Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 9




Thoughts of sinking in the moment pondered over my head but I chose to pull back. I abruptly pulled back causing Kunj to gasp a little and I shook my head in disbelief at my own stupidity.

My eyes watered along with hurt covering Kunj’s face making me twinge in pain. “Twinkle…” Kunj murmured and I gulped hardly eyeing him straight in the eyes.

I allowed the tears to flow down freely and not bothered to be crying in front of Kunj. I want him to know how much hurt I’m and how much I need him. I chose to pull back for my own good.

I guess it’s high time to step back and not let him mess up my life more. My head throbbed with all those thoughts pondering over my mind but moreover the kiss had already made me weak enough.

I felt his thumbs wipe away my tears and I shoved his hand away. “What’s wrong?” his voice was so soft yet so caring to be heard but I know he never cared.

“I want you to stay away from me” I was surprised that I didn’t stutter and didn’t broke my eye contact with him. “I want you to stay away from me”

He gave me his dimpled smile and I frowned immediately. “Wish I could do that” his reply made me frown deeper as he sank into his bed. “Sadly , I can’t do that , love” He smirked making me roll my eyes.

“I hate you” I hissed at him and he breathed out a small laugh. “Glad you feel the same” my eyes welded up again and I cursed my stupid little heart to get wounded at such things.

“You may leave if you are done” I almost flinched at his choice of words and grabbed my bag walking towards the door but abruptly stopped at his words , “Do me a favor , for the time being as in I’m in the hospital please don’t bother coming here”

I bit my lower lip fighting back not to cry anymore and ran towards my car. I am a stupid mess along with my life filled with messed up shades of moments.

Sure thing Kunj!

I won’t meet you neither would I let these feelings proceed further. In fact, I would try my level best to stop them even if I have to like someone else for that.

My mind raced over the time he kissed me and I touched my lips sobbing nervously at how much of a massive plight I’m in.

Am I that vulnerable or delight that a normal kiss could be my delicacy?

I guess not….




“HAPPY? You got rid of this stupid hospital” Mahi smiled and I nodded. I grabbed my wallet and phone and we both made our way towards the exist.

I’m greeted by Rey , Yuvi and Maira in the car as they kept on discussing several topics. “Bhai are you okay?” Mahi asks and I gave her a smile nodding slightly.

“When’s Twinkle coming back Yuvi?” Maira’s question alarmed me and I immediately asked them , “What do you mean?”

“Oh! Last weak your client , Dhruv Singhania urgently wanted the ceremony of our new jewelry collection. And you were hospitalized and I had to arrange everything.

So , Twinkle accompanied them to France for the arrangements. And don’t worry I had made all the necessary arrangements and Twinkle’s with dhruv. I heard things are going on good”

I nodded hearing everything and anger rushed in me hearing that Twinkle’s gone. And that along with Dhruv. Duh! I was the one asking her to go away.

“Oh and she did told me that Dhruv has been a really good friend and company. I actually felt she was kinda attracted to him”

Mahi looked at me sadly and I growled mentally. This is not correct and I won’t let them come closer.


“You are being selfish” Mahi retorted and I chose to ignore her. “This is unbelievable and ridiculously stupid” She hissed annoyed and I remained in my thoughts still scribbling her name on the notepad.

“Bhai! Bhai! Stop” Mahi shoved away my hand and I kicked the chair frustrated. She stepped back rolling her eyes as I shoved everything away from the table creating a huge mess.

I stole a glimpse of Mahi seeing her with a bore expression. “What? I’m not any other girl who would scream or get afraid of your antics. I’m Mahi Sarna” She smirked and I shook my head at her.

“Your attitude would backfire on you” I warned and she laughs. “Says a man with ego as big as the universe”

“And selfish too” She completes and I groaned. “I’m not selfish. I just..just can’t see her close with any other men” She scoffed at my words.

“then why are you in denial that you don’t lover her?” I gave her a grave look as she smiled sweetly. “Bhai…stop hurting her and yourself. If you don’t love her don’t claim her to be yours. She has feelings and they are fragile more than a glass.

You know if you would hurt her which you already have…she would be broken completely. If she’s able to get over the feelings she has for you then let her.”

“I can’t let her and I won’t let her” my voice was so firm and cold and Mahi nodded irritated. “Fine then! Do whatsoever you can” She threw her head back and sank further into the couch.

“Pack up! Time for France” her eyes literally popped out and I grinned in return and paced out of the room with Mahi following behind as I rush towards the living room grinning widely.

“Seems like you are in a good mood” Rey comments and I nodded. “Yeah! Guys listen up” I tap on the table and Yuvi and Maira listens along. “Pack up! We are going to France”

Their grinning and smiling immediately vanished and they went back to their work with a bore expression. “I wasn’t joking” I whined and they looked at me as if I had gone mad.

“You have gone mad” they all speak simultaneously . Wait! They couldn’t have possibly read my mind right?

“What? NO! I have to attend the ceremony too right? So why not a family vacation thing ha?” their jaw dropped at my words and I arched an eyebrow.

“Are you alright?” Rey asks.

“Did you get your head hit by something or what bhai?” Maira questions.

“Or maybe black magic?” A dumb question from Mahi.

“Where’s Kunj?” the dumbest of all by Yuvi.

“Stop being so dramatic guys. I’m alright, Rey. I didn’t get my head hit by something, Maira. No black magic, Mahi and Kunj’s here , Yuvi”

I replied happily as Mahi face palmed herself. “No normal human being answers like that specially to questions as ridiculous like those” Yuvi mumbled and I chose to ignore him.

“Unless a human being is in love” Mahi winked at me and I crossed my arms. “Great then! We’re ready” they all sang together and I smiled gracefully.



Thought about trying hello in Italian language… Haha

So how are you all? Hope Everyone’s doing good in their life…

To the update , I would be happy if you liked it…I found it rather really boring and there was no Twinkle in it..

But I wrote in a hurry because I had to prepare for my tests and all…


Some people here are new or some of you asks about my age and grade so I would like to give a small introduction about myself.

Misha’s my name , tortured I’m in 10th by so called hitlers in our school… wasn’t it enough??

I am from Pakistan for all of you who don’t know.. but I live in doha, qatar.

I would meet you guys in the next chapter then…comment down below and tell me how the chapter was…

Thank you a ton to all those for you lovely comments…


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