Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 8




Sensing the to be started heated argument between the lucky guy and Kunj , I asked them a question maybe that would stop their gazing competition. “You both know each other?”

Yup! My question was dumb enough to make lucky laugh and Kunj breathe out a sarcastic laugh. “Yeah! We used to race together years ago” lucky emphasized on the word race purposely and I nodded , bewildered.

“Forget that…why don’t we refresh the old memories?” I gasped as those words left his mouth. It could dangerous for Kunj. I won’t let him do that. “Annddd to make this more interesting , let’s make a bet”

I shivered ever so slightly under lucky’s uncomfortable gaze and felt Kunj shift a bit to my side. “And the bet is?” my head snapped to the left hearing Kunj’s question.

“Get to have her for one whole day” He nodded towards me , my heartbeat raced at those words and I chuckled bitterly before stepping forward and ready to beat him black and blue but Kunj’s strong hold didn’t let me do so.



Twinkle looked at me surprised and shocked and I breathed out lightly. “The bet is on” I could feel her her arms dropping to her sides as astonishment took over her beautiful face.

I was more surprised on my own decision but I guess this is the time I prove that I do care for her. I couldn’t meet her eyes but I could feel her gaze on me.

“Bhai! What are you saying?” Mahi spoke. “I know what do. I did it years ago” I told her and grunted.

“That was years ago Kunj” Yuvi muttered back and I gave him a ‘Zip up’ look and he shook his head in disbelief. “Deal! See you in 15 minutes at the track” lucky said and I nodded.

Gathering a lot of courage , I finally met her gaze and it broke my heart seeing her hurt this much. Words didn’t left my mouth but she left the spot fuming.

“I’ll go to her. Rey , Yuvi you both arrange a bike” I blurted and gave Natasha an apologetic look and she smiled at me nodding. I know that wasn’t a genuine smile. I know she wanted to yell at me. I know she wanted to rip off twinkle now.

I quickly matched Twinkle’s steps and grabbed her arm. “Twinkle..” I whined as she shoved me away and ran towards an empty booth. “Let me explain”

“What?! I know you hate me. I know that. But that doesn’t mean you do that , consider me as one of your deals” She cried out and I shook my head. “No! I did it for a reason”

“Reason as in a deal? To show him , to show the rest that you can win anything? That…that no one is better than you?” She said in a weak tone and I growled out loud.

“No! Reason because I know that I’m better than lucky at this. I did since I was 15 with Rohan but after him I left it…left it because there was no reason to do it…and today there’s you Twinkle…to show them than no one can dare to even think like that about you” I told her as her eyes softened.

“What are you doing to me Twinkle” I muttered frustrated and she sighed. “Come here..” I embraced her in my arms , I could feel the way her heart throbbed under my touch.

She wrapped her arms around my back and I hugged her more tightly. “I trust you Kunj” She mumbled against my chest and I kissed the top of her head. “I know you do” I replied and she pulled back smiling.

How much I love that smile of hers is not what someone could understand…All I have to do is to concentrate on the bet now.



Nervously , I played with my fingers eyeing the start of the track lined up with two bikes. The black one with Kunj on top of with the red one with lucky standing near to it. The crowd cheered out loud hearing the drums and I closed my eyes tightly.

“It’s gonna be okay. I know bhai will win” Maira consoled me and I gave her a ‘I hope so’ look before eyeing the track again. Please God! Take care of Kunj.

Kunj held my gaze and smiled at me as I gave him a thumbs up which he replied with a huge grin. Both of them settled for the race as the announcer started the count down.

“3….2…..1….GO” With that my heart dropped to my stomach as both the bikes speeded across the track. The last 2 minutes my eyes were fixed on Kunj’s bike and I literally went deaf with the cheering of the crowd.

Taking turns , some drifts and hitting each other had been making the crowd grow even more crazier. Happiness hits me as Kunj was a closer to the finishing line. In the next 5 seconds , Kunj speeds up and crosses the line and we all jumped in happiness.

My heart for the second time literally stopped as Kunj stopped his bike smiling at the crowd but not until Lucky smashed his bike with Kunj’s causing Kunj to directly hit the big rock and land on the ground.

“KUNJ!” I yelled in horror and ran faster towards him with the others following me. “Kunj..No” I shouted once again as Lucky rolled over and ran over Kunj’s motionless body and I stood there numb.

I ran on my tracks and reached Kunj and shook him by the shoulders. “KUNJ! your eyes..” I begged and he coughed badly spilling some blood. “Bhai! Call the ambulance Natasha” Maira yelled.

“T-Twinkl.” He breathed hard and I sobbed. “Come on Kunj…just try and close your eyes…you know I need you and just can’t lose like that…” I yelled and shook him hard , keeping his head in my lap.


“He’s out of danger now. But he needs time to recover” The doctor smiled happily as relief took over me. “Thank you..” I muttered and she nodded. “Can we see him?” Mahi asks as the doctor gave her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry! But you can see him after 2 hours” with that she walked away and I sat back leaning on the chair as Yuvi gave me a side hug. “He’s fine Twinki! Calm down” He assured me and I smiled.

“Well Well! What a show” Natasha mocked and we looked up to see her fuming. “I love can’t leave me and all..whatever shit you say , come on we all know your class sweety” She taunted and I rolled my eyes at her.

“It’s you that doesn’t have a class. Don’t you just get it Natasha? That Rohan Bhai is dead! Kunj is not Rohan. Quit the show woman. Just don’t dare come back again and ruin his life anymore. Twinkle is what Bhai needs not you” Mahi yelled at her and I yelped in shock.

“Mahi!” I warned but she shook her head. “Leave! And show us your face when you get over this madness you mad women”

She yells and Natasha grunted before storming out of the hospital. “Geez! That was..incredible!” Yuvi laughs and I shook my head at these crazy siblings.

“Oh My GOODNESS! Finally, we get rid of this crazy , idiotic , f**ked up jumble of mess” Mahi groaned and I laughed. “Language Mahi” I said in between my laughter.


“Can’t believe you did that” Kunj laughed lightly along with everyone at what Mahi did with Natasha. It’s been three hours since he’s conscious and I enjoy watching him laughing and talking to everyone.

And a shocking thing , I haven’t talked to him. Why? Because we warned him not to do that but KUNJ SARNA never listens.

“Erm..we should be going…Twinkle you should stay..we’ll see you in a few us if you need anything” Rey winked at me and I know why they want to leave me alone here with Kunj.

After a couple of minutes , they vanished as an awkward silence took over the room. “Uh..Can you..pass me that book” He broke the silence and I chose to ignore him.

“Oh!! Come on Twinkle. You are you ignoring me since you have stepped in this room”

“Aren’t you the great Kunj Sarna? Who could do anything? Why not pick up a book then?” I mocked at him and he rolled his eyes at me. “Let it go Twinkle..I’m sorry” He whines and I sighed.

“It’s not about sorry Kunj…I could have lost you..” I blurt out and he raised an eyebrow amused. “I mean…Us” I tried to cover up as he chuckled. “You suck at lying”

“Really? And you suck at racing” I retorted and he laughed bitterly. “That’s why I won..and by the way , I get you for a day..Deal , remember?” My mouth fell open at his words and I grunted.

He laughed at my reaction but then growled in pain rubbing the area over his stomach. “Shit! You okay?” I asked him and he nodded laying down. “Take care” I told him and he sat beside him.

“Here your medicine” I handed them to him but he kept them back. He stroked my lips for a while before smiling at me. “ my medicine” He indicated at my lips and I gulped hardly.

“how filmy” I tried to joke but he looked at me with so much intensity causing my heart to do a flip flop. “Kunj..” I managed to mutter by feeling his warm lips on the corner of mine. I want him to kiss me but will he?

“I won’t kiss you until you tell me that you want me to” He whispered softly as my body shivered with his thumb drawing random circled around my hip bone. He gave me another peck on my left jaw as I closed my eyes lightly.

I stroked his lower jaw and he smiled at me. His warm smile , those childish eyes , that boyish smirk is not what I saw months ago to which I’m seeing them now. “Do it” I mumbled and it didn’t took him a second as I felt his hot , warm lips on my cold ones.

This was much softer , lighter than the last time in his cabin. He kissed me back gently and I responded immediately running my hands swiftly in his messed up brown hair.

I gasped with the sudden contact of his hand with my waist and he chuckled lightly. I’m kissing Kunj and he’s doing it back. He doesn’t loves me and I do.

I’ll get hurt but he not. I’ll have to cover up the pain and he wouldn’t. I’ll have to suffer and he wouldn’t even know. I won’t let him do that now. All I need from Kunj is





I’m back pretty late ha? Sorry for that.

Straight to the chapter …. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. And I would be happy if you all were satisfied with the chapter.

What do you think about lucky? Who he is?

What about Twinkle and her never dying love for Kunj? Would she forget it and proceed or step back?

Would she pull away from Kunj or keep the thoughts of distance aside and kiss him?

Keep reading for that then Haha.



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