Two Shots – ISOLATED SOULS : ISHANA AND SOWMYA [By Renima-part 1]

Two Shots – ISOLATED SOULS : ISHANA AND SOWMYA [By Renima-part 1]
Hello ishqies, I just felt 2 express my view on the two wonderful ladies of Ib- ishana and sowmya who are actually isolated individuals and it’s just my thought 2 make a meeting of them…….
Back ground of story – Sowmya feels much hurt because of rudy blaming her as the reason for all problems in his life and she leaves oberoi mansion and decides 2 join a new college out of Mumbai for continuing her studies…..Ishana feels herself as guilty for playing with omkara’s emotions and also hurt from heart since omkara blamed her upbringing, culture and family. She decides 2 find a job out of the city since she finds hard 2 change herself as the city knows her as a congirl only. Both sowmya and ishana catches the same bus and they have been seated in nearest seats only though they are strangers….They lost themselves in their thoughts throughout their journey…..
Sowmya’s view
I never expected this kind of a day in my life…..When that gun’s trigger was pointed out on rudra I didn’t think much….I rushed 2 save him and declared him as my husband….I don’t know how accidentally I talked like that….But it came from the depth of my heart only…… When bade bhaiya asked rudra 2 say sorry I find a kind of refusal in rudra’s eyes which were telling me that for him my presence doesn’t values….For satisfying his big brother like a gud brother he apologized and I find that it was not an expression from his heart, but only necessity demanded it and he was supposed 2 do so……I didn’t find any sort of place in that house for now as they have their own family issues and perhaps life is complicated for them. Bade bhaiya has engaged himself 2 prove as a better husband and bade baal waale bhaiya is unable 2 understand why life has been rewarding him pains only ?? I wonder they are the same brothers who show concern towards me and give me the right 2 tie raakhees on their wrists like priyanka ? Dadi has almost forgotten the fact that am her friend’s grand daughter only and I don’t have any regrets for it because every one has their own personal space and I can’t be a pet grand son like shivaay bhaiya for dadi, because I came to that house as part of continuing studies in college and stayed there for some time also….But I forgot the fact that I was nothing, just a guest only……And now I can’t be in their family , perhaps rudra will definitely won’t accept me from his heart…..I feel myself 2 be lonely and finding myself as a guest , I thought 2 leave that house because guests can’t stay forever…… I lost my bhaiya who was the best companion in my life …..My mom is involved in her own world only, she never tried 2 enquire me whether I was happy or I was sad…..She was busy 2 bound me in a relationship with rehaan who already broken my heart once… I didn’t utter any single word against it because I was not able 2 find myself whether it is right or wrong……The marriage which happened among rudra and me is nothing just a bitter memory only….I don’t know why am still keeping that mangal sutra with me when that relationship doesn’t matters 2 rudra……. Why I am feeling bad when he said that it just happened accidentally only, What was my mistake ? Why am getting these lonliness? Why ??

Ishana’s view
I was unable 2 stare his eyes when his face went 2 anger ….I witnessed a kind of fire in it and I was almost burnt myself before it……I hurt his heart by pretending as some one else…..I can’t explain it 2 him why and what made me 2 do this ? He questioned my character, culture and family back ground and there I understood that he is not the genuine person who introduced his name as omkara before me without surname and that made me 2 burst out my pain on him by blaming his rich family , lineage and status….He prefer 2 be an ideal person always who some times lacks 2 realize the reality of life and I was forced 2 cover myself with certain faces as situations demanded me 2 do so…..I simply continued 2 con certain people and perhaps this time i myself 2 be conned by omkara’s eyes only……I was unable 2 reveal the truth before his eyes though I wish I could do it as early as possible instead of breaking his heart……When he said that he finds my heart as true I was almost lost myself in that words, but I preferred 2 take my eyes from him and suppress my feeling in his heart because I can’t give preference 2my feelings rather than my family and I am not able 2 favor truth always because am a simple girl who wishes a peaceful life for her family……I betrayed him for my necessity. But if he is able 2 see my truth then why he is not able 2 see that I am helpless….. But what he has given me and I has given is nothing just immense pain only…….I don’t know whether destiny will give me another chance 2 meet him, but I find him as a broken soul now and am like a wandering soul who is incapable 2 find a place……I can’t constrain myself in chains before law and order because my absence may create big problems for my family….Iam myself standing as a shield 2 protect my family without looking back and from heart am punishing myself for conning as well as betraying omkara…..I am not able 2 nourish my identity as time never waited for me , it just rewarded me fear, sorrows and pain only……. I am burning myself per day and trying 2 defeat my own fate by fighting with this whole world for my beloved ones……In my heart I myself has punished me for my deeds several times and daily I am breaking my heart into scattered pieces only….. I cried a lot, there was no one 2 wipe out my tears because my paapa himself stated that he himself is a failure in his life and how can he wipe out other’s tears ? I was alone in my sorrows and omkara’s painful eyes are making me 2 suffer more and more pain only …..Why this is happening with me ? Why ??


I know this one is pretty short….. And due 2 lack of time I have 2 end this episode here only……I wrote it on my lunch break for changing my mood as now am fighting with my own life only…..If u find it as an article 2 read , then kindly drop ur views…..It’s just my view which come straightly from my heart……Pls don’t ask me abt updating next shot….it’s really hard for me 2 write now….Wait for my articles, if u can……I won’t force you……
An apology note 2 my readers and friends…..I don’t know when I will be able 2 update my ffs not only because of my hectic schedule but also due 2 certain personal issues and I hope u allow me 2 take a break for some time…….I prefer u guys don’t ask me what it is because it’s really hard for me 2 convey ….Hope u guys understand me ……I will continue all my ffs when I feel 2 write…..Sorry for the inconvenience….as some times life demands 2 fight …..I am really grateful 2 all my readers and friends who supported me…..I will be back but when it would be ? Perhaps it’s a question mark only……

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  1. Interesting

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks fffan

  2. AMkideewani

    Superb I love IshKara and Ruomya

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks….crazy girls

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks uf…and sorry also…due 2 some personal reasons and work schedule i will not be able 2 continue my articles…..u always gives ur views on my ff which really inspires me…Thanks and hope u will wait for me…bye….

  3. Yashu

    Lovely di….waiting 4 nxt….

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks yashu dear…..and right now i can’t continue this for some reasons ……So i need some time…..I hope u will be there for commenting…bye

  4. Aarti32

    It’s rilli interesting Renima..Your posts r among those which I wait for!!

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks aarti….for commenting and hope u are able 2 understand me…..

  5. Ruby_MarNy

    It’s amazing.. both of their perspectives are clearly explained..I love ur precap..not only in this but all of ur precaps..
    Take ur time and come back with a bang..I’ll miss u till then..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot….Ishana….It was just a thought 2 portray them together…even i don’t know how i am going 2 make their meeting , but it’s really hard for me 2 write now….Thank u for taking time and reading this one…And thanks for giving me time…I will also miss u….

  6. Kavya347

    Woh Renima di , you are a GENIUS!!!! The two most beautiful and strong, independent female leads who could not get well expressed due to the stupidity of gul and her writers….You gave justice to them!!!I have never loved something LIKE THIS before!!!! I am just in love with this beauty of both of them. Ishana and Soumya both of the povs were so well described and expressed!!!!!!i really don’t know what to say and how do you gwt more and more amazing qnd amazing and amazing…love you di…plz be back soon.Waiting for next and also the Ishkara, rumya and again Ishkara ff… take care?

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot kavya for reading this one…..See i don’t know why and how i wrote for ishana and sowmya….I felt these two girls as always inspiring and felt why they are not getting scenes while anika got so many monologues…..I really like sumo and ishu from depth of my heart and i felt like ishu sumo is not getting space and i heard abt rudy’s new lead and lose the little interest also as only rumya was comparitively better 2 watch…..shivika always remains the same and i like their nok-jhoks also but right now am not satisfied with ib story line and the way they are ruining pinky, which is actually making me feel bad only…..and i think no role for dadi, rudy, omie,prinku,jhanvi,sakthi in ib …’s only for shivika and pinky now…..And sowmya is been vanished from show…..I think soon they will make our lovely sumo as another ishu only, i can’t bear all those things and dbo’s is actually making me scary with snake, swethlana vamp, crocodile…and don’t know what all things they will bring for viewers…
      Any ways this was just my thought 2 portray two ladies in my own way as being a female i can think abt them with a gir’s view…..Glad that u liked it….and personally i am not able 2 continue this for certain issues and hope u will give me time…..Bye….i will certainly come back….pls wait for me…..I love u too….

  7. Khushilovesroumya

    It is very intriguing and interesting to see ishana and sooumya together.I loved their own story from their perspective.It was amazing and I loved it.

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot for reading this one…..I admire and personally like both ishana and sowmya’s roles from IB…And according 2 me really cv’s have done injustice 2 both of them….Hardly we got some scenes which actually portrayed their character very well…And now sowmya is not seen in ib and dbo from heart i felt like ishana sumo is also not getting screen space…..I waited a long for ishana and when finally i heard abt vruhsika’s exit it was really hard 4 me 2 watch ib..Now totally the show is 4 shivika fans only and they have spoiled pinky too much by making her as a typical saasumaa which is really annoying me 2 watch ib…And though i love omkara and am his fan am really dissatisfied with the story line of dbo and not able 2 understand gauri….so for me like ishu sumo is also lacking much and just felt 2 present these two people in an episode….But am sorry since my mood was off i was not able 2 write well….But still u commented on it which means a lot…..Thanks a lot….and pls forgive me also….

  8. Riddhima

    Renima …. Everything will be fine ssooooonnnnn …… Someday at some point our life will change as we wish …. Don’t worry …. Even this situation will change …. Keep smiling … ???

    We will wait for your ff no problem Even if it takes one month gap … No worries …. Renima … We always need you to be happy … Because your mood will somehow reflect in your work …. Soo be happy bee clam minded … Keep smiling … Problems will get afraid of you and will run way from you … Enjoy the happiness and if you get time write the ffs …..

    And coming to ff you a are always surprising me with some new ffs….
    Sowmya and ishana POV were aswome ….
    The way you portrayed it in your words … ????
    Precap … Everyone must follow it …
    As usual
    Love you renima ?????
    Seriously do no what to say other than this to you…. Love you … ?????

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot for commenting yaar…..And life has 2 move on….and i knows it better since my life is the biggest platform for me which has surprised me with so many things as well as shattered me 2 tears also….I always hope for the best only, but some times it’s literally hard 2 understand the answer of why this is happening ? and certain things will remain as complicated…..And regarding my writing it always comes from my heart, no matter certainly i will add stuffs by bringing twists, villains and all , i myself will make it as a challenge or game as always life is not a bed of roses, it is a path of thrones also……I admire this proverb always in my heart still am a human being, so some times it is difficult…..thanks for giving such an inspiring comment and glad that u are ready 2 wait for my articles, which means a lot….
      Glad that u liked ishu and somu ….I myself had taught my heart 2 accept that precap for now as that’s given by destiny….and i adapt myself 2 it….Thanks my precap lover….for commenting and i love u lot…..i will miss u also….

      1. Riddhima

        Love you …???

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dii… When you feel better than post your ffs…no need of any hurry…. I will be waiting…
    Take care and lots of love dii

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks nikta….for reading and sharing ur view …

  10. Amazing update… loved it… Waiting for next.. tc..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks ankita…

  11. Pratha

    Renim u were amazing in expressing d views of 2 people whom I really miss to see them on screen with d most handsome hunks KUNAL n Lee but faith wants something else actually no THE PRODUCER GUL KHAN wants everything as per herself….

    N now to it update u were just mind blowing, I think first time someone was there who could really understand Somu from her heart, n Ishu as u know I’m a big fan of her onscreen pair with Om, so she was as amazing as her role…

    So sorry for commenting so late, I’m busy with the work….

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot pratha….but right now i can’t update any articles of mine due 2 workload and certain personal issues….i need some time literally as things are out of my hand…now… bye…. and sorry for incovenience…

  12. Kehkasha

    Woah di….
    I was on a rollercoaster ride of all ur ff…….
    U know what….after my exams till today…..each day I tried to read ur ff…….and look I finally completed today….
    U r so good di….
    Each story u write is a fresh one…..
    No two stories by u sound same…..
    And moreover…..u never make us feel bored for even a second….
    U know what di…. I always admired ur works…..and I read them constantly coz now I am addicted…
    And the way u showed characters and their juggling with their life……
    Here only I am expressing all my thoughts regarding all the ongoing ffs of urs….
    Di wonderful….awesome….amazing….marvelous…..and this new one is above everything that I can say….
    Tysm for this wonderful ride…..that u gave me and all of us….
    Luv u a lot di….
    And yeah post the next part whenever u get time….
    Take care di..

    1. Renimarenju

      Chatter box….first of all thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful encouraging comment , u guys always surprise me….no doubt on that……I don’t know what 2 say abt this as ur words came from the depth of ur heart and it is making me feel myself 2 be lucky 2 have a friend like u in tu …. And i wonder u tried 2 find it and took time 2 read my article…..which means a lot…..dear… .. And i don;t know what am writing is gud or bad, am just expressing my views on it….But readers like u always shows much concern, love through comments which i think is something sp precious and i feel blessed 2 have much attached with readers cum friends cum sisters here … really thank u so much for commenting…..and i don;t know when am going 2 update my ffs… pls wait for me…if possible …and hope that u have done well in ur examz…thanks a lot….bye…

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