Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 6




I pour some orange juice in my glass and take a seat on the counter in the kitchen. She has never been in love , how can she say that? I thought , maybe she loved me. But why is it bothering me so much?

“Kunj?” I turn back to see her gazing at me and I frown. What’s she doing here at this time? She looks adorable in her black shirt with the words ‘I have your back’ written on them. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping at this time?” She asks leaning against the wall and I shrug.

“I could ask you the same” I reply dryly and she gave me an audible sigh. “I guess you are missing Natasha” She states not bothering to look at me and I growled out loud.

“You and your predictions” I mutter under my breath and she laughs softly. “Heard ya” She muttered taking a seat in front of me and I couldn’t help but stare at her. “Twinkle?”

“Hmm?” She responds immediately , looking at me. “About the love thing? You haven’t been in love?” I ask curiously and she looks at me boggled as if I have said something out of the world. “Why would you ask that?”

“Can’t you answer without opposing another question?” I spat and she grunted at me. “Not to such a man who doesn’t even believe in love” She snaps back and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Whatever! Love is nothing. A lot of relationship works without love” I tell her and this time she rolls her eyes at me. “Relationships as in your business deals and stuff?” She asks and I sighed.

“So , when are you and Natasha planning on marrying each other?” my breath hitched in my throat at her question. “I..I don’t know”

“You don’t know?” She chuckled asking and I nodded. “How’s your work going on?” My question made her laugh out loud and I arched an eyebrow at her.

“I work for you as in your PA , Kunj. But that was a bad save” She giggled and I shook my head at my own stupidity. Well , I guess she makes me nervous.

Mahi said people change for the best. I guess she was right. My thoughts , my mood , my behavior , every single thing has changed a lot in the past few months

She walks over to my side and then towards the door. “Goodnight Kunj!” She speaks and I nodded. “Night Twinkle” I mumble back and she smiles at me. Suddenly warmth spreads inside of me and I smile back.

This is a really foreign feeling. She understands me. She knows what I want. I can’t be without her. If she’s hurt , I’m hurt. I need her , by my side always and forever. Is this love?

No! Love doesn’t exist for me neither it ever will.

‘Admit it , you love her’ my inner voice pushes me. NAAH! I don’t. Go away you irritating voices.



Relief surrounds me as I breathe in the fresh air. It’s a about 3 in the afternoon and I’m already tired from the work at the office. Exhausted , I lay down on my bed thinking about Kunj and his words.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star..” I hear Maira’s singsong as she opens the door and beams at me. “Yes?” I ask smiling. “Bhai is calling you” She says and I look on boggled.

“Bhai? Who bhai?” I ask confused and she rolls her eyes at me. “Kunj” She replied in a duh tone and I giggled. “Ahan! Bhai and all ha? In that sense , Yuvi is also gonna be your bhai , right?” Her eyes widen at my words and she gulped.

“No..I mean…Kunj is elder than me so yeah” She scratches the back of her neck and I smirked. “Fine! I’ll be there” I tell her and she nods walking out.



I don’t get it , why can’t Kunj just answer. Ugh! Annoying Kunj and his tantrums. “Come in” I hear after 5 minutes. Grunting , I open the door and closed it with full force once I was in. “Feisty , I like it” He says in amusement and I shrugged my shoulders.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked and he nodded. “I want to do that every second” He muttered and I look at him , gulping down those words. “What?” I ask with a faint laugh.

“Will you be going to the Velsing Bike Race Spot?” He ignores my question and I nodded at his. “Yeah! I’m going with Rey” I state and his body stiffens at my words.

“You aren’t going there Twinkle” he holds my hand sending a jolt of electricity down my spine. “Why? I’m going there. Don’t be a control freak” I firmly tell him and he growled loudly.

“It’s just not safe over there. You aren’t going and that’s it” He argues and I shake my head in no. “No! Who are you? My Dad?” I ask and he smirks at me.

“Don’t make me say you that” He pulls me closer and I immediately flush at his words. “Shut up” I merely whisper and he smirked at me in response. He touches my collar bone and I immediately feel my breathing get heavier.

“I love the way your body responds to my touch” He whispers against my ear and I shivered slightly. “ doesn’t..” I try to hold back as he places a soft kiss down my neck.

“Why can’t you be mine?” He asks and I could hear the pain in his voice. “You belong to someone else. Someone and that’s Natasha. I was never yours and I guess…I guess I’ll never be”

By this time , my eyes turned glassy as I pushed him away with my palms. “You are hurting me Kunj” I yell and he seems to be taken aback by my sudden change. “How? How do I hurt you?” He asks curiously and I could hear the anger in his voice.

“You touch me. You tell me to be yours. In fact , you claim me to be yours Kunj Sarna. Then your Fiancé comes in. Next thing , you again tell me to be yours. It’s hurting me a lot” I yell back and cry my heart out.

I don’t want to look weak in front of him but I’m helpless. “It’s not what you think…Natasha I don’t love her…you know I don’t love anyone” He begins and it hurts more.

“I know! Don’t tell me that. Just stay away from me” I shout at him and he shut his eyes letting out a deep breath. “Why? Is there any reason it’s hurting you Twinkle?” He yells back and pins me to the wall.

“Yes there is. A lot in fact” I snap and he groaned. “What? Come on tell me” He spats and gulped. “You have no answer. This shit, what you think about Natasha and me is all wrong in your head Twinkle al..” He begins but stops at my words as I speak in between.



“I love you Kunj..” she mumbled and I looked at her. “I have fallen in love with you. Deeply and badly” She finished wiping away her tears. “Twinkle” I call her as she lowers her gaze. I make her look at me and something inside me breaks seeing her like this.

“I don’t love Natasha. She’s not my fiancé. I..I had a twin brother Rohan. He died 6 years ago whilst we both were 19. Natasha was madly in love with Rohan. She was engaged to him. She’s still in trauma hearing that..that rohan died. And now she sees me as Rohan..

…she knows I’m Kunj but she would console herself saying that I’m Rohan…It’s complicated..she tried killing herself…4 times Twinkle..I had no option instead just go with the imagination she had been carrying”

I don’t realize as when I begin crying. Twinkle looks at me with wide eyes until I feel her arms wrapped around my neck. I hug her back my placing my hands on the small of her back. “I’m..I’m so sorry…I’m sorry Kunj..I’m s-sorry” She sobbed and I rubbed her back.

“No! Don’t cry’s not your fault…shh” it’s a bit weird of me consoling people but still. To my surprise , she chuckles after a while and I pull back boggled. “Do you know? You suck at consoling people” She pinches my nose and I laughed softly.

“I.. I gotta go..” she mumbled uncomfortably, but I lock my arms around her waist. “I can’t love you back Twinkle. We both are opposite” I tell her hesitantly as she closed her eyes letting out a deep breath. “They say opposite attracts” She mumbled under her breath.

“You don’t deserve me” I caress her cheek as she sobbed quietly. “No! Why can’t you just get it…that I love you” She said in a stern voice. “Because I don’t love you! Get it? I don’t. Kunj Sarna will never fall in love with a girl as desperate as you , as cheap as you and with no class..” before I could finish her hand slammed against my cheek and I trembled back.

“You know what Kunj Sarna. I’m glad you don’t love me. Yes , you’re right. I don’t deserve you..I never will” She yelled and pushed me back and I stood there , hurt much?

She slammed the door shut and went outside leaving me…broken? The pain is engulfing me more and more. I’m sorry twinkle, I never meant any of that.


“WHAT?!” Mahi shouts and I leaned back on the chair. “How can you do that Bhai? Why on earth would you do that?” She asked yelling at me and I sighed. “I knew. The day she told me she was in love. A part of me was aware that it might be you” She muttered relaxing a bit.

“She did tell you?” I ask not believing her words. “Yes! But she didn’t tell me with whom. She asked me to drop the matter” She replied and I nodded.

“Bhai! Do you love her?” She asked in a slow whisper squeezing my hand and I sat there numb. Do I?

“I don’t..” I muttered shoving my hand back and she grunted. “f**k your stupid theory on love” She groaned and I pursed my lips in a thin line. Maybe she’s right!

“You know what , I’m just gonna look for Twinkle anyway” She stood up and went before giving me a quick glance. “hope you would realize how much you have hurt her by your words”

I looked on blankly. I know I have hurt her. What if , what if she really went away this time. My phone rings , as I eye the unknown number.

“Hello” I say on the phone. “Kunj Sarna?” the lady asks over the phone as I sense some recognition in that voice. It’s her , it’s f**king her. “What do you want from me this time? Ruin my life over again?” I yell and I heard her sigh before she continued.

I stood there helpless as she speaks those words. This can’t be happening.



How are you all again?

Here’s a new chapter and I hope you liked it. If at any point you think it’s getting boring or you don’t like it.

Don’t ever hesitate in telling me this. I’ll either try to work on it harder , make it better or eventually end it.

But THANK YOU to everyone. Each and every single person that has supported me and loved me from ‘DON’T HATE ME’ or ‘TWO SHADES’ of any other story mine.

I’m thankful to them. Thanks for your support at this time when I’m back after such a LOOONGGG time Haha .

I love you and adore each one you. I was really surprised reading every single comment about how happy you are that I’m back etc. I have read the comments like so many times.

SORRY , couldn’t reply to each one separately. But I have been talking and replying to personal messages. And got to know so many people.

Plus , the 20th chapter of the masquerade is updated. Check it out. And thanks to those who read my blabbering Haha.

Love you all❤❤❤

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