Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 – Twinkle is in love…



“I have missed you so much, babe” Natasha giggles giving me a long hug as my gaze locked with Twinkle. I could see the hurt phase crossing over her gorgeous face. “How come you are here?” I ask her pulling back and she gave me an audible sighs before continuing.

“Well , my marshal arts classes ended so I thought about visiting you. But you seem to be totally whipped. Am I missing something?” She asks displeased and I grinned. “Naah! Come on babe , you know me” I mutter pulling her for a quick hug.

“So who’s she?” Natasha asks thrusting her thumb at Twinkle and I nodded. “She’s my PA. And Mahi’s friend” I replied and Twinkle gave her a smile. “Hi! I’m Natasha. Kunj’s fiancé” I closed my eyes and growled mentally.

Twinkle looked at me in the eyes for a second before chuckling humorlessly. “Ah ha! Nice to meet you Natasha. Glad to hear Kunj has a fiancé” Twinkle replies smiling but that obviously didn’t reached her eyes.

“I’ll give you some time alone. Call me if you need anything Sir” Twinkle says walking towards the door but she stops on her tracks as Natasha blurts out. “Are you interested in Kunj?” She asks curtly as my eyes widen.

Twinkle turns around laughing softly but the bitterness was audible. “Of course not! I’m currently interested in writing a novel these days” She replies and I narrow my eyes. What novel ?

“Great! What’s the title?” Natasha asks. “Two Shades” Twinkle replied , passing her a wink leaving me astonished there. Natasha was about to sit on the couch but Twinkle shouts. “Wait!”

Natasha raised her eyebrow at her and twinkle chuckled. Twinkle made her way towards the couch and picked up her phone. “Mine” She said looking at me , obviously note the sarcasm. And with that she walks away.



Mine , mine and mine. Is all that had been ringing my mind since I left office. And fiancé, fiancé , fiancé is what had also been ringing my mind. I’m drenched , duh because it had been raining and my car stopped in the middle of a stupid road.

“Where the hell have you been?” is what I hear next as I enter the house , Mahi groans and I gingerly lie down on the couch exhausted. “Twinkle? Are you okay?” Mahi asks sitting beside me. She gently strokes my hair and I felt the urged the to cry , cry hard as I can.

“I’m sorry. I just freaked out! Are you fine?” She asks and I nodded. “I don’t think so. Tell me what happened?” She asks and I know I couldn’t hold it back. I sighed letting the tears flow down.

“I’m in love..” I barely whisper hiding my face with my hands. “Really? That’s great but why are you crying ?” She asks , why can’t Kunj be as sweet as Mahi. “I don’t know. I just..please can you drop it?” I asked her and she looked at me before nodding enthusiastically.

“Anyways , freshen up then we are gonna go and watch a movie” Mahi cheers and I nodded.


“Ahan! Here you are. You look stunning” Rey compliments me and I smiled brightly at him. “Thanks..” I mutter making him smile. I just hope everything ends soon. And I miss Maira too.

“Where are you guys going?” Natasha asks turning her head back to see us. Yeah , Kunj and Natasha came back meeting everyone and bla bla bla. And a surprising thing over here.

No one knows about their engagement like freaking no one. “To watch the conjuring 2” Mahi tell her , bitterly . Seems like she doesn’t like her. “Can I come along? I had been dying to see that movie” She squeaks and I nodded with a smile.

No wonder , she’s engaged to Kunj but it’s not her fault. I had to be nice to her. “Sure. I’d love to have another girl in our little gang” I wink at her and she seemed to be surprised for a while before showing me her toothy grin.

Have I mentioned how pretty she is? Of course not I haven’t. She’s about the height of Kunj , with big hazel eyes and hair that reach up till her shoulders. She’s slim yet very curvy with her long legs ready to attract any one.

Unknowingly , I look at Kunj who was gawking at me. Hell man , doesn’t he has his to be wife to gawk over at? He certainly has.


“Popcorn?” Rey asks and I nodded. “Hey how did you knew I like caramel?” I ask looking at the large size box. “Well , the crazy obsession you have over sweets is pretty visible to any one” He ends with a chuckle and I giggled.

“Thank you Rey. You are too sweet” I smile at him giving him a peck on the cheek and he turns red , seriously red. “Excuse me?” I hear Kunj’s voice and turn around facing a fuming Kunj.

“What?” I spat at him and walk away with Rey. I’m in no mood to fight with Kunj and spoil this special evening. I’m ready , ready to face the big war , the big war called the conjuring 2 ?


“That was epic! I read that 37 people died watching the conjuring 2” Mahi tells me whilst we were making our way out of the cinema hall. “Ahan! That’s news” I mumble back.

“Oh! Never expected to see Kunj Sarna here” I hear a familiar ear-splitting voice causing me to jump a little. I turn around to see him standing there in front of me. “Well , never expected to see you here too Mr. Taneja” Kunj replied and I gulped.

“Oh! Hello lovely lady. May I know your name?” He asks and I rolled my eyes at him. “Twinkle…” Kunj speaks and my eyes widen in surprise. Mr.Taneja glares at me fuming until a strong pain shoots inside of me and I lay back on the floor holding my jaw.

He f**king punched me. “Twinkle!” I hear them calling me but right at the moment I’m really weak to even blink my eyes. I hear murmurs before I shut my eyes breathing heavily.


“What happened after he punched me?” I ask Mahi and she sighed. “Well , we were trying to wake you up. And then..and then” She stops running a hand through her hair. “And then?” I ask curiously.

“And then Bhai started punching your father until the guards and Yuvi had to stop him. Whilst me and Rey brought you home” She states and I gasped. I sighed frustrated.

“Mahi! Bring her downstairs” I hear Yuvi yelling and arched an eyebrow at Mahi. “What’s going on?” I ask but she just grins.

We quickly make our way downstairs and I find Kunj and Yuvi smiling at me with Rey on the opposite side. “Oh God Rey! Move your butt” Yuvi groans and Rey moves to the side as my jaw hits the floor.

“Maira…” I mumble tears pricking my eyes as she smiled at me. I ran over to her side and hugged the life out of her. She giggled hugging me back and I laughed along with her. “I have missed you so much” I muttered and pulled back.

“Me too. I can’t believe I’m out of that hell” She merely whispers , her eyes turned watery and I smiled gracefully. “Thank you..” I said to Mahi and she smiled. “Bhai brought her home” She replied and I looked over at Kunj smiling and he smiled back at me.

I hugged him tightly as his body stiffened under my touch. “Thank you…” I pull away and he smiles nodding. “Anytime Twinkle anytime”

“Come on. Dinner is ready” Mahi yelled and and we all followed her as my gaze locked with Kunj’s. He smiled at me , a real genuine smile and I couldn’t help but blush.

Control the freaking smile Twinkle , he’s engaged and you have to stop loving him as soon as possible.



Did you ever thought Yuvraj Sarna falling in love at first sight. No right ? Me too. But it’s true. I look up to see her gazing at me but she quickly averts her gaze away , blushing madly. Man , I’m whipped!

“Yes , totally. I prefer combat boots instead of heels , hoodies instead of tight shirts and sweatpants instead of skinny jeans and cameras instead of phones. Crazy ain’t I?”

(OMG! I’m using this ‘crazy ain’t I’ after such a long time right? Comment ‘yes’ if you agree Haha)

“Not at all. You’re quite different” I mutter back , Crap! Can’t I shut my mouth? “Different as in different than your ex girlfriends?” Mahi asks , smirking and I gave her a warning look.

Maira’s face turned immediately unreadable and I narrowed my gaze at her. She immediately smiled settling back but that smile didn’t reached her eyes. “Come on! I bet Yuvi is gonna fall in love one day” Twinkle winks at me and I smiled.

“What about you Twinki? Have you ever fallen in love?” I ask her and she chocked on her food. “Um…I..No , I haven’t” She replied firmly in the end and I nodded.


“This is your room” I tell her and her eyes widen , much in surprise and amazement. “Really? Mine?” She asks not believing my words. I shrugged and nodded. “This is..beautiful” She replied grinning and I arched an eyebrow at her.

“You are saying as if you never had a room” I told her and she closed her eyes letting out a deep breath. “I didn’t…” She murmurs caressing the black duvet on the bed. “Me and Twinkle lived in the attic..I know weird much..but my Dad..well he’s not a father but a monster”

I felt a strong pain shooting inside of me. “I’m..I’m sorry..” I breathed out and sat beside her. “It’s okay..let’s just not talk about it”

“Sure” I nodded in response and she smiled before I felt her warm lips on my right cheeks. They stayed there for a while before she pulled back grinning. “Thank you for..everything , Yuvraj” She merely whispers and I gave her a small smile.

I love the way my name sounded as she spoke. “Yuvi. Call me yuvi” I told her and she nodded. “Goodnight…Yuvr…I mean Yuvi” She corrects and I chuckle.

“Night Maira” I waved at her and closed the door smiling like a complete idiot in love. “I’m in love” I muttered running a hand through my hair and smiled cheekily.



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