Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 49




“Loves me”

“Loves me not”

“Loves me”

“Loves me not”

And with that Yuvi gasped loudly as he plucked the last petal from the flower and ended with loves me not. I let out a small laugh and looked on amused.

“Sooo….you don’t love me” he muttered and sat down on the swing pouting slightly. I sat on the swing next to him and started swinging slowly. “Right. That’s why I’m marrying you”

I spoke sarcastically and he gave me a pointed look. “What? What you just did about love me or love me not was dumb shit” I laughed looking at his expression.

We both started swinging with a comfortable silence in between us. “Shit!” Yuvi swore loudly and I jumped a bit terrified. “Shit. Shit. Shit”

“What’s wrong?” I got up frowning and Yuvi pulled me towards him making me sit on his lap. “Yuvi-what are you doing?”

“Don’t move” he muttered trying to hide his face behind me and I frowned. “Yuvraj? Is that you?” I looked at the front to see a young girl standing in front of me and I looked on boggled.

“Don’t get up” Yuvi hissed near my ear and I rolled my eyes getting up. “Hello” I passed her a small smile and she looked at me , her eyebrows furrowed more like she gave me a disgusted look.

Rolling her eyes at me , she looked back at Yuvi grinning at him. “Heyyy baby” Yuvi looked at me and I narrowed my gaze at him. “H-hi….Sophia?” It was more of a question and I scoffed loud out.

He couldn’t even remember his ex’s or whatever’s name.

“No!” she exclaimed and then suddenly sat on Yuvi’s lap sipping on her Starbucks drink. “I’m Rose , Yuvi babe” she kissed his cheek and Yuvi looked at me wide eyed.

“Yeah , rose or thorn whatever your name is…” Yuvi trailed and lightly pushed her ahead standing up. She looked on confused at him and I smirked. “I’m sorry for whatever we had in between but now..” he slipped an arm around my waist pulling me closer.

“This is my fiancé. And we are getting married in a few days” he kissed my temple and passed her a smile. She glared at me before checking me out from head to toe.

“You have a disgusting choice” She mumbled loud enough for me to hear and before Yuvi could say something I shushed him.

I walked up closer to her and stopped near her placing a hand on her shoulder and checked her out liked she did , “Trust me dear. I can see that” Her face fell at my words.

(Maira backfires Rose’s words and indirectly calls her disgusting)

I looped an arm around Yuvi’s arm and begin walking not before I heard her cussing and calling me a b*t*h. “Oh and Rose dear….”

I quickly marched towards her and snatched her Starbucks Frappuccino and poured it on her head. “Just a peace offering for kissing Yuvi”

And with that I walked back to Yuvi who was trying his best not to laugh. “I’m a badass” I laughed walking with him towards the car and he kissed my hand , “My badass”



“That one” I yelled pointing at the blue dolphin and Dhruv aimed but failed to shoot it. “Dhruv you nincompoop” I complained and rolled my eyes. “What? I told you I have a bad aim” he muttered and we walked towards the ice cream stall.

“Chocolate for my lady” he grinned at me and I smiled looping my hand around his arm and we both walked towards the park near the carnival.

“So what surprise do you have for me?” I ask and signalled for me to wait. We walked a bit further and reach somewhere where I couldn’t spot a single person. “Why’s nobody around here?”

“This area is for us today” he speaks and we walked a bit downwards and I looked on surprised. “I have never seen this place, Dhruv. Where did you find it?”

I look at the beautiful lake with the moon shining bright.

Cliché , I know. But it was so damn beautiful.

“Abhai showed it to me. So I thought why not bring you here” he sat down leaning back on the tree and pulled me towards me. I leaned back on his chest turning slightly to face him.

“I love this place. Thank you for bringing me here” I kissed him slowly and pulled back smiling , “20 questions?” He nodded and I thought about my first question.

“Favourite person to be with?” I question randomly and he smiled blushing a bit , “You” I looked at him surprised but laughed lightly, “You kidding , right?”

“Nope. My parents are dead. I have no siblings and my other family members are literally non existent”

“My turn” he grins excitedly and I anxiously wait for his question. “How many relationships have you been in?” I rolled my eyes expecting such a question. “Two”

“And You?” I ask and he looked up counting under his breath , “Honestly , I can’t remember. I just had a single serious relationship and then all I just did was slept around maybe trying to get rid of the loneliness”

I held his hand stroking it and he gave me a small smile. “Are you happy now? With Taneja uncle and the rest?”

“Yes. Yes , I’m” I mumbled resting my head on his chest. “They are what I have been seeking for my whole life , Dhruv. And the cherry on top , I met you”

He laughed kissing the top of my head. “I’m lucky I met you too , Natasha. And I can’t wait to get married to you”

“Woah. Not so easily , Dhruv Malohtra. I need a proper and a romantic proposal” I crossed my arms turning to face him and he chuckled nodding, “I promise. You will love it”

“I love you” I blurt out randomly again and he grinned at me , “I love you a lot , Natasha. More than food” I smacked his arm laughing along with him.

“Hey..Natasha..” Dhruv speaks after a while , “Is Misha going to include us in her next book?”

I sit up straight looking at him wide eyed , “Shit. I don’t know. She’s extremely weird. What if she kills us in this book” Dhruv looked on repelled and nodded , “True. No doubt she can do that. She’s wayyy to insensitive”

‘Insensitive?? Me? I’m insensitive????’ – Misha.

“Yesss. Yes you are” Me and Dhruv yelled together.

‘Fine you b*t*hes?. You are no longer in my upcoming story???‍♀️ – Misha.

“What? We were just joking…” I trailed laughing nervously.

“Ahan??! In your face losers?!



“Mahiiii” I grinned engulfing her in a hug and pulled back frowning a bit. “Mahi what’s wrong?” I question patting her cheek lightly and she shook her head smiling slightly at me.

“Sure?” She nodded and I nodded back unsure not wanting to push her right now. We both walked towards the dining hall where Natasha and Twinkle were sitting opening the monopoly board.

“Hey girl” Twinkle grinned widely and Mahi smiled back sitting quietly on the chair. Natasha and Twinkle looked at me questioningly and I shrugged shaking my head.

“Sooo.. let’s play then”


“I can’t. This is shit” Twinkle threw her arms up in the air frustrated and I booed at her. “I win” Natasha exclaims and I looked at Mahi who was still lost in her thoughts.

“Alright shitface. We aren’t like sisters so you could hide things from us and wander around like a dead spirit” I speak turning to face Mahi and she lets out a sigh.

“Aren’t spirits already dead?” Natasha mumbled confused and I glared at her , “That’s not the point. Point is what happened Mahi?”

Mahi sat there for a few minutes in silence before I notice tears rolling down her cheeks. “It’s about Aryan isn’t it?” Twinkle mumbled and she nodded letting out a low sob.

Natasha moved and held her hand stroking her hair , “It’s okay..let it out” She cried for a while and I handed her a glass of water.

“So what’s wrong?” Twinkle questions patting her cheek and Mahi took a deep breath. “Aryan hasn’t been around for almost a week. I tried calling him..texted him…but he wouldn’t reply…”

“And..and yesterday he told me he was studying for his exam. But he lied. I saw him in a cafe with some girl from our class. I thought maybe they were studying together and I didn’t wanted to jump to conclusions…”

She lets out a shaky breath and held my hand tightly. “But I was wrong. There were no books. No notes. No laptop. They were talking and laughing so I called him still standing outside the cafe.

He told me he was at his house busy studying for tomorrow and yelled at me for disturbing him. I was shocked and hurt…I just left… I love him..”

And then she hugged Twinkle crying harder. Twinkle patted her back trying to calm her down but nothing. “Mahi…calm down dear… don’t cry”

Natasha rubbed her back wiping her tears. “Everything would be fine , Mahi”



“Happy birthday , my love” I heard Aryan’s voice from the other line and smiled to myself. It’s been two days since I told the girls about what happened with Aryan and since then it’s the first time I have heard of him or talked to him.

“Thank you , Aryan” I reply happily. “You remembered?” He chuckled and I slapped a hand against my forehead . “Of course I do, silly. You are my girlfriend”

“So I have something planned for us tonight” I literally jumped with happiness at his words and grinned , “Really? Thank you so much”

“Yup. I’ll be there by 8”

“Alright” I replied and cancelled the call smiling widely. I rushed downstairs and stood in the middle of the stairs as I heard everyone yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHI”

“Thank you. Thank you” I laughed hugging everyone and smiled hugging Abhai who has become a really close friend of mine. Mom and dad wish me too with their usual hugs and gifts

I settled down with the girls as the guys went for breakfast. “Sooo..Aryan called and he’s taking me somewhere”

Their eyes lit up and they squealed hugging me or more like crushing me. “We are going to dress you up” they laughed and I looked at them in horror.


“But he said 8” Natasha points out and I nodded looking at her , “I know. I just wanna surprise him and I miss him. Plus , I have to give him this shirt so we both can wear the same colour” I grabbed the bag which had a grey shirt which I bought for Aryan.

“Alright then” Natasha kissed my cheek. Twinkle and Maira smiled at me and all of them waved as I drove towards Aryan’s house.

It’s still 4 o’clock and I know I’m wayyy too early but I miss Aryan way too much. I parked my car outside his apartment building and searched my purse for the other key he gave me.

(Warning! A lot of swearing has been used ahead. Skip this part if you are uncomfortable)

Unlocking the door slowly , I went inside trying not to make a sound so I could surprise him. I tip toed towards the hallway which led towards his room.

And then yes. I heard it.

“Yes. Just like that” I stopped dead on my tracks hearing loud moans and groans from the room. More moans and voices but I couldn’t handle it any more.

No , Mahi. Maybe it’s not what you think.

With my shivering hands , I pushed the door open and reality sank in.

There was he was. Naked. On his bed. Having s*x with my so called close college friend. They still haven’t noticed my presence.

Rage filled inside of me and I walked towards them my heels clicking against the ground and then both of them stopped looking at me. I pulled Aryan by his hair and pushed him away angrily.

I don’t care if both of them were naked or not. I didn’t care if lying there was my so called close friend at college. I slapped her hard across her face and glared at Aryan before rushing out of the room.

I ran towards the exist and out of the apartment but stopped near my car hearing his footsteps behind me. “Mahi…” he breathed out and I turned around quickly.

“Don’t. Don’t you f**king dare say my name” I hissed pointing my finger at him. “You no longer exist in my life , you bastard”

“Listen Mahi..” he started again no sign of guilt shown on his face and without a single thought I punched him right in the nose and he stumbled back shocked.

“I f**king hate myself for ever loving you” I screamed clenching my fists against my sides and he took a harsh breath before his cold eyes met me. “It’s not my fault. You are way too clingy. Always wanna know where I’m. You wouldn’t let me touch you. You wouldn’t have s*x with me. I have my own urges too”

“Your own urges?” I let out a sarcastic breath, “Because I said no to be s*xually involved with you , you cheat on me? On my birthday? No forget it. You know what? I don’t f**king care. If you have been doing it now no wonder how many times have this happened before”

“You could have broken up with me instead of cheating on me. And besides , I am not your f**k buddy. I loved you and you told me you loved me back. You are nothing but a liar and an a*sh*le, Aryan. Have those uncontrollable hormones and s*x urges under control.

And if you ever cross my path again , I’ll have your already peanut sized balls chopped”


“Who is it?” I hear as I walk inside Twinkle’s house. “Mahi? Why are you so early?” I hear the girls coming inside the hall and I looked at them.

“What happened to you?” They asked shocked and I shook my head looking around and in seconds I was on the ground leaning against the back of the sofa.

They crouched down next to me worried and for the first time tonight I begin to cry. I cried for how long I don’t know but just heard them trying to console me.

And then my head started feeling heavier and I slowly fell into darkness.


“No” I held out my hand gripping on someone’s hand and whimpered trying to hold the hand. “” I whispered hearing Aryan’s harsh words.

“Mahi..can you hear me , sweetheart. Mahi..” And with a harsh cry I woke up breathing heavily. Taking deep breaths I looked around the room spotting everyone’s worried expression.

Kunj and Yuvi stood in a corner with the girls on my right side and I saw Abhai sitting there beside me and it was him whose hand I was holding on to.

“The doctor would be hear in a while” Natasha speaks softly caressing my hair and I nodded gulping down the water Abhai passed.

“Aryan cheated on me. I saw him with a friend on mine. They both were naked having s*x and he told me I didn’t stood up to fullfil his needs because I wasn’t ready to have s*x with him and I was too clingy and he never loved me. He never f**king loved me”

I don’t care if everyone was there. I just had to let all of this out.

I yelled the last sentence throwing the glass as it hit the wall and smashed into pieces.

I know you think I’m overreacting or something but when you find your a*sh*le of a boyfriend whom you loved cheating on you specially on your birthday then you’d know.

“Calm down please…” Maira rubbed my hand her eyes teary. “Bhai..come here” I patted the spot near me and he sat down looking down. “Don’t please. Don’t go blaming yourself for what happened”

I held his face making him look up at me and wiped his tears hugging him tightly, “Don’t cry please. Don’t” I cried along knowing he’s hurt because I’m hurt.


A few days later…..

“Then how did he end up in the hospital?” I question glaring at each one of them and they looked at me guilty. “I warned the guys that nobody’s gonna hurt Aryan but look at the situation”

I groaned running a hand through my hair , “What if? What if he takes a legal action against this?” I whisper and looked at Twinkle , Natasha and Maira.

“He won’t. He’s probably way too scared to even make a noise” Twinkle says resting her head on my shoulder. “We just wanted to punch something. So we thought why not beat Aryan for what he did , Mahi”

They went and god knows did what to Aryan.

Maira speaks shrugging her shoulders and I gave her a pointed look , “And you go without me?” I question smirking and they all look at me bewildered before breaking into guffaws.

“Next time I want to be there to beat any other ex of mine” I mumble without thinking and they all looked at me with concern. “Don’t say that” Natasha placed a hand on my shoulder standing behind the couch.

“You wouldn’t be facing such a situation again” She patted my shoulder and I let out a deep breath , “Who knows. Maybe I’m not even gonna get entangled in love”

“Think positive , sweetheart. No matter what, we’d always be there for you” I nodded smiling but my smile faded as I looked at the TV.

“Oh God! Please turn this shit off. I don’t wanna go around seeing his face” I muttered angrily staring at the news about this horrible man.

“Why?” Maira questions narrowing her gaze at me and I sighed shaking my head , “He’s the biggest Casanova. Or more specifically he reminds me of Aryan. More specifically , he’s Aryan’s step brother”

“Murat Demir”


Heyyyy guys.

So I guess some of you got the hint?

Yup , I’m planning on writing a Spin off or more like a sequel to “Two Shades” , which would be called “Entangled in love”

It’s gonna be about Mahi and yes maybe you guess it , Murat Demir. Aryan’s step brother.

“Entangled in love” is gonna be about your typical arrogant CEO and bla bla. But of course , I would make it interesting.

And for that I need your guys opinion. You want me to start “Entangled in love” or the bad boy story I had told you about earlier.

Make sure to comment so I could decide.

But I’m 99% sure I would first go with this story maybe ?

But I’d like to consider your opinion a bit too.

Make sure to comment


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