Baal wale bhaiya is lost!]
Rudra: it’s time for selfie!

Rudra takes out his phone n adjusts everyone for d picture.
Rudra: in dono ko disturb nhi krte..Shivaay Bhaiya, aap Anika bhabhi k side me aao..bhabhi aap ekdum mere paas, frame k bich mein..aur Sumo, tum kahi pe bhi jagah dekh k fit hone ki koshish kr lo.. [let’s not disturb these two..Shivaay Bhaiya, u stand near Anika bhabhi..bhabhi u stand right next to me, at d center of d frame..n Sumo, u try n fit yourself somewhere in d frame..]
Saumya: (scoffing) crybaby!!

They all click d picture, wid Omkara looking at Ishana while she is busy wid her dhoklas😄

PRECAP- condition of Obros kitchen 😅 Ishkara at Modi house.

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    Ishana Rudy Omkara Scene And Conv😘 RuMya Scene😘 IshKara Moment😍 ShivIka RuMya Conv And Scene😘 It’s Cute Part😍😘😘👏👏👏
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    SSS tum kuch nahi kar paoge arey Gujju ko koinahi rok sakta.tu khinch meri photo….click click click.
    Loved it.

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